14 A. ligustrina Muhl. Pubescent; lvs. deciduous, obovate-lanceolate, acuminate-cuspidate, finely serrulate; fls. somewhat paniculate, in terminal, leafless racemes; caps. 5-angled by the linear valvelets.-Shrub, 4 to 8f high, in swamps, etc, Mid. and S. States. Lvs. abruptly acuminate, paler beneath, 2 to 3' long and nearly half as wide, on short petioles. Fls. small (1" long), nearly globous, white, in dense panicles. (Jn.--Jl).

β. frondosa. Panicle with small lvs. scattered among the fls. (A. frondosa Muhl.)

15 A. ferruginea Walt. Shrubby; lvs. evergreen, distant (not crowded), oblan-ceolate or obovate, obtuse, tapering to very short petioles, thick, revolute-edged, rust-scaly beneath; fls. in axillary umbels; valvelets of the capsules nearly as large as the valves.-Pine woods, Ga. and Fla. Shrub 3 to 5f high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long. Fruit appearing when open as if 10-valved. Jn.

16 A. rigida Ph. Arborescent; branches rigid, erect; lvs. rigid, coriaceous, crowded, obovate, acute, strongly revolute edged, rust-scaly beneath; fls. numerous, in axillary umbels, blossoming in April; fruit as in the last.-Sandy pine barrens, S. Car. to Fla. A small tree, 10 to 20f high, remarkably rigid and leafy. Lvs. 1' long, pale or yellowish-green.

17 A. montana Buckley. Lvs. evergreen, ovate-lanceolate, minutely serrate or entire, ciliate; fls. in large, terminal and axillary panicles; pedicels 3-bracted, bracts subulate, the 2 upper opposite; ped. pubescent.-High Mts. of N. Car. Shrub 5 to 6f high. Lvs. 2' by 1', the petiole 6" long. Stem above sprinkled with mucronate glands.

i2. OXYDEN'DRUM, DC. Sorrel-tree. (Gr.Ericaceeae Heathworts Part 6 986 sour, Ericaceeae Heathworts Part 6 987 a tree; the herbage is sour to the taste.) Sepals bractless, valvate in the early bud ; corolla urceolate, ovoid, 5-toothed ; stamens 10, anthers linear, erect, awnless, cells opening lengthwise; capsule oblong, truncate, 5-celled, 5-valved, placentae below, seeds many, ascending.-A tree, with deciduous, petiolate, oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, serrulate lvs. and terminal panicles of slender, spicate racemes.

O. arboreum DC. Ohio, Penn., along the Alleghany Mts. to Flor. A fine tree, 40-50f high, trunk 10-15' diam. Bark thick and deeply furrowed. Leaves 4 -5' by l 1/2-2', villous when young, at length smooth, with a distinctly acid taste. Flowers white, 3" long. Capsule pyramidal, 5-sided. June, July. \

13. MENZIE'SIA, Smith. (To Menzies, the discoverer of the original species (M. ferruginea) in Oregon.) Calyx deeply 4 or 5-cleft; corolla urceolate or campanulate, 4 or 5-lobed ; stamens 8 to 10, anthers opening by terminal pores; capsule 4 to 5-celled, the dissepiments made by the introflexed margins of the valves; seeds many.-Low, shrubby plants, of various habits. Fls. in terminal clusters.

§ Phyli.odoce, Salisb. Leaves evergreen, heath-like. Flowers 5-parted..............,



§ Menziesa proper. Leaves deciduous. Flower 4-parted.................



1 M. taxifolia Robbing. Mountain Heath. St. prostrate at base; lvs. linear, obtuse, with minute, cartilaginous teeth; ped. terminal, aggregate, 1-flowered; fls. campanulate, decandrous; cal. acute.-Shores of the " lake" on the White Mts. N. H., on Mt. Katahdin, Me. It resembles a heath in its flowers; and some of the fir tribes in its leaves and stems. St. decumbent at base, 6 to 10' long, with crowded lvs. above which are 5 to 7" in length. Fls. drooping, purple, at the top of the highest branch, the colored ped. 18" in length. Fr. erect. Jn.

2 M. ferruginea Smith. β. globularis Sims. Branches and pedicels with scattered hairs; lvs. oval-lanceolate, ciliate above and on the veins beneath; apex tipped with a gland; fls. in terminal panicles, nodding on the slender pedicels. -Mts. Penn. to Car. abundant near Winchester, Va. (Pursh). Shrub 4f high. Fls. greenish purple, small, one on each pedicel which is glandular pubescent, 18" long. Cor. short-urceolato. Jn.

14. LOISELEU'RIA, Desv. Alpine Azalea. (To Loiseleur Delong-champs, a French botanist.) Calyx 5-partcd, lobes equal; corolla sub-campanulate, 5-parted, regular; stamens 5, equal, erect, shorter than the corolla, anthers dehiscing laterally from the apex ; ovary roundish ; style straight, included; capsule 2 to 3-celled, 2 to 3-valved, many-seeded.-A little, branching, procumbent shrub, with opposite, petiolate, evergreen, entire lvs. Pedicels terminal, solitary, 1-flowered. Cor. rose color, (Azalea, L.)

L. procumbens Desv. Summit of the White Mts., N. H. Sts. 3 to 6' long, very branching and leafy. Lvs. elliptical, thick, shining, not more than 3" by 1", margins strongly revolute. Fls. glabrous, on very short, purple pedicels, in the midst of the lvs. Jn., Jl.

15. AZA'LE A, L. Swamp Pink. (Gr.Ericaceeae Heathworts Part 6 988 arid ; perhaps the original species grows in dry places.) Calyx small, 5-parted, corolla funnel-form, somewhat irregular, with 5 spreading lobes ; stamens 5, filaments and style long, exserted, declined, anthers opening by pores; capsule 5-celled, 5-valved, ∞-seeded.-Erect shrubs. Lvs. alternate, deciduous, oblong or obovate, entire. Fls. in umbeled clusters, terminal, large and showy, (Rhododendron, Don.)

§ Calyx lobes all (or rarley one excepted) very short or minute............................



§ Calyx lobes all oblong and of conspicuous length.............................................



1 A. viscosa L. Branchlets hispid ; lvs. obovate, oblong or lanceolate, the edges, midvein and petiole bristly; fls. appearing with the adult lvs. very viscid, the tube much longer than the segments; stam. exserted; style much longer.-Moist woods. Can. to Ga. and Ky. Shrub 4 to 7f high, with spreading branches. Lvs. 1 to 2' long, often glaucous. Fls. fragrant, white or rose color, with full grown lvs. Cal. very small. Tube about 1' long, downy and clammy, slender. May-Jl. (A glauca Ph.) β. nitida. Lvs. shining above, smooth both sides, green, oblanceolate.-A low shrub in mountain swamps. Cal. segno, obsolete.

y. Hispida. Branchlets and lvs. above very hispid; lvs. lanceolate, glaucous, glabrous beneath; tube shorter.-Mts., N. Y., Penn. (Pursh.)