2 S. erecta L. Ascending, simple, glabrous; pet. as long as the lanceolate, acute sepals; sep. pet. and sta. 4.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 371 Dry places, Md. Sts. smooth and glaucous, 2 or 3' high, with only one or two fls. Lvs. linear, acute, 4 to 5" long. Caps. ovate, as long as the calyx. Apr., May. § Eur. (Moenchia quaternella Fenzl.)

3 S. Elliottii Fenzl. Tufted, decumbent, glabrous; lvs. linear-subulate, very acute; ped. much longer than the leaves; fls. V5; pet. hardly as long as the sep.; sta. 10.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 372 Sandy fields and woods at the South, common. St. 2 to 3' long. Lvs. 6 to 10" long, connected at base by a membrane. Fls. much smaller than ♦ in No. 1. Petals white, hardly as large as the sepals. Mar., Apr.

4 S. nodosa Fenzl. Tufted, ascending, glabrous; lvs. subulate, the upper very short and fascicled; fls. V5; pet. much longer than the sep.; sta. 10. -Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 373 Lake shores, Can., Isle of Shoals, N. H. (Robbins). Sts. many from one root, sub-simple, appearing knotted by the short, dense fascicles of leaves.

5 S. fontinalis Short. Procumbent, glabrous; lvs. linear-spatulate; petals 0; sta. 4 to 6. -Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 374 Ky. (Short and Peter.) An herb of larger growth than the other species, on limestone rocks. Sts. a foot long. Sep. 4 or 5, obtuse, longer than the depressed capsule. Apr., May.

6 S. apetala L. Erect and pubescent; lvs. linear-subulate; ped. elongated ascending in fruit; sep. and sta. 4; pet. very minute or 0.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 375 Sandy fields, N. J., Penn. Sts. numerous, filiform, 2 to 4' high. Sep acute, shorter than the caps. May, Jn.

11. HON KENYA, Ehrh. Sea Sandwort. (Named in honor of J. G. Honkenya, a German botanist.) Sepals 5, united at base; petals 5, with short claws, entire; stamens 10, inserted into the crenate edge of a conspicuous disk; styles 3 to 5; capsule 3 to 5-valved, many-seeded.-

Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 376 Herbs of the sea coast, with fleshy lvs.

H. peploides DC. Abundant on the Atlantic coast, N. J. to Lab. Sts. creeping, with upright branches, 1f long, forming dense tufts. Lvs. ovate, half clasping, acute, thick, 5 to 7 or 10" long, more than half as wide, mostly shorter than the internodes. Fls. small, axillary, on short peduncles. Sep. veinless, exceeding the white petals. May, Jn. (Adenarium, Raf.)

12. SPERGULA, L. Spurry. (Lat. spergo, to scatter; from the dispersion of the seeds.) Sepals 5, nearly distinct; petals 5, entire; stamens 5 or 10; styles 5; capsule ovate, 5-valved, the valves opposite the sepals; seeds ∞; embryo coiled into a ring.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 377 Herbs with fls. in loose cymes. Lvs. verticillate. Stipules scarious.

S. arvensis L. Lvs. linear-subulate; ped. reflexed in fruit; sds. reniform, angular, rough. - A weed in cultivated grounds, Can. to Ga. Rt. small. St. round, branched, with swelling joints, beset with copious whorled lvs., somewhat downy and viscid. Two minute stipules under each whorl. Cyme forked, the terminal (central) peduncles bending down as the fruit ripens. Petals white, longer than the calyx, capsule twice as long. Sds. many, with a membranous margin. May - Aug. § Eur.

13. SPERGULARIA, Pers. Red Sandwort. Sepals 5; petals 5, entire; stamen 2 to 10; styles and valves of the capsule 3 (rarely 5, and then alternate with the sepals); seeds ∞; embryo curved.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 378 Low, spreading and slender-leaved, with red or rose-colored fls. Stip. scarious.

S. rubra Pers. St. decumbent, much branched; lvs. linear, slightly mucronate; stip. ovate, membraneous, cleft; sep. lanceolate, with scarious margins; sds. compressed, angular, roughish. - Sandy fields, Can. to Flor., near the sea coast. Sts. a few inches in length, slender, smooth, spreading on the ground, with small narrow lvs., and dry, sheathing stip. Fls. small, on hairy stalks. May - Oct (Arenaria rubra L.)

β. marina L. Lvs. fleshy, usually much longer than the internodes, not mucronate, seeds marginless. - In salt marshes.

14. POLYCARPON, L. All-seed. (Gr.Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 379 many, Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 380 fruit The capsules are numerous.) Sepals 5, ovate, carinate, scarious-edged; capsule 3-valved, many-seeded. - Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 381 Lvs. opposite and quaternate on the low spreading branches.

P. tetraphyllum L. Lvs. spatulate or oval, tapering to a petiole, some of them in whorls of 4; stam. 3. - Around Charleston, S. Car. A low, much branched plant, sts. 3 to 6' high. Lvs. 2 to 5" long. Stip. several at each joint, ovate-lanceolate, membraneous. Fls. small, in dense cymes. Pet. much shorter than sep., notched, white. May, Jn. § Eur.

15. STIPULICIDA, Michx. (Lat. stipula, caedo; the stipules being much cleft.) Sepals oblong, with broad, scarious margins; petals 5, as long as the sepals, entire; stigmas 3, subsessile; capsule subglobous, 3-valved, few-seeded.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 382 A slender, tufted, dichotomously branched herb, almost leafless, with the small fls. in terminal cymules.

S. setacea Mx. In dry, sandy soils, Ga. (Feay, Mettauer) and Fla, (Chapman). Sts. many from one root, glabrous, 6 to 10' high, each several times forked, slender, the branches almost setaceous. Root lvs. roundish-obovate, narrowed to a petiole, 1" diam. Joints distant, each marked by a fringe of leaves and stipules 1/2" long. Fls. sessile, 4 to 6 together, green and white, at length reddish. May.

16. PARONYCHIA, Tourn. Nailwort. (Gr.Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 6 383 with,