2 L. actaefdlium Mx. Angelico. Glabrous; lvs. triternate, with ovate, dent-serrate lfts.; umbels numerous, forming a whorled panicle or a triply compound umbel; invol. and involucels of about 3 short, ovate-subulate lvs - Topsfield and Scituate, Mass. (Oakes Russel), on Lookout Mt, Chattanooga, Tenn. Plant 3 to 6f high. Lfts. 2 to 3' long, distinct, abrupt at base, rounded or acute at apex, veiny. Umbels on long, verticillate peds., terminal one abortive. Fr. short, with the ribs distinctly winged. May - Jl.

22. ERIGENI'A, Nutt. Pepper-and salt. - (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 6 798 , daughter of the early spring; for its early flowering.) Calyx limb obsolete; petals flat, entire ; fruit contracted at the commissure ; carpels 3-ribbed, ovate-reniform. - Ц. Rt. tuberous. Radical If. triternately decompound. Involucrate lvs. solitary, biternately compound. Involucels of 3 to 6 entire, linear-spatulate bracts.

E. bulbosa Nutt A small, early-flowering herb, shady banks, Western N. T. to Ohio and Mo. Plant 4 to 6' high, from a round tuber deep in the ground, with 2 to 4 lvs., the lower one radical, numerously divided, the divisions incisely cleft into narrow segments; the upper ones bract-like, similarly divided, each subtending a 3-rayed umbel of white fls, with dark purple or brownish anthers (hence the odd popular name). March, Apr.

23. EU'LOPHUS, Nutt. (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 6 799 ,true, Analysis of The Genera Part 6 800 , crest; application not apparent.) Cal\x limb 5-toothed, deciduous; petals obovate, emarginate, with a long inflexcd point; fruit contracted laterally, somewhat double; carpels surrounded with large vittae, 4 in the commissure, ribs obsolete ; seed channelled on the inner face. - Ц Tall, slender, smooth, with dissected lvs. Invol. nearly 0. Involucel setaceous. - Fls. white.

E. Americana Nutt. Near Columbus, Ohio (Sullivant), to Tenn. St. round, striate, 3 to 4f high. Lvs. biternately divided, the segm. lance-linear, 1' long, acute; upper lvs. of 3 long, entire segm. Umbels long-stalked, 8 or 10-rayed. Fr. as large as caraway. Jl.

24. CONTUM, L. Poison Hemlock. (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 6 801 , hemlock, from Kojvog, a top ; because it causes dizziness.) Calyx margin obsolete ; petals obcordate, with an acute, inflected point; fruit ovate, laterally compressed ; carpels with 5, acute, equal, undulate crenulate ribs, lateral ones marginal; intervals without vittae; seeds with a deep, narrow groove on the face. - ©Poisonous herbs. Lvs. decompound. Invol. and involucels 3 to 5-leaved, the latter unilateral. Fls. white.

C. maculatum L. St. spotted; lvs. tripinnato; lfts. lanceolate, pinnatifid; fr. smooth. - Grows in waste grounds, way-sides. A well known poisonous plant. St. much branched, about 4f high, very smooth, round, hollow, with purplish spots. The lower lvs. are very large, several times pinnate, bright green, on long, sheathing footstalks. Umbels terminal, the invol. of C to 8 lanceolate bracts, the involucels with the inner half wanting. Fls. small, white. Fr. with undulate or wrinkled ribs. A powerful narcotic, exhaling a disagreeable odor when bruised. Used in medicine. Jl., Aug. § Eur.

25. CICUTA, L. Water Hemlock. (A Latin name used by Virgil (Ecl. 2d and 5th), but of unknown application.) Calyx margin of 5 broad segments; petals obcordate, the points inflected; fruit subglo-bous, didymous ; carpels with 5 flattish, equal ribs, 2 of them marginal; intervals filled with single vittae, commissure with 2 vittae ; carpophore 2-parted ; seeds terete. - Ц Aquatic poisonous herbs. Leaves compound. Steins hollow. Umbels perfect. Invol. few leaved or 0. Involucels many leaved. Flowers white.

1 C. maculata L. St. streaked with purple; lower lvs. triternato and quinate ; upper biternate; segments lanceolate, mucronately serrate; umbels terminal and axillary. - Common in wet meadows, U. S. and Can. St. 3 - 6f high, smooth, striate, jointed, hollow, glaucous, branched above. Lfts. or segm. 1 - 3' long, 1/4- 3/4' wide, finely serrate, the veins mostly running to the notches, rarely to the points; umbels rather numerous, naked, 2 - 4' broad. Involucels of 5 - 6 short narrow, acute bracts. Fr. 1 1/2" diam., 10-ribbed, crowned with the permanent calyx and styles. Jl., Aug. - The thick, fleshy root is a dangerous poison, but sometimes used in medicine.

2 C. bulbifera L. Axils of the branches bulbiferous; lvs. biternately divided; lfts. linear, with remote, divergent teeth; umbels terminal and axillary. - In wet meadows, Penn. to Can. Stem 3 - 4f high, round, striate, hollow, green, branching

Leaves various, those of the stem generally biternate, of the branches ternate Leaflets or segments 2 - 4' long, 1 - 4" wide, linear or lance-linear, smooth, with slender teeth. Bulblets often numerous, opposite, and within the axils of the bracteate petioles. Umbels terminal. Invol. 0. Umbellets of close, small, white, fls., and slight involucels. Aug.

26. HELIOSCIAD'IUM, Koch. (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 6 802 , a marsh, Analysis of The Genera Part 6 803 , an umbrella or umbel.) Calyx limb obscurely 5-toothed; petals ovate, entire ; styles short; fruit laterally compressed, oval, not scaly; carpels with 5 filiform ribs, the lateral ribs marginal; intervals with single vit-ta;; carpophore free, undivided ; seed plano-convex. - Lvs. various. Invol. mostly none. Umbels opposite the lvs., mostly sessile. Fls. white.

1 H. nodiflorum Koch. Procumbent, striate; lvs. pinnate, lfts. oblong, equally serrate; umbels sessile or on short peduncles; invol. 0, or of 1, 2 or 3 bracts, in-volucel 6 to 8-leaved, reflexed. - (1)Sts. diffuse, 1 to 2f long, in wet places about Charleston, S. C. Apr. § Eur. (Sium L.)

2 H. leptophyllum DC. Erect or diffusely branched; lus. ternaiely or somewhat pinnately divided with linear segm.; umbellets pedunculate ; invol. and involucels none; fr. roundish. - (1) Savannah (Feay. Pond) to La. (Hale). Sts. 6' to 2f high. Umbels many, sessile, often one, pedunculate. Fr. smaller than a mustard seed. Jn., Jl.