64 C. gynandra Schw. (B. t. 48.)Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2219 Spikes one or more, lax, oblong, sometimes with a few Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2220 flowers; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2221 spikes about 3, oblong, cylindric, pedicellate, nodding, attenuated below, and more loosely flowered, often Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2222 at summit; perig. ovate, Bub-inflated, short-rostrate, entire at the orifice, glabrous, about 1/3 as. long as the oblong, obtusish, scabrous-awned glume; st. 12 - 24' high, rough, triquetrous. - Common in wet places.

65 C. crinita Lam. (B. t. 47.)Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2223Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2224 Spikes mostly 1, long, slender; spikes about 4, long-cylindric, densely-flowered, recurved, with a long, reclined peduncle; perig. ovate, suborbicular, obtusish, emarginate at the orifice, convex both sides; glumes terminated by a long, serrate point more than thrice the length of the perigynia; st. 20 - 42' high, recurved, rough-edged, pale green. Common in dry grounds. (C. paleacea Wahl. Ed. 1st.)

66 C. maritima Vahl. (Schk. fig. 14.) Spikes long, cylindric, subpendulous or recurved;Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2225 spikes 1 to 3, pedunculate, bracted; perig. suborbicular, short-rostrate or apiculate, emarginate, veined, rather close, much shorter than the long-awned, ovate-oblong, or emarginate-awned glume; culm 10 to 18', erect, with smooth . leaves. - Sea coast, Mendon, Mass. and northward (Carey). - This is the real C. paleacea Wahl. described by him in almost the same language as his next species, C. maritima.

67 C. salina Wahl. (Schk. fig. 185.) Spikes cylindric, erect;Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2226 spikes 2 or 3, remotish, short-pedunculate, dense-flowered, leafy-bracted; perig. elliptic, short-apiculate, double-convex, entire at the orifice, shorter than the oblong, acute, shorl-awned glume; culm 8 to 16', leafy below, with long leafy bracts auriculate at their base. - Salt marshes, Mass. to Arc. Am.

II. Stigmas 3. - Achenium triquetrous.

68 C. Fraseri Sims. Spike oblong,Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2227 glume oblong, acutish; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2228 fls. at the base in an ovoid or globous mass; perig. ovate or oblong, short-beaked, apex entire, longer than the oblong, obtuse glume; culm 8 to 10', fiat, leafless; lvs. 2 radical, flat, wide, veined, with no midvein, pale or glaucous and longer than the culm. - Tyger valley, Penn. (Muhl.), Mts. of N. Car. (Curtis). (C. lagopus Muhl.) - A peculiar and striking plant.

69 C polytrichoides Muhl. Spike oblong, terminal; perig. 3 - 8, oblong, alter-rate, erect, subtriquotrous, glabrous, omarginate, twice longer than the ovate and obtuse, and rarely mucronate glume; st. 4 - 12', very slender, with setaceous and subradical leaves. - Common in wet, cold grounds. (C. microstaohya Mx.)

70 C. leucoglochin Ehrh. Spike about 4-flowered, with 1 or 2Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2229 flowers at the apex; perig. lanceolate, subtriquetrous and tapering, much reflexed, twice longer than the oblong-lanceolate glume; culm 3 - 8', with subradical and linear leaves. - In Ashfield and Hawley, Mass, in a marsh (Porter.) C. pauciflora Light-foot.)

71 C. obtusata Lilj. (Schk. fig. 159.)Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2230 Glumes oblong, obtuse, white; perig. about 4, ovate-globous, or ellipsoid, tapering-rostrate, smooth, scarious at the orifice, a little longer than the ovate, acute, membranous glume; culm 2 to 6', erect, leafy below, longer than the lvs., with the fruit nearly black in maturity, color pale green. - N. States and Brit. Am.

72 C. pedunculata Muhl. Spikes about 5, 3-sided, distant, on slender, recurved peduncles; perig. obovate, triquetrous, recurved at the apex, commonly glabrous, a little longer than the oblong or obovate, mucronate, finally brown glume; culm 4 - 12', triangular, rather procumbent; sta. sometimes removed a little from the

Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2231 spike. - Common in woods. Flowers early in the spring.

73 C. Baltzellii Chapm. (B. t. 41.) Spikes cylindric, long, dark-colored, with oblong-obovate, obtuse or emarginate, submucronate glumes; spike tapering

Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2232 below; spikes 1 to 4, the cauline one peduncled, remote from the staminate,

Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2233 with some Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2234 fls. at its apex, the others on long, slender and nearly radical peduncles, all lax-flowered; perig. oblong-obovate, obtuse, short-rostrate, pediceled, veined, pubescent, equaling or surpassing the glume; culm 6 to 10' slender, triquetrous, much shorter than the flat, rather wide radical leaves. - Fla.

74 C. Wildendwii Schk. (B. t. 95.) Sts. or radical ped. 1 - 3; spike commonly single, stameniferous above, or the stamens removed a little; perig. 5 to 9, scabrous, alternate, loose, oblong and inflated a little, tapering at the base and conic-rostrate above;Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2235 glumes ovate and acute, the lower ones long and leaflike, much surpassing the stem. - On dry grounds, common throughout the U. S. - One variety has the Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2236 spike distinct; another is destitute of the long and leafy scales, and is frequent at the North as well as in Fla.

75 C. Steudelii Kth. (B. t. 96.) Sts. or radical ped. 1 - 8' long; spike commonly single, with about 12 sterile fls. above; perig. 2 or 3, scabrous above; suh-globous or ellipsoid and inflated, alternate, stipitate, terete; conic-rostrate, with an oblique orifice;Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 17 2237 glumes usually long and leafy; lvs. smooth, soft, narrow, longer far than, the culms. - Jefferson Co., N. Y., and in Ohio and the Western States.