Arenaria. Leaves and sepals acute. Seeds not appendaged


Nos. 1, 2

MOERINGIA. Leaves and sepals obtuse. Seeds strophiolate...........................................

No. 3

1 A. serpyllifolia L. Thyme-leaved Sandwort. St. dichotomous, spreading; lvs. ovate, acute, subciliate; cal. acute, striate; petals shorter than the calyx; caps. ovate, 6-toothed.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 361 By roadsides and in sandy fields, Ms. to Ga. Sts. numerous, downy, with reflexed hairs, a few inches in length. Lvs. but little longer than a flaxseed, beautifully ciliate. Fls. on axillary and terminal peduncles. Pet. white, oval, mostly much shorter than the 3 to 5-veined, accu-minate, hairy sepals. Jn.

2 A. diffusa Ell. St. long, decumbent, diffuse; lvs. oblong or ovate-lanceolate, acute at both ends; ped. 1-flowered; sep. acute: pet. oval, entire, much shorter than the calyx, but generally wanting. - Moist woods, N. Car. to Fla. and Ga. Sts. clambering, 2 to 5f in length, pubescent. Lvs. minutely dotted, attenuate at base often to a petiole, 6 to 12" long. Ped. twice as long, terminal, but soon axillary. Cal. as long (1") as in No. 1. Apr. - Jn. (Stellaria lanuginosa Torr. & Gr.)

3 A. lateriflora L. Upright, slightly pubescent; lvs. oval, obtuse; ped. lateral, 2 to 3-flowered; sds. (strophiolate) appendaged at the hilum. -Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 362 Damp, shady grounds, N. States and Brit. Am. St. 6 to 10' high, nearly simple, slender. Lvs. elliptical, rounded at each end, 6 to 10" long, 1/2 as wide, on very short petioles. Ped. terminal and lateral, 2 to 3' long, dividing into 2 or more filiform pedicels, one of them with 2 bracteoles in the middle. Fls. 4" diam.; white petals more than twice as long as the sepals. Jn. (Moeringia, L.)

9. ALSINE, Wahl. Grove Sandwort. (Gr.Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 363 a grove; the favorite locality of these little plants.) Sepals 5; petals 5, entire or merely notched at apex; stamens 10; styles 3; ovary l-celled; capsule deeply 3-valved, valves entire; seeds ∞. - Small, slender herbs, with very narrow, minute lvs. and white fls. (The species were formerly included in the last genus.)

§ Sepals 3 to 5-veined, acute........................................................

Nos. 1 - 3

§ Sepals veinless, obtuse. - Leaves densely imbricated..................................

..No. 4

Leaves opposite, distant......................................

Nos. 5 - 7

1 A. patula Gray. Diffusely and divaricately branched, glandular-pubescent; lvs. linear-filiform, obtuse; petals emarginate. -Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 364 Rocky cliffs, Va. and Ky. Sts. exceedingly slender, 6 - 10' high, many from one root. Lvs. few and minute, 3 to 5" long, obtuse under a lens. Cyme at length diffuse and many-flowered. Petals twice as long (2") as the 3 to 5-veined sepals. Jn., Jl. (Arenaria Mx.)

2 A. Pitcheri. Erect, fastigiately branched, almost glabrous; lvs. linear, obtuse, flat; pet entire, twice as long as the 5-veined sepals.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 365 Davison Co., Tenn. (Prof. Calender), and westward. Sts. several from one root, simple, with a few-flowered (3 to 1), pedunculate cyme at top, 3 to 6' high. Lvs. rather erect, 3 to 6" by 1/2". Pedicels minutely glandular. Petals about 3" long. (Arenaria, Nutt.)

3 A. stricta. Glabrous, diffuse; st. branched from the base; lvs. subulate-linear, rigid, so fascicled in the axils as to appear whorled; cymes few-flowered, with spreading branches.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 366 Sterile grounds, Arc. Am. to Car. Sts. 8 to 10' high. Lvs. 5 to 8" long, very narrow and acute, rigid, sessile, 1-veined, much fascicled in the axils. Pet. obovate-oblong, twice as long as the 3-veined, ovate-lanceolate sepals. May, Jn. (Arenaria, Mx. Alsine Michauxii Fenzl.)

4 A. squarrdsa Fenzl. Caespitous; st. few-flowered; lower lvs. squarrous-im-bricate, crowded, upper ones few, all subulate, channeled, smooth; pet. obovate, 3 times longer than the obtuse, veinless sepals.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 367 In sandy barrens, Long Island to Ga. Sts. 6 to 10' high, pubescent, much divided at base into simple branches. Lvs. about 1/2' long, obtuse, sessile. Fls. white, in small, terminal cymes. Sep. green. Caps. obtuse. Apr., - Sept. (Arenaria Mx).

5 A. Greenlandica Fenzl. Caespitous; sts. numerous, filiform; lvs. linear, flat, spreading; pod. 1-flowered, elongated, divaricate.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 368 Summits of high mountains, N. H., N. Y. to Greenland. It grows in tufted masses consisting of exceedingly numerous stems about 3' high, and sprinkled over with largo (8" diam.) white fls. with yellow stamens. Lvs. 4 to 0" by 1/2", numerous. Sepals ovate, veinless. Aug. (Arenaria, Spreng.)

6 A. brevifolia. Erect (not tufted), few-leaved; sts. many, filiform, simple, cym-ous above; lvs. minute, 10 times shorter than the internodes, ovate, subulate; sep. oblong. - Rocks (Stone Mt., &c), Ga. Sts. almost capillary, 2 - 3' high, with about 3 pairs of leaves and 3 to 7 flowers on long pedicels. Fls. not half as large as in the preceding (about 4" diam.) Lvs. 1" long. Apr., May. (Arenaria Nutt)

7 A. glabra. Ceespitous, glabrous; sts. decumbent, filiform; lvs. linear-setaceous, spreading; sep. oval, veinless, half as long as the petals. -Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 369 Mts. Car. to Ga. and Ala. Sts. very numerous, 5 to 8" high, forming grass-like tufts, the branches exceedingly slender, divaricate. Lvs. 5 or 6" long. It differs from No. 5, in its bristle-shaped leaves and smaller (5" broad) fls., and from No. 6, in its tufted stems. (Arenaria Mx., nec Ell.)

10. SAGINA, L. Pearlwort. (Lat. sagina, food or nourishment; badly applied to these minute plants.) Sepals, styles and petals 4 or 5, the latter entire, often 0; stamens as many or twice as many as the sepals; capsule 4 or 5-valved, many-seeded. - Diminutive, spreading herbs, with narrow leaves and small, white flowers.

1 S. procumbens L. Procumbent, glabrous; pet. about half as long as the roundish-obtuse sepals; sta. sep. and pet. 4 or 5.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 5 370 A small weed, with slender, creeping stems, 3 or 4' long, found in damp places, R. Isl., N. Y. to S. Car. Lvs. very small, linear, mucronate-pointed, connate or opposite. Fls. white and green, axillary, on peduncles longer than the leaves. Jn.