13 P. montanum Mx. Lvs. lanceolate, serrate, acute, the lower rounded at base, glabrous as well as the stem; hds. globous, subtended by many bracts, terminal or sessile at the upper nodes; bracts villous-ciliate, very acute, outer ovate, inner linear; cal. teeth short, acute.-Mts. Va. and Car. Plant resembling a Mo-narda, 1 to 2f high, fragrant. Jl. (Monardella, Mx.)

14. SATURE'JA, L. Summer Savory. (Arabic satur, the general name for labiate plants.) Calyx tubular, 10-ribbed, throat not hairy, segments of the bilabiate corolla not equal; stamens diverging, scarcely exserted.-Herbs with small lvs. and purplish fls.

S. hortensis L. St. branching; lvs. linear oblong, entire, acute at the end; ped. axillary, cymous.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1232 River banks, W. States, rare. St. branching and bushy, 1 1/2-f high, woody at base, frequently changing to purple. Lvs. numerous, small and narrow, with axillary cymes of pink-colored fls. Cal about as long as the cor. Jl. Aug. ‡ Italy. A culinary, aromatic herb.

15. DICERAN'DRA, Benth. (Gr.Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1233 twice, Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1234 a horn, Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1235 anthers.) (Elliott's name had been preoccupied.) Calyx 13-striate, tubular, upper lip subentire, lower bifid, throat hairy; corolla tube exserted, straight, strongly bilabiate, upper lip erect, emarginate, lower 3 lobed, spreading; stamens 4, the lower pair larger exserted, distant, anther cells distinct, divaricate, horned at apex.- Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1236 Southern. (Cei-anthera Ell. nec Beauv.)

1 D. linearifolia Benth. St. and branches virgate; Iva. linear; cymes axillary, pedunculate, 1 to 3 to 5-flowered, with minute bracts; cor. twice longer than calyx.-Dry woods S. Car. to Fla. (Misses Keen). Fragrant, smoothish plants, about If high. Lvs. 1' long, or the lower nearly 2'. Fls. showy pink-colored, forming slender, raceme-like panicles. Sept., Oct. (C. linearifolia Ell.)

2 D. densiflora Benth. St. diffusely branched; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, the upper linear; cymes axillary, subsessile, 5 to 10-flowered.-E. Fla. A variety?

16. ORIG'ANUM, L. Marjoram. (Gr.Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1237 a mountain, and Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1238 joy.) Calyx tube 10-striate, 5-toothed, hairy in the throat; corolla tuba scarcely exserted, upper lip erect, flat, emarginate, lower lip with :$ nearly equal segments ; stamens 4, ascending, distant.- Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1239 Lvs. suben-tire. Fls. in dense oblong spikes, with imbricated, colored bracts.

1 O. vulgare L. Lvs. ovate, entire, hirsute, petiolate; spikes in a paniculate corymb; bracts ovate, longer than the calyx; cal. teeth equal.-In fields and thickets. St. 12 to 18', purple, leafy, branching above. Lvs. a very little serrate, opposite, hairy, sprinkled with resinous dots, paler beneath. Petioles hairy, 1/4 as long as the leaves. Bracts tinged with purple. Fls. purplish white. The plant has a highly aromatic taste. Jl., Aug. ‡ § Eur.

2 O. Majorana L. Lvs. oval, or obovate, obtuse, entire, petiolate, hoary" pubescent; spikes roundish, compact, pedunculate, clustered at the end of the branches; bracts roundish; cal. upper lip roundish, tube cleft below.-It has a pleasant aromatic flavor, and is employed in various ways as a seasoning. Plant soft downy, a foot high. Fls. pink-colored. Jl, Aug. ‡ Portugal.

17. THY'MUS, L. Thyme. (Gr.Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1240 courage; from its invigorating smell.) Flowers capitate or verticil late; calyx ovoid, 10 to 13-nerved, bilabiate, hairy in the throat, upper lip 2-fid, lower 3-fid, stamens 4 exserted, diverging, anther cells parallel.- Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1241 With small entire strongly-veined lvs., minute bracts, and purple or white fls.

1 T. SerpyllumL. Wild Thyme. Mother of Thyme. St. decumbent; lvs. flat, elliptical, obtuse, ciliate at base; fls. capitate.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1242 Mass., N. Y. and Penn. An aromatic plant, similar to the following, but milder and rather more pleasantly flavored. Stems suffruticous, wiry, slender, and wavy, with leafy, downy, and ascending branches, each terminating in a small, dense, oblong head of purple flowers, much frequented by bees. Leaves entire, petiolate, punctate, smoothish, ciliate. Corolla purple, spotted. June. ‡ § Eur.

2 T. vulgaris L. St. erect or decumbent at base; lvs. revolute at the sides, oblong-ovate and lanceolate; verticils in terminal, leafy spikes.-Sts. suffruticous, numerous, branched, 6 to 10' high. It is highly aromatic, as well as the other species, and is peculiarly attractive to bees. Jn., Jl ‡ Eur. A culinary vegetable.

18. CALAMIN'THA, Mœnch. Calaminth. (Gr.Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1243 beautiful, Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1244 mint.) Calyx tubular, 13-nerved, throat mostly hairy, upper lip

3-cleft, lower 2-cleft; corolla tube straight, exserted, throat inflated, limb bilabiate, upper lip erect, entire or emarginate, lower spreading, its middle lobe largest; stamens 4, the lower pair longer, usually ascending.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 5 1245

§ Herbs hairy. Cymes flense, capitate, bracted. Calyx tube curved, 2-lipped......

No. 1

§ Herbs hairy. Cymes loose, pedunculate, axillary. Calyx tube straight, 2-lipped

No. 9

§ Herbs smooth. "Cymes loose, sessile, bracted. Calyx straight, teeth subregular..

No. 3

§ Shrubs low, slender, nearly smooth. Cymes few-flowered. Flowers large.......

Nos. 4 to6

1 C. Clinopdoium Benth. Wild Basil. Villous; lvs. ovate, subserrate; verticils dense, sessile, many-flowered, hairy; bracts numerous, subulate.- U Low woods, N. and W. States. Plant 1 to 2f high. St. square, simple or sparingly-branched, and as well as the whole plant, clothed with whitish hairs. Lvs. peti-olate, tapering to an obtuse point, pale. Fls. purplish, in heads mostly terminal, near 1' wide, involucrate with bracts.