2 C. Nepeta Link. Villous with soft, whitish hairs, much branched below; lvs. small, broad-ovate, obtuse, subserrate, petiolate; cymes lew-flowered in the upper axils, becoming somewhat raeemed; cal. teeth subulate, the 2 lower longer; cor. upper lip emarginate, the lower in 3 equal lobes.-Dry hills, roadsides, etc., throughout Tenn. and Va. Plant about '2f high, strongly aromatic. Lvs. about half an inch long. Cor. white, thrice longer (3 to 4'), than the ca'yx. Jl., Aug. § Eur.

3 C. glabella Benth. Glabrous, decumbent at base, diffusely branched; lvs. narrowly oblong, subpetiolate, few-toothed or entire, tapering to the base; verticils G to 10-flowered; cal. teeth subulate-acuminate; bracts as long as the pedicels -On limestone rocks, Ohio to Ark. Sts. 1 to 2f long." Lvs. 1' to 18" long. Cor. moderately bilabiate, near twice longer (4 to D") than tho calyx, pale violet. Jn.

/?. diversifolia. Flowering stems nearly erect, the barren prostrate, like runners, bearing small, ovate, entiro lvs.; plant generally smaller, with tho floral lvs. narrow, and mostly entire.-Limestono rocks, Niagara Falls, to the Falls of St. Anthony, and to Ark. Fragrant like pennyroyal. Upright sts. 6 to 12' high. Lvs. 1'. Lvs. of tho runners 3 to 4" long. (C. Nuttallii Benth.)-These two very diverse forms are connected by specimens found in Ohio (Sullivan t apud Torrey), having tho characteristics of both.

4 C. canescens Torr. & Gr. Minutely canescent-downy, shrubby; lvs. linear, obtuse, entire, rcvolute-edged, much fascicled; verticils of 2 opposite fts. ,\ cor. thrice longer than tho strongly 2-lipped calyx.-Sandy seaboards, Fla. Shrub scarce a foot high, with numerous lvs., 7 to 8" by 1", and fow rose-red pretty fls., as largo aa in No. 2. May.

5 C. coccinea Benth. Lvs. narrowly obovate-oblong, obtuse, entire, short-peti-oled; verticils of 2 to Gjts.; cal. upper lip very short, tube 3 or 4 times shorter than tho ample corolla.-E. Fla. Shrub with virgate branches. Lvs. G to 8" long. Cor. a fine scarlet, glandular-pubescent, 15 to 18" long. (Cunila coccinea Nutt.)

6 C. Caroliniana Swartz. Sts. glabrous and simple; lvs. very smooth, ovate, obtuse, crenate-serrale, tapering to a petiole: cymes few-flowered, on short peduncles; cal. strongly 2-lipped, nearly naked in the throat; cor. ample, tube enlarged upwards.-Dry woods, N. Car. to Fla. and La. A pretty flowerer, somewhat shrubby, If high or more. Cymes in tho upper axils 3 to 5-flowered. Lvs. lor less long. Bracts as long as tho calyx, the corolla thrice longer (7 to 8"), rose-purple, spotted. Jn.-Aug. (C. grandiflora Ph.)

19. MELIS'SA, Toura. Balm. (Gr. name of the bee, from fieX, honey; which bees seek in these flowers.) Calyx 13-ribbed, the upper lip 3-toothed, flattened and dilated, lower bifid ; corolla tube recurved-ascending, upper lip erect, flattish, lower spreading, 3-lobed, the middle lobe mostly broadest; stamens ascending.

M. officinalis L. Pubescent; st. erect, branching; fis. in loose, axillary cymes, subsessile; lvs. ovate, acute, coarsely crenate-serrate, on slender petioles; bracts few, ovate-lanceolate, petiolate.-y N. Eng. to Ind. and Tenn., in waste grounds and in the deepest forests. A well known garden plant. St. 1 to 2 to 3 f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, petioles 1' or more. Bracts of the same form, diminished. Cor. twice longer (7") than tho calyx, yellowish white. Jl., Aug. J § Eur. Fragrant of lemons. Balm tea is a popular remedy.

20. SAL'VIA, L. Sage. (Lat. salveo, to be in health; probably from its salutary qualities.) Calyx striate, bilabiate, upper lip 3-toothed or entire, lower bifid, throat naked; corolla ringent, tube cqualj upper lip straight or falcate, lower spreading or pendent, 3-lobed; stamens 2, connectile transversely articulated to the filament, supporting at each and a cell of the dimidiate (halved) anther; achenia 4.-A large genus of 400 species, usually with showy fls. The transverse connectile constitutes the essential character. (Fig. 75, 351.)

§ Herbs native.-Calyx slightly 2-lipped, sub-3-toothed, equal.................



-Calyx deeply 2-lipped, 5-toothed, lower lip longer...............



§ Herbs or shrubby, in gardens. Flowers blue. Calyx teeth bristle-pointed..


7, 8

§ Shrubby, in garden and greenhouse. Flowers large, scarlet..........



1 S. azurea Lam. Erect, puberulent above, branching; lvs. linear-ollong and linear, remotely toothed, or the upper entire, all attenuate at base; rac. slender, many-flowered, verticils about 6-flowered ; cal. of 3 broad, acute, suleqnal teeth, half as long as the pubescent corolla; sty. bearded.-S. Car. to Fla. and La. Plant of varying aspect, according to soil, etc, usually slender and subsimple, 1 to 2 or 3f high, with lvs. narrow, subentire, 2 to 3' long, 2 to 4" wide. Fla. 7" long, of a fine azure blue. Summer.

2 S. urticifolia L. Erect; lvs. cauline, rhombic-ovate, acute, crenate-serrate, truncate-cuneate at base to a short or winged petiole; verticils 4 to 10-flowered, distant, in a terminal, interrupted raceme; cor. smooth, tube but a. little longer than the calyx, the lower lip thrice longer.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 6 1246 In hilly woods, Va. to Fla. and Ala. St. simple, 12 to 18' high. Lvs. thin, 2 to 4' long, the upper larger. Cor. blue, 5" to 6" long. May.

β. longifolia. Tall (3 to 6f), with panicled racemes; lvs. all serrate, the lower lance-oblong; fls. larger (8-9" long).-Ga. to Ark. (S. longif. Nutt.)

3 S. coceinea L. Erect, hoary-pubescent; lvs. ovate, cordate, acute, finely cren-ate, petiolate, whitish-tomentous beneath; verticils 6 to 10-flowered, in a simple raceme; cal. teeth acute; cor. red, smooth, twice longer, tube dilated upwards, upper lip erect, much the shorter.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 6 1247 Ga., Fla. to La. St. 1 to 2f high, often branched. Lvs. 6" to 1 to 2' long, the middle largest. Cor. bright rod or scarlet, 8" long. Upper lip of the calyx often purple. Summer.

4 S. lyrata L Erect; lvs. radical, rosulate, lyratc, crose-dentate, the cauline about one pair above, bract-like, linear-spatulate; fls. in whorls of 6, racemed at top of the square scape; cal. upper lip shorter, teeth subspinous; cor. thrice longer than the calyx, its lower lip much the longer.-Labiatae Labiate Plants Part 6 1248 Woods, W. Can. to Fla., rare in N. Eng. Scape 6 to 15' high. Lvs. oblong-oval in outline, 18" to 3' long, petioles half (or more) as long. Fls. showy, near l' long, violet-purple. The whole plant is usually purplish. Apr.-Jn.