27. CRYPTOTaeNIA, DC. Hone-wort. (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 7 804 , to conceal, Analysis of The Genera Part 7 805 , a wreath or border, from the obselete border of calyx.) Margin of the calyx obsolete ; petals with an infiexed point; fruit linear-oblong or ovate-oblong, with slender styles; carpels with 5 obtuse ribs; carpophore free, 2-parted ; vittae very narrow, twice as many as the ribs.- Ц Lvs. 3-parted, lobed and toothed. Umbels compound, with very unequal rays. Invol. 0. Involucels few-leaved. Fls. white.

C. Canadensis DC. Lvs. smooth; lfts. or segm. rhomboid-ovate, distinct, entire or 2 to 3-lobed. doubly serrate, lateral ones oblique at base; umbels numerous, irregular, axillary and terminal. - Common in moist woods. St. erect, 1 to 2f high. Lower petioles 2 to 6' long, clasping. Lfts. 3, 2 to 3' long, 1 to 2' wide, petiolulate. Umbels paniculate, of 3 to 5 very unequal rays. Umbellets of 4 to 6 unequal pedicels and minute involucels. Fls. small, white. Fr. near 3" long, crowned with the straight styles 1/2 as long. (Sison, L.)

28. aeTHU'SA, L. Fool's Parsley. (Gr. a'iOw, to burn ; on account of its poisonous acridity.) Calyx margin obsolete; petals obcor-date, with an infiexed point; fruit globous-ovate ; carpels with 5 acutely carinated ribs, lateral ones marginal, broader; intervals acutely angled, with single vittae, commissure with 2. - (1) Poisonous herbs. Invol. 0. Involucels one-sided. Fls. white.

AE. cynapium L. Lvs. bi- or tri-pinnately divided, segm. cuneate, obtuse; involucels 3-leaved, pendulous, longer than the partial umbels. - In waste grounds, N. Eng., not common. St. about 2f high, green, striate. Lvs. with numerous, narrow, wedge-shaped segm., uniform, dark green, fiat. Lfts. of the involucels linear, long, deflected, and situated on the outside. Jl., Aug. - The plant somewhat resembles parsley, but is distinctly marked by the involucels, and by its disagreeable odor. It is said to be poisonous. § Eur.

29. LEPTOCAU'LIS, Nutt. (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 7 806 , slender, Analysis of The Genera Part 7 807 , stem.) Calyx limb obsolete; petals ovate, entire; fruit (often scaly) laterally compressed, ovate, crowned with the short styles ; carpels 5-ribbed, lateral ribs marginal; intervals with single vittae, commissure with 2; carpophore 2-cleft at the tip; seed plano-convex. - (1) Herbs slender, smooth, erect. Lvs. finely divided. Umbels pedunculate, few-rayed. Invol. 0; involncel few-leaved. Fls. minute, white.

L. divaricatus DC. Umbels (very small) 3 to 5-rayed, lateral and terminal; in-volucel lvs. divided, shorter than the very short pedicels; fr. murieated with short, whitish, erect scales. - Dry sandy soils, S. Car., Ga. Sts. 2 to 8' high. An insignificant weed. Mar., Apr.

30. DISCOPLEU'RA, DC. Bishop-weed. (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 7 808 , the disk, Analysis of The Genera Part 7 809 , a rib ; that is, the disk and ribs (of the fruit) united.) Calyx teeth subulate, persistent; petals ovate, entire, with a minute, inflexed point; fruit ovate, often didymous; carpels 5-ribbed, the 3 dorsal ribs filiform, subacute, prominent, the 2 lateral united, with a thick, accessory margin ; intervals with single vittae ; seeds subterete. - (1) Lvs. ca-pillaceous-dissected. Umbels compound. Bracts of the invol. cleft. Fls. white.

1 D. capillacea DC. Erect or procumbent; umbels 3 to 10-rayed; lfts. of the invol. 3 to 5, mostly 3-clefl; fr. ovate. - In swamps near the coast, Mass. to Ga. St. much branched, 1 to 2f high. Lvs. very smooth, ternately dissected, with filiform, spreading segm. Umbels axillary and terminal, pedunculate, spreading. Invol. lfts. about 3, with setaceous segm. Involucels filiform, longer than the urn-bellets. Jn. - Sept. (Ammi, Spreng.)

2 D. costata. Branched, erect; umbels 7 to 15-rayed; bracts of the invol. 10 to 12, 2 to 5-parted; If.-segm. filiform, numerous, apparently verticillate; fr. with ribs and vittce strongly contrasted. - Swamps, Ogeechee R. to the Miss., more common than No. 1, which prevails northward. St. stouter, 1 to 2f high. The corky ribs and persistent sepal3 conspicuous on the ovate fruit. Oct., Nov. (Ammi costa-tum Ell.)

3 D. Nuttallii DC. Erect, tall; umbels 15 to 20-rayed; invol. few-bracted, bracts entire; fr. as broad as long. - Wet prairies, Ky. to Fla. and La. Sts. 2 to 6f high, branched above. Lvs. lew, but with numerous capillaceous segm. Invol. not half as long as the rays; involucels minute. Umbels near 2' broad.

31. NEUROPHYL'LUM, Torr. & Gray. (Gr.Analysis of The Genera Part 7 810 , a nerve (vein), Analysis of The Genera Part 7 811 , leaf; leaves prominently veined.) Calyx limb of 5 lanceolate, persistent teeth; petals obovate, joint inflexed ; stylopodium conical; fruit laterally compressed, ovate; ribs filiform, slight; intervals with 3 vittae, commissure with 4 ; seed teretely plano-convex. - Ц Tall, slen-d6?i smooth. Lvs. ternate, segm. very long, linear, entire, 3-veined. Umbels perfect. Invol. 0 to 3-leaved; involncel 4 to 6-leaved. Fls. white. (The same as Archemora ternata Nutt. ?)

N. longifolium Torr. & Gr. Swamps, N. Car. to Fla. (Chapman). St. 3 to 4f high, branched above, very slender. Rt. lvs. 12 to 18' long, the segm. much shorter than the petioles. Umbel 5 to 7-rayed, rays very slender. Bracts of invol. and involucel subulate, very short. Sept.

32. SI'UM, L. Water Parsnip. (Celtic siw, water; that is, a genus of aquatic plants.) Calyx margin 5-toothed or obsolete; petals obcordate, with an inflexed point; fruit nearly oval; carpels with 5 obtusish ribs, and several vitta) in each interval ; carpophore 2-parted.- Ц Aquatic. Lvs. pinnately divided. Umbels perfect, with partial and general raany-ieaved involucra. Fls. white.