2 L. filiformis R. & S. Culm geniculate below, upright 3 to 4f; sheaths some hairy; lvs. lance-linear, rough-edged, twice larger (1f by 9" or less) than in the last; pan. near 2f long, the numerous spikes very slender, straight and suberect, 5 to 8' long; spikelets purple, sessile, minute, sub-3-flowered, a little exceeding the merely acute glumes; fls. obtuse. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2667 ? Fields, S. States. (Oxydenia attenu-ata Nutt.)

3 L. fascicularis Gr. Glabrous, stout, ascending from a geniculate base 2 to If; lvs. long and broad (If by 9", more or less); pan. dense, oblong, 9 to 10', with very many sessile, secund spikes 2 to 3' long; spikelets short-pedicelod, lance-oblong (3 to 4"), flat, about 9-flowered; lower pale oblong, ciliato below, mucronate-awned in the notch at the apex. - Marshy soils, N. Y. to La., W. to Ill. (Festuca, Lam. F. multiflora Walt. F. polystachia Mx.)

54. GYMNOPO'GON, Beauv. (Gr.Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2668 naked, Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2669 beard.)

Spikes setaceous, corymbously paniculate; spikelets remote, 1-flowered, with a rudiment; glumes 2-keeled, subequal, lance-linear; lower pale with a straight awn from a little below the tip; rudiment aristiform. - Low, reed-like. (Anthopogon, Nutt.)

1 Gr. racemosum Beauv. Culm ascending 18 to 24', with short intemodes; lvs. ovate-lanceolate, 1 to 2' by 4 to 8', glabrous, flat, spreading, in 2 rows; sheaths hairy at the throat; lig. obsolete; pan. large, pyramidal, branches simple, rigid, flowing near their whole length, soon spreading or reflexed, 3 to 5' long; glumes linear, pungent; awn of the fl. 3 to 4 times its length, that of the rudiment half as long. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2670 Sandy fields, N. J. to Ga. and La. 2 G. brevifdlium Trin. Culm slender, decumbent below, ascending 8 to 16'; internodes short (1'), sheaths about as long, smooth; lvs. linear-lanceolate, 1 to 2', very acute; spikes almost hair-like, somewhat corymbed, flowering only above the middle; glumes subulate; awn of the flower as long as the pale, that of the ru' diment wanting. - Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2671 Md. to La. (Hale).

55. MANISU'RUS, L. Lizard-tail Grass. (Gr.Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2672 lizard, Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2673 tail.) Spkl. in pairs, 1-flowered, the lower Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2674 , upper abortive; Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2675 gl. 2, the lower roundish, saccate-concave, coriaceous, larger than the flattish, membranous upper gl.; pales 2, much smaller than the glumes, thinly membranous; stam. 3; styles 2; abortive spkl. of merely 2 empty, subequal, subcoriaceous glumes. - Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2676

M. granulans Swtz. Culm 2f or more, erect, branching, with hairy sheaths; leaves flat, 1 to 4' in length; spikes solitary, on short, lateral branches, partly involved in a spath-form leaf, jointed, unilateral, 1/2 to 1' long, colored;Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2677 fls. globular, the gl. warty-tesselated. - About Charleston, S. C. (Bachmau!). § E. Ind.

56. CYN'ODON, Rich. Bermuda Grass. (Gr.Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2678 a dog, Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2679 a tooth; alluding to the singular one-sided spikelets.) Spikes digitate or fasciculate; spikes unilateral, in a single row, 1-flowered, with a rudiment, glumes membranaceous, shorter than the flowers, persistent; Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2680 upper palea bifid-toothed; rudiment minute, pedicellate, in a groove of the upper palea; scales truncate.

C. Dactylon Pers. Culm creeping extensively; stolonilbrous at base, 6' to 2f long; lvs. hairy on the margin and towards the base, narrow-linear; sheaths hairy; spikes 4 - 5, digitate, spreading, 2 - 3' long, 1 wide, serrated with the uneven spikelets; glumes scabrous on the keel, lanceolate, acute; paleae subequal. the lower broader, enfolding the upper. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2681 A vigorous creeper, in sands and hard soils, Penn. to the Gulf

57. EU'STACHYS, Desv. Sea-side Finger-grass. (Gr. єv, well,Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2682 a row.) Spikes digitate; spkl. sessile on one side of the rachis,

2-flowered; upper fl. sterile; upper gl. larger, short-awned at the 2-lobed apex; lower pale thin, keeled, mucronate below the tip. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2683 Culm creeping, compressed. Lvs. flat.

E. petraea Desv. Diffusely branched; rooting at the joints; lvs. linear, obtuse, rough-edged, 2 - 4'; sheaths compressed, keeled, serrulate on the keel; longer than the joints; spikes strict, erect, fascicled, 4 to 6; lower . pale coria-

Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2684 ceous, brown, silky-ciliate on the keel below and margins above, the midvein extended into a short subterminal awn. - Brackish soils, S. Car., Ga. (Bachman). Jn. - Aug. (Chloris, Ell.)

58. ELEUSI'NE. (From Eleusis, where Ceres, the goddess of harvests, was worshipped.) Spikes digitate, unilateral; spikelets 5 - 7-flowered; glumes obtuse, unequal, lower one smaller; paleae unequal, upper one bifid toothed; scale truncate, fimbriate; caryopsis triangular, ovate, enclosed in a separate membrane or perigynium.

E. Indica L. Culm oblique, compressed, procumbent and branching at base, 12 - 16' long; lvs. linear, somewhat hairy, on smooth, loose sheaths hairy at the throat; spikes 2 - 4, rarely more or less, linear, straight divaricate, 2 - 4' long; 2" wide; spikelets closely imbricate, smooth; upper glume 6-veined; fr. dark brown. -Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae Part 4 2685 Common about houses, foot-paths, etc. Mid. and W. States, Aug.