2 L. Europaeus L. Lvs. oblong-lanceolate or lance ovate, petiolate. acute, sinuate-toothed or lobed, the lower incised; calyx teeth 5, acuminate-spinescent, longer than the smooth achenia.-A plant in wet places, widely diffused and exceedingly variable, scarcely two specimens similar. St. 1 to 2f high, sharply angled rarely stoloniferous. Lvs. 1 to 2 to 4' long, the segments quite unequal. Clusters very small. Aug. (L. sinuatus Ell., Beuth., etc.)-It dyes a permanent black.

β. exaltatus. Lower lvs. pinnatifid, with the segments subserrate; st. usually tall.-With the others, V. to Fla, (L. exaltatus Ph.)

γ. angustifolius. Lvs. only serrate, narrowly lanceolate or oblong, tapering to both ends. Sometimes nearly entire! Fls. exactly as in the other varieties. S. W. States. (T. angustifolius Nutt.)

9. CUNI'LA, L. Dittany. (The ancient Roman name for Pennyroyal.) Calyx 10-ribbed, equally 5-toothcd, throat densely villous; upper lip of corolla flat, emarginate ; stamens 2, erect, exserted, distant. C. Mariana L. Lvs. ovate, serrate, subsessile; cymes pedunculate, corymbous, axillary and terminal.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 3 1222 Grows on rocks and in dry woods, N. Y. to Ga. and Ark. Stem 4-angled, mostly purple, branching, smoothish, 1-2f high. Leaves small, nearly smooth, roundish or subeordate at base, tapering to a point and punctate with pellucid dots. Flowers with subulate bracts at the base of the 3-forked pedicels. Calyx punctate. Corolla nearly twice as long as the calyx, pubescent, pale red. Stamens and style much exserted, of the same hue as the corolla. The herb is delightfully fragrant, and used in febrifugal infusions. Jl., Aug.

10. HEDEO'MA, Pers. American Pennyroyal. (Gr.Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 3 1223 sweet,

Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 3 1224 smell.) Calyx 13-striatc, gibbous at base, bilabiate, throat hairy, upper lip 3-toothed, lower 2-cleft; corolla bilabiate, upper lip erect, flat, emarginate, lower spreading, 3-lobed ; stamens 2 fertile, ascending.- Low, fragrant herbs.

1 H. pulegioides Pers. Lvs. oblong, few-toothed, petiolate, narrowed to each end; verticils axillary, 6-flowered; cor. equaling the calyx.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 3 1225 A small, strong-scented herb, held in high repute in the domestic materia medica. Stem erect, branching, 6' high. Leaves opposite, with 1-2 teeth each side, on very short petioles, smooth on the upper surface, roughish beneath. Calyx ciliate, 2 lower divisions spined. Abundant in dry pastures, Can. and U. S. Flowering all summer.

2 H. hispida Ph. Lvs. linear, entire, sessile, obtuse; verticils about 6-flowered; cor. scarcely as long as the calyx.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 3 1226 Borders of the Mississippi and Missouri, to Ark. Herb a few inches high, branching, very leafy and somewhat hairy. Lvs. 6" long. Cal. teeth awned. Jl.

3 ? H. bractiolata Nutt. Pubescent, simple, slender; lvs. linear lanceolate, acute at each end, entiro; pedicels setacoously bracteolate, 3 to 5-flowered; cal. oblong, equal; cor. minute ?-Car. (Nuttall). (Micromeria ? Benth.)

11. COLLINSO' NIA, L. Horse Balm. (To John Collinson, an English botanist.) Calyx ovoid, 10-striate, upper lip truncate, 3-toothed, lower 2-cleft; corolla exserted, campanulate-ringent, upper lip in 4 subequal lobes, lower lip longer, declined, fimbriate; stamens 2 (rarely 4), much exserted, divergent.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 3 1227 Herbs strong scented, with large, ovate, serrate, petiolate lvs. and yellowish fls., in a terminal, leafless panicle or raceme.

* Stamens 2 perfect - the upper pair of filaments minute points............................

Nos. 1, 2

- the upper pair of filaments capitate. Soulthern.......................

No. 3

* Stamens 4 perfect, long exserted. Leaves very large. Soulthern..........................

Nos. 4, 5

1 C. Canadensis L. Glabrous or sparsely pubescent; lvs. acuminate, coarsely serrate, abrupt or subcordate at base; panicle loose, elongated ; cal. teeth subulate, not longer than its tube; stam. 2, exserted.-A coarse herb, in woods and fields, Can. to Ky. and Car. St. 4-sided, 3 to 4f high (smooth or a little pubes-cent). Lvs. thin, 6 to 8' long and 3 to 4' wide. Fls. in a largo compound raceme, with opposite branches and pedicels. Cor. 5 to 6' long, greenish-yellow, the lower lip elongated and fringed. Style and stamens very long. Flowering in summer.

β. tuberosa. Lvs. somewhat rhombic-oval, aeute at both ends; fls. smaller. -Car to La. (Hale). (C. tuberosa Mx.)

2 C. scabriuscula Ait. Nearly glabrous; lvs. small (18" to 3' long), acute, rather abrupt at base, scabrous on the upper surface; paniele very loose, leafy at base; fls. small; cal. teeth subulate, scarcely longer than its tube; stam. 2, sterile fil. minute.-S. Car to Fla., near Savannah. Plant 2 to 6f high. Petioles half as long as the leaves. Fls. opposite. Cor. thrice as long (4 to 5") as calyx. Sept.-Nov.

3 C. punctata Ell. Pubescent, lvs. large (5 to 7' long), acuminate, rather acute at base, conspicuously resinous-punctate beneath; rac. paniculate, the lower axillary ; fls. small; cal. teeth subulate-awned, longer than its tube; stam. 2, exserted, sterile fil. capitate.-Rich soils, S. Car. and Ga. (Feay). Plant 2 to 6f high. Petioles a third as long as the leaves. Cor. twice longer (4 to 5") than calyx teeth. Sept., Oct.

4 C. verticillata Baldw. Viscid-pubescent above ; lvs. broad-oval, acute or acuminate, abrupt at base, coarsely dentate, falsely verticillate by the proximity of pairs; rac. simple, elongated, with the fls, verticillate; cal. teeth setaceous-pointed; stam. 4.-On Lookout Mt. Term. I to Middle Ga. Plant 1 to 2f high, simple. Lvs. large (6 to 8' long), petioles about 2'. Rac. 5 to 10'. Fla. twice larger (7 to 9" long) than in Nos. 2 and 3. Stam. and sty. very long, spreading. Lower lip strongly fringed. May, Jn.

5 C. anisata Ph. Viscid-pubescent; lvs. broad-ovate, acute, subserrate, at base cordate or truncate, scabrous above, the floral similar, very small, sessile; panicle dense-flowered; fls. opposite; cal. teeth ovate, obtuse, with a short mucro, the 3 upper longer; stam. 4.-Middle Ga. (Feay), Ala., Fla.? Plant 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 5 to 7' by 3 to 5', very rugous, often short acuminate, petioles 1' to 15". Fls. about as largo as in No. 1. Jl.-Sept.