3 A. obcordatus Ell. Nearly glabrous, decumbent or assurgent; stip. lanceolate; lfts. 7 to 12 pairs, obcordate or obovate, ped. about as long as the lvs., few-flowered, fls. pedicellate; cal. teeth subulate, about as long as the tube; leg. curved, pointed, strongly reticulated. - River banks, N. Car. to Fla. Plant low and leafy, ascending 4 to 8'. Fls. blue and white. Pod 1' in length. Lfts. 3 to 4" long.

4 A. distortus Torr. & Gr. St. and ped. as in No. 3; stip. ovate; lvs. long-petioled, lfts. oblong-obovate, mostly emarginate, 7 to 12 pairs; spikes shore; cal. teeth triangular-acuminate, half as long as the tube; leg. smooth, declinate, curved.- Prairies, W. Ill. (Mead) to Ark. Branches ascending 4 to 6'. Lfts. 3 to 5" by 1 to 2'. Fls. blue, 6' long. Pods l'long, beaked with the coiled style. Probably a variety of the last.

5 A .Mesicanus A. DC. Low, branches decumbent, glabrous; lvs. pedunculate, lfts. 7 to 10 pairs, obovate, emarginate; ped. rather longer than the lvs.; spikes short, 10 to 15-flowered; leg. globular, obtuse, succulent, sweet-tasted. - Prairies, Ill., Mo. to Ark. Plant 3 to 5' high. Lfts. 2 to 3" by 1 to 2". Fls. about 9" long (yellowish white in h. s.), bluish? Fr. as large as the plum, and " eaten unripe by travelers, raw or cooked."

39. PHACA, L. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 14 578 lentil, from 14 Loteae Part 14 579 to eat.) Calyx

5-toothed, keel obtuse; stamens diadelphous (9 and 1); legume continuous, turgid, 1-celled; placenta) tumid, several-seeded. 4 Lvs. unequally pinnate. Fls. in axillary, pedunculate raceme. (Differs from Astragalus only in its fruit.)

14 Loteae Part 14 580

* Plant densely villous. Flowers greenish yellow...............................................

No. 1

* Plant nearly glabrous. Flowers white or purple..............................................

Nos. 2 - 4

1 P. villosus Nutt. Low, villous-hursute, decumbent; lvs. petiolate, lfts. distant, 9 to 15, oval or oblong, the odd one obovate; ped. rather longer than the lvs.; spikes short, somewhat loose; cal. teeth longer than the tube; leg. clothed with long woolly hairs. - Dry sandy fields and woods, S. Car. to Fla. Sts, spreading on the sand, 2 to 3' long. Lfts. 3 to 4" by 1 to 2". Fls. 10 to 15 in a head, 4 to 5" long. Mar., Apr.

2 P. neglecta Torr. & Gr. Erect; lfts. elliptical, 7 to 13 pairs; stip. minute; rac. many-flowered, rather loose and some longer than the lvs.; leg. not stiped, smooth, roundish ovate, much inflated, with a deep groove at the ventral suture. - By streams and lakes, W. N. Y. to Wis. Plant resembling Astragalus Canadensis, but of fairer and finer look. St. 1 to 2f high, terete. Lfts. 9 to 15" by 3 to 5", minutely puberulent beneath. Fls. white, 10 to 20 in a raceme. Pods about 3/4' long, with many small sds. Jn., Jl.

3 P. Robbinsii Oakes. Erect; lfts. 5 to 11, elliptical, terminal one largest, stip. triangular-ovate; ped. twice longer than lvs.; rac. short, ovate; cor. horizontal, twice as long as the cal.; leg. stiped, oblong, keeled at the ventral suture, tipped with the recurved, persistent style. - Ledges by rivers and lakes, northern Vt., rare. Plant nearly smooth. St. slender, 8 to 14' high. Lvs. remote. 2 to 4' long. Lfts. 4 to 8" by 1 1/2 to 3", petiolulate. Rac. surpassing the stem, on ped. 5 to 10' long, 12 to 18-flowered. Cor. white, about 5" long. Pods 1' long, 4 to 8-seeded. May, Jn.

4 P. astragalina DC. Low, ascending or nearly stemless; lfts. 15 to 21, oval; stip. ovate; ped. at length longer than the lvs.; rac. dense, with 8 or 10 violet-colored fls.; cal. teeth shorter than tube; leg. pendulous, stiped. - Can. along the St. Lawrence and northward. Sts. 1 to 6' high.

40. TEPHRO'SIA, L. Goat's Rue. Cat-gut. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 14 581 ashcolored; from the color of the foliage.) Calyx with 5, nearly equal, subulate teeth; bracteoles 0; vexillum large, orbicular; keel obtuse, cohering with the wings; stamens diadelphous (in the following species) or monadelphous; legume linear, much compressed, many seeded. - Herbs and shrubs, with unequally pinnate lvs.

§ Flowers large (9 to 10" long), in a leafy, terminal cluster...................................

No. 1

§ Flowers small (5 to 6" long), spicate on long, leafless peduncles.............................

Nos. 2 - 4

1 T. Virginiana Pers. Erect, villous; lfts. numerous, oblong, mucrouate; rac. terminal, subsessile among the lvs.; leg. falcate, villous.-14 Loteae Part 14 582 Plant 1 to 21' high, in dry, sandy soils, Can., Ind., Ill., S. to Fla. St. simple, very leafy. Lfts. 15 to 27, 10 to 13" by 2 to 3", straight-veined, odd one oblong-obcordate, petiolules 1" long. Stip. subulate, deciduous. Fls. as large as those of the locust, in a short, crowded cluster. Cal. very villous. Banner white, keel roso-colored, wings red. Jl.

2 T. spicata Torr & Gr. Villous with rusty hairs; st. subsimple; lfts. 9 to 17, oblong-oval or elliptic, mucronate, obtuse or retuse; ped. very long, few-flowered; cal. segm. subulate, longer than the tube. - Common in dry soils, S. States. An unsightly plant. Sts. ascending, 1 to 3f long, flexuous, scarcely branched, tough. Lvs. few, distant; lfts. 1' long. Ped. 6 to 12 to 18' long. Fls. purplish red. Jn., Aug.

3 T. hispidula Ph. Minutely hispid or pubescent; sts. dichotomous, slender, decumbent; lfts. 9 to 19, elliptic-oblong, acute; ped. several, few-flowered; cal segm. not longer than the tube; pods falcate. - Dry soils, S. States. Sts. 1 to 2f long. Lvs. remote; lfts. 10 to 15" long, mucronate, sometimes nearly linear. Ped. 3 to 6' long. Fls. reddish purple. M3y, Aug.

β. elegans T. & G. Very slender, nearly glabrous; lfts. 11 to 17, narrowly elliptical, acute; ped. filiform; pods nearly straight. - Savannah (Pond). (T. elegans Nutt.)

4 T. chrysophylla Ph Soft-pubescent, prostrate, dichotomous; lfts. 5 to 9, oval or obovate, coriaceous. glabrous above, silky pubescent beneath; ped. longer than the lvs.; cal. segm. shorter than the tube. - Ga. (Savannah, Pond) and Fla. St 1f or more long, clothed with a rusty down. Foliage with a lively tinge of yellow. Lfts. about 9" by 1", beautifully striate, and wavy at edge. Pods straight