Leersia. a, L. orizoides, a raceme, b, spikelet, an open flower, ]c, a spikelet (flower) of L. lenticularis. d, Flower open. e, Ovary and stigmas.

Zizania. - a Z. aquatica, staminate flowers, natural size (n. m.). b A staminate flower, enlarged (m). d A pistillate flower, m. with one stigma visible and one long-awned pale.

Agrostis. - a A. vulgaris, spikelet, m. with glumes and pales, b The flower with its 2 pales, 3 stamens and 2 styles, c A. scabra, 2 glumes, m. d Flower with 1 pale, 3 stamens, and 2 styles.

Sporobolus. a S. asper, a spikelet m, b The grain, e. longifolius, spikelet m. d Grain.

Cinna. a C. pendula, a spikelet m. open, b C. arundiuacea, a spikelet m. open.

Muhlenbergia. a M. Mexicana, spikelet m. b M. sobolifera, spikelet m. s M. sylvatica, spikelet m. w M. Wildenowii, spikelet m. d M. diffusa, spikelet m. g The 2 small glumes

Polypogon. a P. Monspeliensis, panicle, diminished (dim.), b A spikelet, with glumes, etc. c Flower with pales, stamens and styles.

Calamagrostis. a C. confinis, spikelet m. b A flower - the 2 pales, ovary and 2 styles, c C. Canadensis, spikelet m. d Grain.

Alopecurus. a A. aristulatus, spikelet m. 6 Lower pale. c Ovary and 2 styles, d A. pratensis, spikelet m. e Lower pale. f A. geuieulatus, spikelet m.

Phleum. a P. pratense, spikelet m. b The 2 pales and ovary.

Aristida. a A. dichotoma, spikelets n. m. b A single spikelet m. c A. pur-purasceus, spikelet m. d A. tuberculosa, pale n. m. with its 3 large twisted and bent awns.

Stipa. a S. avenacoa, spikelet. 6 pale with the long twisted and bent awn, n. m. e Flower, m. with 3 stamens, ovary, 2 styles.


Oryzopsis. a O. asperifolia, n. m. 6 Spikelet, m. m O. melauoearpa, spikelet m. showing the black fruit.

Paspalem. p P. laeve, n. m, a Spikelet, m. 6 Spikelet, with its true glume open, d Paspalum sanguinale, n. m. a spike. c A spikelet, showing the glume in front d A pale.

Millicm. a M. effusum, n. m. b Spikelet closed, e Spikclet open, d Ovary and pistils.

Amphicarpum. f A. Pursbii, n. m. l Leaf.Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae 2638 Staminate flower, of the panicle. Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae 2639 Pistillate flower, of the root.

Panicum. a P. agrostoides, n. m. b Spikelet c P. pauciflorum u. e Spike-let. d Fertile pales, x Neutral pales.

Oplismenus. o O. Crus-galli, dim. a Spikelet m. b Spikelet of β muticus.

Setaria. a S. viridis. 6 Spikelet m, with its bristly involucre, c Spikelet of the same in flower, showing two of the bristles.

Cenohrus. a C. tribuloides, the burr-like involucre, b Spikelet. e Pales in fruit, d Pales in flower.

Phalaris. a P. arundinacea m. b Flower, and the 2 hairy rudiments at base, c P. Canariensis, spikelet.

Anthoxanthum. a A. odoratum, spikelet m. b The 2 awned rudiments, e The perfect flower, 2 pales, 2 stamens, 2 styles.

Hiercchloa. a H. borealis, u. m. b Spikelet. c Same, with the glumes removed, showing the 3 flowers.

Holcus. a H. lanatus. n. m. b Spikelet m. c The two flowers separated from the glumes.


Aira. c A. caespitosa n. a Spikelet b Flower, d A. flexuosa, spikelet u. m. e Part of the same magnified.

Danthonia. a D. spicata n. m. b Spikelet m. e Lower pale, d Upper pale.

Avena. a A. elatior, spikelet n. m. g Glumes, f Flowers, p A. praecox, spikelet n. m. b Glumes, c Flowers.

Trisetum. a T. palustre, spikelet, n. m. b Same m. c Pales of the lowest flower, p T. purpurascens, spikelet, n. m. g Glumes, d A flower, closed.

Bromus. s B. secalinus, spikelet, n. m. a A flower. 6 B. ciliatus, spikelet before flowering, n. m. c A flower open.

Tricuspis. s T. seslerioides, n. m. a Spikelet. m Lower pale of flower, n Upper pale, st T. stricta, spikelet enlarged 2 diameters.

Uralepis. a U. purpurea, n. m, b Spikelet m. e Lower pale, d Gram, c Upper pale.

Dactylis. a D. glomerata, n. m. b Spikelet in flower.

Koeleria. c K. cristata, n. m. a Spikelet. b Flower.

Diarrhena. a D. diandra, n. m. b Spikelet. c Flower.

Festcca. a F. tenella, spikelet, n. m, b Same m. c F. nutans, spikelet, n. m. d Flower.

Eatonia a E. obtusata. spikelet n. m. b Same m. c Lower flower, d Upper flower, with an empty pedicel.

Melica. e M. matica, spikelet n. m. f Pales of a flower.


Eragrostis. a E. poaeoides, spikelet n. to. b Same m. c Pales of a flower. d Grain, e E. hirsuta, spikelet n. m. f Same m.

Vox. a P. dinantha, n. m. b Spikclet m. c Flower, d P. debilis, n. M, e, Spikelct m. f Flower.

Brizopyrum. a B, spicatum,Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae 2640 , n, m. b Spikelet Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae 2641 , n. m. c Spikelet Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae 2642 , n. m. d Flower Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae 2643 open e A stamen of Illustrating The Genera Of Gramineae 2644 .

Glyceria. a G. aquatica, n. m. b Spikelet m. c Flower, d G. Canadensis n. m. e Spikelet m. f A pale.

Briza. a B. media, dim. b Spikelet n. m. c Flower.

Uniola. a U. latifolia, spikelet n, m. b Flower, c Glumes, d U. gracilis, n m. c Spikelet m.

Phragmites. a P. communis, spikelet n. m, b A flower open,

Arundinaria. a A. macroeperma, spikelet n. m. b Flower, c Same with fruit

Lepturus. a L. paniculatus, dim. b Raceme n. m. c Spikelet in flower, m.

Hordeum. a H. jubatum, half size, b Spikelet n. m.

Elymus. a E. Virginicus ,β arcuatus, spikelet n, m. b E. Canadensis, spikelet n. not. c Flowers, d E. Hystrix, spikelet n. m.

Lolium. a L. perenne, n, m. b L. temulentum, spikelet n, m. e Flower open, m.


Triticum. a T. repens, n. m. b A flower, c T. vulgare, spikelet n. m d Ovary, scales, and styles.

Leptoohloa. a L, fascicularis, branch, n. m. b Spikelet. c L. filiforlnis, n. m. d Spikelet,