10 G. distans Wahl. Very smooth; culm firm and leafy, oblique, round, branched at base, 1 - 2f; lvs. flat, lance-linear; pan. spreading, branches fasciculate, in 3s to 5s, crowded, straight; spikelets oblong, somewhat racemed, sessile, crowded, about 3-flowered; glumes minute, unequal. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2625 Salt marshes, N. Y. (Poa fasciculata Torr.)

43. BRI'ZA, L. Quaking Grass. (Gr.Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2626 to nod, as in sleep; alluding to the pendulous spikelets.) Spikelets cordate, 6 - 9-flowered; glumes 2, shorter than the lower flowers; paleae ventricous, lower one cordate at base, embracing the upper which is suborbicular and much shorter; caryopsis beaked. - Paniculate spikelets large, drooping on slender pedicels.

1 B. media L. Culm naked above, 1 - 2f; lvs. flat, smooth, lance-linear; stip. short, obtuse; pan. erect, few-flowered, branches wide-spreading, capillary, purplish, bearing the ovate cordate, tumid, pendant and tremulous spikelets at the ends, these are about 7-flowertd, greenish-purple; paleae, veinless. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2627 Meadows and pastures, coastward, N. Eng. to Penn. May. § Eur.

2 B. maxima L. Pan. nodding at the summit; spikelets oblong, cordate, 13 to 17-flowered. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2628 Gardens, occasionally cultivated as ornamental, † Eur.

44. UNI'OLA, L. Union Grass. (Diminutive from Lat.unus, one; many flowers in one spikelet.) Spikelets compressed, 2-edged, 3 to 20-flowered; lower flower or fls. neutral, of one pale; glumes 2, cari-nate; lower pale flattened and wing-keeled, the upper double wing-keeled, both awnless; stain. 1 or 3; caryopsis free. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2629 Smooth, erect, Hat-leaved grasses.

§ Spikelets on slender pedicels, lores, elliptic Pales unequal. Stamen 1......

No. 1

§ Spikelets subsessile, - large (6 to 16" long). Pales about equal............................................

Nos. 2, 3

- small (2 to 3" long). Pales very unequal........................................

No. 4

1 U. latifolia Mx. Culm 2 to 4f, smooth, subsimple; lvs. 8 to 18' by 6 to 12", lance-linear, glabrous, rough-edged; sheaths longer than the internodes; panicle loose, 8 - 12' long, nodding; spikelets all on long peduncles, about 10" long, ovate, flat, about 10-flowered; glumes unequal, near twice shorter than the fls. - Dry woods, middle and Western States. Singularly elegant and showy. Aug.

2 U. paniculata L. Sea-side Oats. Culm 4 to 8f; lvs. narrow, convolute, very long; sheaths fringed at the throat; pan. large and spreading; spikelets ovate, short-pediceled, 12 to 20-flowered, several of the lower fls. neutral; pales about equal; the lower 9-veined, obtuse; stam. 3. - Sand hills along the coast, Va. to Fla. A tall rank grass. Jl, Aug.

3 U. nitida Baldw. Culm very slender, wiry, branched below, 2 to 5f; lvs. narrow, 2 to 4" wide; pan. slender and spike-like or with several spike-like spreading branches; spikelets subsessile, broader than long, about 7-flowered, the 2 or 3 lower and the 1 highest abortive; pales about equal, long-pointed, the upper re-incurved at base-; stam. 1. Ga. to La. Whole plant very smooth and shining. Jn., Jl.

4 U. gracilis Mx. Culm slender, leafy, 3 to 4f; lvs. broadly-linear, tapering to a slender point, flat, 12 to 18' long; sheaths shorter than the joints; pan. long racemous, branches solitary, short, remote, erect; spikelets with about 3 fertile fls.; lower pale spreading, 1/3 longer than the upper; glumes rigid, acute. - Sea-coasts, N. Y. to Ga. and La. Aug.

45. PHRAG'MITES Trin. Reed. Spikelets 3 to 6-flowered, the lowest flower sterile and monandrous; rachis beset with long, silky hairs; glumes 2, acute, keeled, very unequal; lower pale subulate, silky-villous at base (except in the lowest flower); stam. 3; style 2; caryopsis free. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2630 Grasses tall, with broad, flat lvs. and a large, diffuse panicle.

P. communis Trin. Culm smooth, stout, erect, 6 - 12f high, often an inch in diameter at base; lvs. lanceolate, 1 - 2f by 1 - 2', rough-edged, smooth and glaucous; panicle large and loosely branched, branches in half whorls, rather erect, slender; spikelets 3 - 5-flowered, very slender, erect; glumes shorter than the flowers which are of a dark hue, with tufts of white, silky hairs, about as long as the paleae. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2631 Swamps and about ponds, Mass. to Ill. and Con. July. (Arundo Phragmites L., ed. 2.)

46. ARUNDINA'RIA Rich. Cane. Spikelets compressed, 5 to 12-flowered; flowers imbricated, distant; glumes 2, small, awnless; lower pale ovate, acuminate-mucronate, not carinate; stamens 3; stigmas 3; plumous; scales 3, entire; caryopsis free, deciduous. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2632 Grasses shrubby or arborescent, often branched, the branches verticillate-fascicled. Fls. both perfect and staminate.

A. macrosperma Mx. Culm woody, from strong, running rhizomes; lvs. linear-lanceolate, smooth, glaucous, all dimensions from I' by 3" to If by 2'; sheaths fringed at throat; flowering branches mostly arising from the rootstocks, 6 to 12' or 18' high, with sheaths only, bearing 1 to several large (1 to 2 1/2') spikelets; pales herbaceous, 8" long. - In swampy soils, throughout the S. States. The fertile plants are small and inconspicuous, while the barren arise 15 to 25f in the










Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 20 2637