Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 384 the nail; i. e., the whitlow; supposed cure for.) Sepals 5, linear-oblong, connivent, slightly hooded and mucronate or awned near the apex; petals or sterile filaments very narrow and scale-like or none; stam. 2, 3, or 5; stigmas 2; with the styles more or less united into 1; utricle 1-seeded, not exceeding the calyx. - Low herbs dichotomously branched, with scarious, silvery stipules, and at least the lower lvs. opposite.

§ PARONYCHIA. Sepals evidently awned at apex. Les. Linear and sublate....................

Nos. 1, 2

§ Anychia (Mx. partly). Sep. merely mucronate at apex. Lvs. lanceolate to oval.(*)

* Stems procumbent, diffuse on the ground. Stamens 5............

Nos. 3, 4

* Stems erect, with diffusely ascending branches. Stamens 2 or 3...

Nos. 5, 6

1 P. dichotoma Nutt. Glabrous, densely branched; lvs. acerose, mucronate; bracts like the leaves; cymes fastigiate, with no central flower; sep. 3-veined, cuspidate.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 385 Rocks (Harper's Ferry), Va., and Car. to Ark., rare. Densely matted and branched, the flowering stems 6 to 12' high. Lvs. crowded, 1' by 1/2". Sty. bifid at top. Minute setae in place of petals. Jl. - Nov.

2 P. argyrocoma Nutt. Pubescent, tufted, decumbent; lvs. linear, acute; cymes glomerate, terminal; fls. enveloped in dry, silvery bracts: sep. hairy, 1-veined, setaceously cuspidate. -Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 386 White Mts., N. H.. in the gorge behind the Willey house (Chapman) and in the Allegh. and Cumb. Mts. Flowering stems 4 to 10' high. Lvs. crowded, 6 to 10" long. - Fls. concealed in the bracts; the cusp equaling the sepals. Jl.

3 P. herniarioides Nutt. Scabrous, diffusely branched; lvs. oval or oblong, mucronate; the raminal alternate. Fls. sessile in the axils of the leaves; sep. 3-veined, merely mucronate. -Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 387 N. Car. (Miss Carpenter) to Ga., in sandy soil. A little depressed plant, spreading on the sand, with minute lvs. and fls. Branches alternate with 1-sided branchlets. Lvs. 3 - 2 - 1" long, 1/2 as wide, stip. shorter. Fls. 1/4" long.

4 P. Baldwinii Torr. & Gr. Diffusely branched, procumbent; lvs. linear-lanceolate, very acute, all opposite; fls. longer than the setaceous stipules, mostly terminal, stalked; stam. 5. - Fla. (Mettauer), in dry fields. Sta more openly branched, many from the same root, covering a circular spot 12 - 20' diam. Lvs. few, 3 - 8" long, 1/2 - 2" wide, sessile. Fls. a 1/3 larger than in No. 3. Oct.

5 P. Canadensis. Stem erect, slender, pubescent, many times forked, with slender or capillary branches; lvs. lanceolate, varying to oblanceolate; the cauline opposite, the raminal alternate; 2 pairs of scarious, subulate stipules at each fork, which are shorter than the flower; style none; utricle equaling the greenish sepals. - Hilly woods, Can. to Ga., W. to Ark. Hight 6 - 10 or 18', often nearly smooth. Lvs. 4 - 10" long, somewhat stalked. Fls. 1/2" long, somewhat pedicellate. Seed globular, rosin colored. Jn. - Aug. (Queria, L. Anychia capillacea Nutt.) β. pumila. Dwarf, a few inches (2 - 4') high, the lvs. reduced in proportion, very pubescent; stems short-jointed, tufted, fls. sessile, glomerate; style as long as the ovary (at least in specimens from Md. sent by Mr. H. Shriver), forked at apex. (A. dichotoma DC.)

17. SIPHONYCHIA, Torr. and Gr. (Gr.Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 388 a tube, that is, Anychia with a tubular calyx.) Sepals linear, petaloid above, coherent into a tube below, unarmed; petals 5 setae alternate with the stamens; style filiform, minutely bifid; utricle included in the calyx.- Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 389 Procumbent, diffuse and widely spreading. Fls. in glomerate, terminal cymules.

S. Americana Torr. and Gr. - S. Car. to Fla. Sts. 1 - 2f in length. Lvs. oblanceolate, much shorter than the internodes, 12 - 9 - 6" long, obtuse. Bracts. like the lvs., very small. Fls. very numerous, 1" or more in length, with hooked bristles below. Sep. white above. (Herniaria Nutt.)

18. SCLERANTHUS, L. Knawel (Gr.Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 390 hard, Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 391 ; when in fruit the floral envelope appears hard and dry.) Sepals 5, united below into a tube contracted at the orifice; petals 0; stamens 10, rarely 5 or 2; styles 2, distinct; utricle very smooth, inclosed in the hardened calyx tube.- Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 392 A prostrate, diffuse little weed, exstipulate.

S. annuus L. Dry fields and roadsides, N. Eng. and Mid. States. Sts. numerous, branching, decumbent, short (3 - 6'). Lvs. linear, acute, short, opposite, partially united at their bases. Fls. very small, green, in axillary fascicles. Jl.

19. MOLLUGO, L. Carpet-weed. Calyx of 5 sepals, inferior, united at base, colored inside; corolla 0; stamens 5, sometimes 3 or 10; filaments setaceous, shorter than and opposite to the sepals; anthers simple; capsule 3-cclled, 3-valved, many-seeded; seeds reniform. - Lvs. at length apparently verticillate, being clustered in the axils.

M. verticillata L. Lvs. cuneiform, acute; st. depressed, branched; pedicels 1-flowered. subumbellato; sta. mostly but 3.-Caryopiiyllaceae Pinkworts Part 7 393 Dry places throughout N. America. Sts. slender, jointed, branched, lying flat upon the ground, forming a roundish patch. At every joint is a cluster of wedge-shaped or spatulate lvs. of unequal size, usually 5 in number, and a few flowers, each on a solitary stalk, which is very slender, and shorter than the petioles. Fls. small, white. Jl. - Sept