13 P. trivialis L. Rough Meadow Grass. Culm sometimes stoloniferous at base, roughish backwards, 2 - 3f; lvs. lance-linear, acute, rough-edged, lower ones very long, cauline as long as the roughish sheaths, with long, acuminate ligules; panicle diffuse, expanding, scabrous, branches 4 - 5 together in half-whorls; spikelets oblong-ovate, 2 - 3-flowered. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2611 N. States. June, July.

14 P. pratensis L. Spear Grass. June Grass. Culm terete, smooth, 1 - 2f; lvs. carinate, linear, abruptly acute, radical ones very long and numerous, cauline shorter than the veined, smooth sheaths; lig. short, truncate; pan. diffuse, branches 3 - 5 together in half-whorls; spikelets ovate, acute, with about 4, acute flowers; glumes lanceolate, rather acuminate. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2612 An excellent grass both for hay and pasturage, very abundant. Apr. (South) May (West) Jn. (North)

41. BRIZOPY'RUM, Link. (Briza,Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2613 wheat.) Spikelets ∞-flowered, compressed, crowded in a spikelike panicle; glumes herbaceous, unequal; pales awnless, subcoriaceous, lower compressed, but hot carinate, faintly many-veined, acute. - Lvs. mostly involute, smooth and rigid.

1 B. spicatum Hook. Culm branched at base, erect 1 to 2f; cauline lvs. numerous, 3 to 6' long; sheaths longer than the joints, close, upper ones hairy at throat; spike-like pan. oval, yellowish, consisting of short, fasciculate branches with sessile spikelets; spkl. oblong, 5 to 9-flowered; fls. triandrous. - Salt marshes. N. Y. to Car. Jl. (Uniola ed. 2. Poa Michauxii Kunth.)

42. GLYCE'RIA, Brown. Manna Grass. (Gr.Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2614 sweet, on account of the sweet taste of the grains.) Spikelets many-flowered, teretish or turgid, rachis jointed; glumes subequal, pointless; pales awnless, webless, herbaceous, the lower usually 7-veincd, rounded on the back (not carinate); stigmas doubly plumous; ovary smooth, grain free. - Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2615 Smooth grasses from creeping rhizomes in wet places, with simple panicles. Sheaths mostly fistular (not split).

§ Salt marsh Grasses. Lower pale 5-veined. Stigmas sessile, simply plumed......


9. 10

§ In fresh swamps, etc. Lower pale 7-veined. Stigmas doubly plumous. (a)

a Spikelets linear-lanceolate, in a very simple panicle..................................................


1, 2

a Spikelets linear-oblong, in compound, spreading panicles........................................


8, 4

a Spikelets ovate, short, turgid, - in slender, appressed panicles.................................


5, 6

- in an open, recurved panicle......................................


7, 8

1 G. fluitans Brown. Culm compressed or ancipitous, ascending at base, 3 - 5f; lvs. lance-linear, smooth beneath, about a foot long; sheaths veined, smooth, with a very large stipule; panicle secund, long, slender, slightly branched; spikelets 8 to 10" long, linear, appressed, 7 to 12-flowered; fls. obtuse; lower pale 7-veined, denticulate. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2616 Swales, etc. Can., N. States to La. Jn, Jl (Festuca fluitans, L.)

2 G. acutiflora Torr. Culm somewhat compressed, 1 - 2f; lvs. narrow, attenuated above, half as long as the stem; panicle simple, long, raceme-like, appressed; spikelets linear, 9 to 12 ' long, 4 - 6-flowered; distant fls. very slender, acute, in distinctly veined. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2617 Inundated meadows, N. Eng., N. Y. June. (Festuca bre-vifolia Muhl.)

3 G. aquatica Smith. Culm stout, leafy, 4 to 5f; lvs. broad-linear, flat, thin; pan. erect, diffuse, branches at length spreading, flexuous, 3 to 5 together, in half whoris; spikelets linear-oblong, purple, 2 to 3" with 6 to 8 ovate-obtuse flowers. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2618 Wet meadows, N. States and Can. A large and handsome grass, cultivated for hay in Eur. (Poa, L.)

4 G. pallida Trin. Culm weak decumbent, ascending 1 to 2 1/2f; lvs. flat, linear, 10 to 16' long, glaucous beneath; stip. elongated; pan. loose, few-flowered, branches capillary, spreading; spikelets 3", oblong-linear, 5 to 9-flowered; lower glume 3-veined; lower palea 5-veined, 5-toothed at the apex when old. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2619 Swamps, Can. to Va. and West? June, July. (Poa dentata Torr.)

5 G. nervata Trin. Culm smooth, 3 to 4f; lvs. lance-linear, striate, rough above, about a foot long, on striate, roughish sheaths; lig. lacerate; pan. large, loose, diffuse, equal, branches weak, pendulous in fruit, long and capillary, in 2s or 3s; spikelets ovate-oblong, containing about 5, obtuse, conspicuously 7-veined flowers. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2620 A valuable grass in wet meadows, N. Eng. to Ill. Jn. (Poa, Willd.)

6 G. elongata Trin. Culm round, erect, smooth, 3f; lvs. narrow-linear, smooth, 8 to 15' long; sheaths striate, smooth; lig. very short; pan. (8 to 10') elongated, raceme-like, nodding, branches solitary or in 2s, appressed; spikelets ovate-obtuse, tumid, containing about 3 obtuse, 5-veined flowers. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2621 Wet meadows, N. Eng. to Penn. and Ill. Jl. (Poa, Torr.)

7 G. obtusa Trin, Culm smooth, firm, 2 to 3f; lvs. dark green, linear, often surpassing the culm, and with the sheaths smooth; pan. dense, ovate, many-flowered, 3 to 4', erect; spikelets ovate, acute, tumid, thick, containing 5 to 7, smooth, ovate, obtuse flowers; lower pale obscurely 7-veined. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2622 Swamps, N. Eng. to Penn. Aug., Sept. (Poa, Muhl.)

8 G. canadensis Torr. Culm round, smooth, erect, 3 to 4f; lvs. broad-linear, rough, glaucous, on smooth sheaths; lig. lacerate, ovate-obtuse; pan. large, 6 to 8' long, branches flexuous, in half whorls, much spreading or pendulous in fruit; spikelets short, ovate, tumid, 6 to 8-flowered; glumes much shorter than the lower flower; upper pale very obtuse, lower about 7-veined; stam. 2. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2623 A large grass, in shady grounds, N States, Can. Jl, Aug. (Poa, Torr.)

9 G. maritima Wahl. Culm somewhat geniculate, round, about a foot high; lvs. somewhat glaucous, rough-edged, involute; pan. erect, dense, brandies in pairs, scabrous; spikelets terete, linear, purplish, about 5-flowered; fls. obtuse, indistinctly 5-veined. -Order CLVI Gramineae Grasses Part 19 2624 Salt marshes, Mass. Jn. (Poa, Huds.)