14 Loteae Part 7 540 Mostly herbaceous. Lvs. unequally pinnate.

H. boreale Nutt. Sts. erect; lvs. subsessile, of 6 to 10 pairs of oblong, smooth-ish lfts.; stip. united, sheathing, with subulate points; rac spicate, on long peduncles; fls. numerous, deflexed; cal. teeth short, the lower longest; keel longer than the banner or wings; joints of the legume 1 to 4, flat, suborbicular, rugose-" reticulate. - On the precipitous sides of Willoughby Mt., Westmore, Vt. 500f above the lake below, N. to Hudson's Bay. St. rigid, 1 to 2f high, very leafy. Lfts. 5 to 8" by 2 to 4", obtuse-mueronulate. Rac. 2 to 4' long, on rigid peduncles 3 to 5'. Fls. large and handsome, violet-purple. Jn. - Jl.

23. DESMO'DIUM, DC. (Hedysarum L.) Bush Trefoil. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 7 541 a bond; in reference to the slightly connected joints of the"' loment.) Calyx 5-cleft, bilabiate, sometimes bibracteolate at base; vexillnm roundish; keel obtuse; stamens diadelphous (9 and 1), sometimes monadelphous; legume (loment) compressed, jointed, constricted most on the lower (dorsal) suture, the joints 1-seeded, separable, mostly aculeate and adhesive.- 14 Loteae Part 7 542 Herbaceous or suffruticous. Lvs. . pinnately trifoliate. Fls. in racemes or panicles, purplish.

§ Legumes distinctly stiped, the stipes about as long as the joints (a).

a Stems prostrate, creeping. Lfts. round or oval....................................

Nos. 1, 2

a Stems erect. Lfts. ovate, broadly or (in No. 6) narrowly. (b).

b Calyx teeth shorter than the tube............................................

Nos. 3 - 5

b Calyx teeth longer than the tube, - upper one notched..................

Nos. 6 - 8

- upper one entire...............................

No. 9

§ Legumes subsessile, the stipes, if any, not exceeding the calyx (c).

C Bracts large, covering the flower buds, caducous (d).

C Bracts inconspicuous, smaller than the flower buds (e).

d Stipules large (0 to 9" long), ovate-lanceolate.................................

Nos. 10, 11

d Stipules quite small, subulate..................................................

.Nos. 12, 13

e Leaflets large (2 to 3' by 1 to 2'), oblong-ovate....

Nog. 14, 15

0 Leaflets small, orbicular or oval.........................

Nos. 16 - 18

e Leaflets long, linear.........................................

No. 19

1 D. rotundifolium DC. St. prostrate, hairy; lfts. suborbicular, hairy on both . sides; bracts and stipules broadly ovate. acuminate; rac few-flowered; loment . constricted on both margins nearly alike. - A hairy, prostrate plant, 2 to 3f in length, found in rocky woods throughout the IJ. S. Lvs. of 3 roundish lfts., pale beneath, 1 to 2' diam., on hairy stalks. Stip. cordate, reflexed, hairy, Fls. - purple, in axillary and terminal racemes. Pods about 6-jointed. Aug.

2 D. humifusum Beck. St. procumbent, striate, nearly smooth; lfts. oval, sub-pubescent; stip. lance-ovate; rac. axillary and terminal; loment slightly constricted on the upper margin, of 2 to 4, obtusely 4-angled joints. - Woods. Waltham, Mass. (Bigelow), Penn. (Muhl). A species much resembling the last, but the whole plant is much smoother, with smaller and narrower bracts. St. 2 to 3f long. Lfts. oval or ovate, subacute. Aug.

3 D. nudiflorum DC. Lfts. roundish ovate, bluntly acuminate, slightly glaucous beneath; scape radical, panicled, smooth; joints of the loment obtusely triangular. - Common in woods, U. S. and Can. It is remarkably distinguished by hav-ing its loaves and fls. on separate stalks often distant from each other. St. 8 to 10' high, with several ternate, long-stalked, smoothish, terminal lvs. Scape 2 to 3f long, slender, smooth, leafless, panicled, with many small, purple flowers. Aug.

