4 E. striatus Willd. St. slender, erect; lvs. and sheaths smooth, the former lance-linear, acuminate, scabrous on the upper surface; spike erect, 2 to 3' long; invol. 4-leaved, strongly veined; spikelets in pairs, somewhat spreading, hispid, 1 to 3-flowered; awns 3 or 4 times as long as the pale. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2653 Mass. to Penn., W. to Ohio, rare. A small and slender species. July. (E. villosus Muhl is some larger, with very hairy glumes.)

5 E. mollis Trin. Culm velvety pubescent above, stout, 2 to 4f; lvs. involute-compressed, glabrous as well as the striate sheaths; spike thick, erect, 6 to 8"; spikelets in pairs, about 7-flowered, awnless, all clothed with a soft pubescence; glumes shorter than the fls. - Lake shores, Min. and Can. W.

6 E. Hystrix L. Culm round, smooth, 2 - 4f; lvs. lance-linear, carinate, scabrous, generally glaucous and with the sheaths striate; spike 4 - 6' long, erect; rachis nearly smooth, flexuous; spikelets remote, diverging, almost horizontal, 2 - 3-flowered; glumes 0, rarely 1 or 2; fls. smoothish; lower paleae terminating in a very long awn. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2654 An odd-looking grass, in moist woods, N. States, common. Jl.

50. LO'LIUM, L. Darnel Grass. Spikelets many-flowered, sessile, remote, with the edge to the rachis; glume to the lower spikelet single, to the terminal one, 2; paleae herbaceous, subequal, lower one short-awned or mucronate, upper bifid-toothed.

1 L. perenne L. Rat Darnel. Smooth; culm terete, 1 - 2f; lvs. lance-linear, shining-green, on striate sheaths with truncate stipules; rachis flexuous, grooved, 5 - 6' long; spikelets awnless, about 16, longer than the glume, 7 - 9-flowered, alternate, in two opposite rows; lower paleae 5-veined, upper with 2, prominent, rough keels. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2655 Meadows, cultivated grounds, etc. May, June. § Eur.

2 L. temulentum L. Poisonous Darnel. Culm terete, smooth, 2f; lvs. lance-linear, rough-edged, and with the sheaths, smooth on the surface; stip. truncate; rachis flexuous, 4 - 6' long; spikelets much compressed, 5 - 7-flowered, not longer than the glume; lower pale 5-veined, produced into an awn twice its length. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2656 Remarkably distinguished from all other grasses by its poisonous seeds. N. Eng. to Penn. July. § Eur.

51. TRIT"ICUM, L. Wheat. (Lat. tritum, rubbed or ground; alluding to the manner of its preparation for food.) Spikelets imbricated in 2 rows, sessile on the teeth of the rachis, about 5-flowercd, with the upper flowers abortive; glumes 2, equal, opposite, ovate, concave, mucronate; paleae 2, lower awned or mucronate; scales 2, collateral. - Fls. arranged in spikes.

§ TRITICUM proper.Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2657 Glomes oblong, obtuse, ventrieons-concave. Spike 4-sided.....

No. 1

§ Agropyron, Kth.Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2658 Glumes lanceolate, pointed. Spikelets mostly 2-ranked...............

Nos. 2, 3

1 T. vulgare Villars. Common Wheat. Culm terete, smooth, the inter-nodes somewhat inflated, 3 to 5f; lvs. lance-linear, veined, roughish above; stip. truncate; spike parallel, somewhat 4-sided; spikelets crowded, broad-ovate, about 4-flowered; glumes ventricous; awns of the upper paleae generally longer than the flowers. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2659 and Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2660 This is without doubt the most valuable plant of the Order. Cultivated from the earliest historic times. Many varieties are known to farmers, classed as Summer Wheat, and Winter Wheat; Awned or Awnless.

β. compositum. Egyptian Wheat. Spike compound. Spikelets awned. 2 T repens L. Cocch-GRass. Qutch Grass. Culm trailing at the lower joints; from creeping rhizomes, 1 to 2f; lvs. lance-linear, rough above and somewhat hairy; stip. short truncate; spike compressed, about 3' in length; spikelets remote, alternate, lance-oblong, 5 - 6-flowered; awns short or none; glumes lanceolate, 5-veined, acuminate. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2661 A vile weed, in Melds and gardens, extremely difficult to eradicate. June - Aug. § flat, smooth; stip. almost wanting; spikelets about 5-flowered; glumes 3-veined, and with the outer palea, terminating in a straight, scabrous bristle, longer than the flowers. - Delaware (Muhlenberg) to Mich.§

β. dasystachium. Glaucous, very smooth; spikelets 5 to 9-flowered, whitish all over with downy hairs. - Lake shores, Wis., Mich., Can.

3 T. caninum R. & S. Dog's Couch Grass. St. 2 - 3f, erect or oblique; lvs.

52. SECA'LE, L. Rye. (Celtic segal, from sega, a sickle.) Spikelets solitary on the teeth of the rachis, 2 - 3-flowered, the 2 lower flowers fertile, sessile, opposite, the upper one abortive; glumes subulate, opposite, shorter than the flowers; lower palea with a very long awn, upper often bifid at apex; scales abortive, hairy.

S. Cereale L. Culm hairy beneath the spike, 4 - 6f; lvs. lance-linear, rough-edge, and rough above, glaucous; spike about 5' long, linear, compressed; paleae smooth, lower ciliate on the keel and margin; awns scabrous-ciliate, long, straight, erect. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2662 or Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2663 The native country of this highly valuable grain is unknown. It has long been cultivated. Jn., Jl.

53. LEPTOCH'LOA, Beauv. (Gr.Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2664 slender, Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2665 grass.) Spikelets 2 to ∞-flowered, subsessile, in one-sided spikes forming a panicle raceme; glumes carinate, awnless; pales membranous, lower 3-veined, cariuate, awnless or awned; stamens 3; stigmas simply plumous. - Lvs. flat and soft. Pan. composed of many slender spikes. (Oxydenia Nutt.)

§ Spikelets sessile, few-flowered, lower pale entire at the acutish apex......................................

Nos. 1, 2

§ Spikelets pedicellate, 6 to 9-flowered, lower pale notched and mucronate at end....................

No. 3

1 L. mucronata Kunth. Culm geniculate at the lower joints, 2 to 3f, ascending; sheaths hairy, loose; lvs. lance-linear, tapering to a long acumination; pan. a foot or more long, the numerous spikes very slender, 2 to 4', flowering their whole length; spikelets green, sessile, minute, 2 to 4-flowered, awnless, shorter than the mucronate-pointed glumes. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 3 2666 Fields, S. States, common. Jl. - Oct.