2 A. nudiflora L. Pinxter-bloom. Young branchlets hairy; lvs. oblaneeolate and obovate, downy beneath; clusters naked, appearing with or before the young leaves; cal. very small; cor. slightly viscid, tube downy, scarcely longer than the segments; stam. (5 to 7) much exserted.-Frequent in forests throughout the country, especially southward. St. crooked, much branched, the branchlets often in irregular whorls. Pedicels short. Tube nearly 1' long, segm. spreading 1 1/2. Stam. twice as long as the tube, style thrice. Its varieties in color are numerous and splendid, e. g., pink-colored, slightly fragrant; deep purple; white variegated with purple and yellow; white with a buff-colored center, fragrant; buff-colored all over, very fragrant. Ap.-Jn.

β. calycosa. Cal. with one of its segm. subulate, 3 or 4 times longer than the others (not constantly so even in the same umbel.)-Ga. (Miss Wyman). (A. bicolor Ph. ?) y. polyandra. Stam. 10 to 20; cor. rose-colored (Pursh).

3 A. calendulacea Mx. Flaming Pinxter. Young branchlets pubescent; lvs. oblong, attenuated to the base, mucronate, smoothish or pubescent; corymbs nearly or quite leafless; cal. lobes oblong; tube of the cor. hirsute, not viscid, shorter than the ample lobes.-A splendid flowering shrub, in mountains and woods, Penn. to Ohio and Ga. Fls. very numerous, limb expanding 18 to 20", usually yellow and bright crimson, showing at distance like flame.-Its varieties are numerous, e. g., flame-colored; brick-red (very rich); saffron-yellow. Cultivation has produced many more. May, Jn.

4 A. arborescens Ph. Tree Azalea. Branches smooth; lvs. obovate, both sides glabrous, glaucous beneath, margins ciliate, veins nearly glabrous; corymbs leafy with full grown leaves; cal. lobes oblong, acute; cor. tube not viscid, longer than the lobes; stam. and sty. exsert.-Rivulets near the Blue Mts., Penn. to (Macon) Ga. Shrubs 10 to 20f high. Fls. rose color, scales of the flower buds large, yellowish-brown, with a fringed white border. Sepals fully 2" long. A very distinct species. May-Jl.

5 A. Pontica L. Lvs. ovate and oblong, pilous-ciliated on the margin, acute or acuminate; fls. with full grown lvs. viscid; tube funnel form, about as long as the segments; stam. very long-exserted.-Cultivated. This splendid shrub comes from Asia Minor, but is in no wise superior in beauty to our own A. calendu-laceae (which it much resembles). Varieties of every hue. (R. flavum Don.)

16. RHODODENDRON, L. Rose Bay. (Gr.Ericaceeae Heathworts Part 7 989 a rose, Ericaceeae Heathworts Part 7 990 a tree.) Calyx (small) deeply 5-parted, persistent; corolla campanu-late, slightly unequal or regular, 5-lobed ; stam. 10 (rarely fewer), mostly decimate, anth. opening by 2 terminal pores; capsule 5-celled, 5-valved, many-seeded.-Shrubs with alternate, entire, evergreen lvs. Fls. in dense, terminal umbels from large, scaly buds. (Fig. 355.)

§ Calyx lobes large, leaf like. Leaves hairy. Stamens 5 to 10............

No. 7

§ Calyx lobes small, scale-like obtuse at each end..............

Nos. 1, 2

- Leaves acute, rusty or silvery beneath..............

Nos. 3,6

- Leaves acute, glabrous beneath...................

Nos. 4, 5

1 R. Lapponicum Walil. Lapland Rose Bay. Dwarf; lvs. elliptical, obtuse, very small, roughened with concave rusty scales both sides; fls. in terminal, leafy clusters, canipanulate, limb spreading, 5-lobed; stam. 5 to 7 to 10, exserted.- An erect shrub, 8 to 10' high, native of high mts., N. Eng. and N. Y. Branches numerous, with a rough bark. Lvs. about 5" by 2 1/2", revolute, ferruginous beneath, crowded. Cor. 7 to 8" diam., deep purple, regular. Jn., Jl.

2 R. Catawbiensis Mx. Catawba Rose Bay. Lvs. oval, rounded-obtuse at each end, paler beneath, smooth; cal. lobes oblong, elongated; cor. broad-cam-panulate; stam. 10.-On the highest summits of the Alleghanies, Ya. and Car. Shrub 3 to 5f high. Fls. bluish purple, without spots, much larger than in No. 1. Jn.

3 R. punctatum L. Lvs. oval-lanceolate, acute at each end, ferruginous and sprinkled with resinous dots beneath; cal. teeth very short; cor. narrow, campanulate or funnel-form, segm. wavy.-A handsome shrub 4 to 6f high, on the highlands of Car. and Ga. Fls. smaller than in No. 4, pink-red. Jn., Jl. 4 R maximum L. Lvs. obovate-oblong, acute, smosth, coriaceous, discolored beneath, subrevolute on the margin, cal. lobes oval-obtuse; cor. somewhat campanu-late, unequal, pet. roundish.-A splendid flowering shrub, streams and lakes. N. Eng. to the mts. of Car. Stems crooked, 6 to 20f in height. Lvs. very smooth and 4 to 7 long, entire, thick and leathery. Corymbs 15 to 20-flowered, in the midst of the evergreen lvs. Scales of the flower-bud near an inch long, abruptly acuminate. Cor. pink or rose-colored, varying to white with purple dots, sometimes dotted with yellow, 1 1/2 to 2' diam. Jl., Aug.

5 R. Ponticum. L, Lvs. oblong-lanceolate, attenuated to each end, smooth and scarcely paler beneath; corymbs short, terminal; cor. campamuate-rotate; cal. lobes subacute, very short.-From Asia Minor. Fls. large, often 2' diam., purple, but in cultivation very variable, †

6 R. arboreum Smith. St arborescent; lvs. lanceolate, glabrous, with silvery spots beneath; fls. densely corymbed; cor. lobes with creuulate, curled margins; ped. and cal. pubescent-A most beautiful tree or shrub from Himmaleh. Mts. Fls. purple, red, white, cinnamon color, etc. †

7 R. Indicum Sweet Branchlets, petioles, veins and sepals strigous but not glandular; lvs. cuneate-lanceolate, ciliate, acuminate at each end; fls. terminal 1 to 3 together, on short pedicels.-From Java Sep. lance-ovate, 5 to 8 ' long. Fls. scarlet, purple, crimson, flame-color, etc. In cultivation very brilliant, † (Azalea Indica L.)

17. RHODO'RA, Dunham. (Gr.Ericaceeae Heathworts Part 7 991 a rose; from the color of the fls.) Calyx 5-toothed, persistent; cor. adnate to the calyx, deeply divided into 3 segments, upper one much the broadest, 2-3 lobed at the apex, in aestivation enfolding the 2 lower entire segments; sta. 10. declinate; fil. unequal; anth. opening by 2 pores; caps. 5-celled, 5-valved; cells many-seeded.--Shrub with deciduous, alternate leaves, and pale purple flowers.