4 D. acuminatum DC. Plant erect, simple, pubescent, leafy only at top; lfts. ovate, long-acuminate, the odd one round-rhomboidal; pan. terminal, on a very long peduncle. - Common in woods, U. S. and Can. St. 8 to 12' high, ending in a slender panicle 1 or 2f long. Lvs. at the top of the stem and below the panicle; terminal 1ft. roundish, 3' diam.; lateral lfts. smaller, all of them covered with scattered, appressed hairs, and conspicuously pointed. Fls. small, flesh-colored. Pods of about 3 triangular joints. Jl., Aug.

6 D. paticiflorum DC. St. assurgent, leafy all the way, retrorsely hairy; lfts. membranous, pale beneath, scabrous-pubescent above, terminal one rhomboidal, lateral ones inequilateral-ovate, all rather acute or subacuminate; rac. terminal, few-flowered; fls. in pairs; petals all distinct, spreading. - Woods, Penn. to Ill. and La. Rt. creeping, tubercular. Sts. often clustered, 1f high. Petioles 2 to 3' long. Lfts. 1 to 3' long, 2/3 to 3/4 as wide. Fls. 2 to 6, white or purplish. Leg. of 2 to 3 obtusely triangular joints. Jl., Aug.

5 D. paniculatum DC. Erect, slender, nearly glabrous; lfts. oblong-lanceolate, obtuse; stip. subulate, deciduous; fls. on long (4 to 5") and slender pedicels in panicled racemes; loment of about 3 triangular joints. - A handsome species, near 3f in hight, found in woods, U. S. and Can. St. striate, 2 to 3f high. Lvs. of 3 smooth, narrow-ovate lfts., broadest at the base, ending with an obtuse point, 1 to 3 in length. Pods about 3 to 5-joiuted, large. Fls. purple, numerous. Jl., Aug.

7 D. viridiflorum Beck. St. erect, densely pubescent and scabrous above; lfts. ovate, mostly obtuse, scabrous above, softly villous beneath; stip. ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, caducous; panicles very long, leafless; lower tooth of the hairy calyx thrice longer than the upper; leg. of 3 to 4 triangular joints. - Alluvial soils, N. Y. to Fla. and La. St. 3 to 4f high, rigid, branched. Lfts. 2 to 3' long. Corolla violet, turning green in withering. Leg. 1 to 2' long.

8 D. laevigatum DC. Glabrous or nearly so; st. simple, erect; lvs. on long petioles, lfts. ovate, rather obtuse; pan. terminal, nearly simple; fls. in pairs, on elongated pedicels; bracts ovate, very small; lower calyx tooth twice longer than the upper. - Woods, N. J., Harper's Ferry, and southward. The smoothest of our Desmodia, 2 to 3f high. Lfts. rather coriaceous, 1 to 3' long, § as wide. Pedicels 5 to 8" long. Fls. purple. Joints of the loment 2 to 4, half rhombic. Sept.

β.monophyllum. Dwarf; smaller in all its parts; very smooth; lower lvs. unifoliate; rac. simple. - Uxbridge, Mass. (Ricard.)

9 D. glabellum DC. St. erect, smoothish; lfts. ovate, small, scabrous-pubescent both sides; stip. subulate; lower tooth of the calyx twice longer than the upper entire one; loment nearly straight on the back, with about 4 half rhombic joints. - In shades, Car. (Ell. Curtis). Aug., Sept.

10 D. cuspidatum Torr. & Gr. Erect, smooth; lfts. oblong-oval, or ovate, sharply acuminate; stip. lanceolate-subulate; rac. paniculate, terminal, large, with scattered fls.; bracts deciduous, ovate, acuminate, striate, smooth; joints of the loment suboval. - A larger species than either of the preceding, found in woods, U. S. and Can. St. branching, erect, 4 to 5f high. Lfts. 3' long, widest at base, smooth, entire. Stip. and bracts 8 or 9" long. Stipels subulate. Fls. large (8" long), purple. Pods in about 6 joints, long, pendulous, rough. Aug. (D. bracteo-sum DC.)