11 D. canescens DC. St. striate, scabrous; lfts. ovate, rather obtuse, scabrous on the upper surface, soft-villous beneath; stip. large, oblique, acuminate; pan. terminal, very long, densely canescent, naked; joints of the loment obliquely oval; upper lip of the calyx nearly entire. - Woods, N. Eng. to Fla. and La. An upright, branching plant, with very long panicles of flowers, greenish externally. purple within. St. 3f high, pubescent. Pods about 4-jointed, most constricted on the lower side. Jl., Aug. (D. Aikinianum Beck)

12 D. Canadense DC. St. pubescent; lfts. oblong-lanceolate; obtuse, nearly smooth; stip. filiform; bracts ovate, long-acuminate; fls. racemed; joints of the loment obtusely triangular, hispid. - Rather common in woods, Can., Penn. and Ind. A handsome plant 3f in height. St. upright striate. Lfts. 2 to 3' long, 1' wide, with 6 pairs of straightish veins. Fls. purple, about as large as in No, 10, in axillary and terminal racemes. Bracts conspicuous before flowering. Pods about 5-jointed.

13 D. sessilifolinm Torr. & Gr. St. erect, tomentous-pubescent; lvs. sessile, 1fts. linear or linear-oblong, obtuse at each end, scabrous above, softly tomentous beneath; stip, subulate; pan. of spicate racemes, very long; bracts. minute; leg. small, hispid, of 2 to 3 semi-orbicular joints. - Woods, the W. States and Tex. St 2 to 3f high. Lfts. about 2' by 1/3'. Fls. small, numerous and crowded. Aug.

14 D. Dillenii Darl. Plant erect, branching, hairy; lfts. oblong, villous beneath; stip. subulate; rac. panicled; joints of the loment 3, rhomboidal, reticulate, a little hairy, connected by a narrow neck. - Moist soils, N. and W. States. St. sulcate, scabrous, 2 to 3f high. Lfts. 2 to 3' by 1 to 2', smooth above. Panicle large, terminal, naked. Fls. purple. Jl. (D. Marilandicum DC.)

15 D. rigidum DC. Erect, branching, scabrous, pubescent; lfts. ovate-oblong, obtuse, terminal one the longest; petioles short, hairy; stip. ovate-acuminate, cili-ate, caducous, rac. paniculate, very long; leg. with 2 to 3 obliquely oval or semi-obovate joints. - Hills and woods, Mass. to La. St. 2 to 3f high, often with numerous long, erect, rigid branches. Lfts. 1 to 3' long, 1/2 as wide, rather coriaceous, reticulate-veined. Fls. violet-purple. Aug.

16 D. ciliare DC. Erect, slender, scabrous-pubescent; Ivs. crowded, on short hairy petioles; lfts. small, ovate, short-stalked, pubescent beneath, ciliate on the margin; stip. filiform, caducous; pan. terminal, lower branches much longer; joints of the short stiped loment 2 or 3, obliquely roundish, hispid, reticulate.- Woods, N. Eng. to La. Hight 2f. Fls. purple. Aug.

17 D. Marilandicum Boott. Erect, branching, hairy; lfts. ovate, obtuse, sub-cordate at base, the lateral ones as long as the petioles; stip. subulate: pan. terminal; loment stipe as long as calyx, joints I or 2, obliquely obovate. - Woods, N. States to Fla, St. 2 to 3f high. Lfts. 6 to 12" by 4 to 8". Fls. violet-purple, small. Aug. (D. obtusum DC.)

18 D. lineatum DC. Slender, assurgent; st. finely striate with colored lines; lfts. small, roundish oval, smoothish, green both sides; rac. terminal and lateral, very long and loose; loment quite sessile in the calyx, joints about 2, roundish oval. - Dry woods, Can. to Fla. and La. Sts. 2 or 3f long. Lvs. on short stalks; lfts. 6 to 12" diam., quite obtuse. Fls. and leg. small.

19 D. strictum DC. Erect, slender, nearly glabrous; lvs. petiolate; lfts. linear, elongated, coriaceous and reticulately veined, mucronate; stip. subulate; pan. slender, few-flowered; leg. hispid, incurved, of 1 to 3 lunately triangular joints, with a filiform isthmus, the stipe shorter than, or about as long as the calyx.- Pine barrens, N. J. to Fla. and La. St. about 3f high. Lfts. 2 to 3' by 2 to 3", longer than the petioles. Fls. small, purple, on slender pedicels. Aug. (D. tenuifolium T. & G.)

24. LESPEDE'ZA, Mx. (In honor of Lespedez, Governor of Florida, who protected Michaux in his travels there.) Calyx 5-parted, bi-bracteolate, segments nearly equal; keel of the corolla very obtuse, on slender claws; legume (loment) lenticular, compressed, small, unarmed, indehiscent, 1-seeded. - Genus taken from Hedysarum.14 Loteae Part 8 543 Lvs. palmately trifoliate, reticulately veined.

§ Flowers all complete. Calyx villous, long. Cor. whitish with a purple spot.......

Nos. 1, 2

§ Fls. partly apetalous. Calyx short. Corolla violet - Stems upright..............................

Not 3, 4

- Stems prostrate............

No. 5

1 L. capitata Mx. Bush Clover. Lfts. elliptical, silky beneath; stip. subulate; fascicles of fls. ovate, subcapitale, shorter than the leaves, axillary; loments hairy, shorter than the villous calyx. - An erect, hairy, half shrubby plant, in dry soils, Can. to Car. St. nearly simple, villous, 2 to 4f high. Lvs. numerous, on short petioles, consisting of 3 coriaceous lfts. Lfts. 1 1o 1 1/2' by 3 to 6", nearly smooth above, covered with silky pubescence beneath. Aug., Sept. (L. frutescens Ell.)

β. angustifolia Ph. Lfts. linear, smooth above. (L. angustifolia Ell.)

2 L. hirta Ell. St. villous; lfts. roundish oval, pubescent beneath; rac. capitate, axillary, oblong, longer than the leaves; cor. and loment about as long as the calyx. - Plant 2 to 4f high, found in dry woods, Can. and U. S., erect, branching and very hairy. Lvs. leas numerous than in the last, on very short stalks consisting of 3, oval leaflets hairy beneath. Ped. hairy, becoming longer than the raceme. Fls. reddish-white, crowded. Aug., Sept.

3 L. Steuvi Nutt. Branched and bushy, tomentous or pubescent; lfts. oval-obovate or roundish, longer than the petiole; rac. axillary, capitate or loose, equaling or exceeding the leaves; leg. villous-pubescent, ovate-acuminate; apetalous fls. few. - Dry soils, Mass. to Ga. and Tex. Sts. assurgent, 2 to 3f high. Lvs. always hairy beneath, generally so above. Aug. to Sept. - Quite variable, approaching the next species.

4. L violacea Pers. Erect or diffuse, sparingly pubescent; lfts. oval, varying to oblong and linear, obtuse, mucronate, as long as, or a little longer than the petioles; rac. axillary, few-flowered, the apetalous ones generally below and subsessile; a. Lfts. large (9 to 12" by 6 to 8"), not longer than the petioles; fls. few, mostly complete, and near the upper part of the branches; rt. strong, creeping; sts. clustered, slender, diffuse or erect. β. sessiliflora T. & G. Lfts. small (3 to 6 to 8" by 1 to 2"), oblong to linear, longer than the petioles; fls. mostly apetalous, numerous, in axillary glo-merules; st. erect branched. (L. sessiliflora Ph.)