87 C. atrata L. Spikes 3 to 5, oblong-ovate, somewhat nodding, the tipper rather near and sessile, lower pedunculate, scarcely sheathed; perig. roundish-oval, compressed, glabrous, short-beaked, slightly bidentate or notched, a little shorter than the dark, oblong glume; culm about If, with light green foliage and black spikes. White Mts. and Brit. Am.

88 C. gracillima Schw. (B. t 134.) Spikes 3 - 4, long, graceful, sub-looso-flowered, distant, long-pedicellate, recurved in maturity, bracteate, upper one rarely allOrder CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2247 ; perig. oblong, triquetrous, obtuse, oblique at the orifice, slightly 2-lobed, longer than the oblong, obtuse, and short-awned glume; st. often 2f, reddish towards the base, leafy and subprocumbent, pale green. - Common in damp meadows.

39 C. formosa Dew. (B. 1.130.) Spikes 3 - 4, oblong, short and thick, distant, 1-sided, on a long and slender peduncle, recurved; perig. oblong, triquetrous, sub-inflated, acutish at either end, nearly entire or 2-lobed at the orifice, twice longer than the ovate and acute glume; st. 1 - 2f, 3-sided, dark brown towards the base, yellowish bright green. - Common in wet meadows.

99 C. Davisii Torr. (B. t. 132.) Spikes 4, oblong, cylindric, subsparsely flowered, remote, pedicellate, pendulous in maturity; perig. oblong-conic, subinflated, subtriquetrous, nerved, acutish, short-rostrate, 2-lobed at the orifice, glabrous towards maturity, about equaling the oblong, scabrous-awned glume; st. 1 - 2f, triquetrous, scabrous above, with leaves equaling it; lvs. and sheaths pubescent, sometimes but very little, light green. - First found on the alluvial meadows of the Housatonic in Mass. (Dewey). Sometimes nearly pubescent.

91 C. praecox Jacq.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2248 Spike erect, subclavate; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2249 spikes 1 - 3, ovate, bracte-ate, approximate, lower one short-pedunculate; perig. 6 - 12, ovate and subglo-bous, triquetrous, pubescent, short-rostrate, equal to the ovate, acute, or mucron-ate glume; cm. 2 - 6', leafy at the base. - On rocky lulls, Salem, Mass. (Pickering), Ipswich, Mass. (Oakes).

92 C. nigro-marginata Schw.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2250 Spike erect, short-cylindric, with oblong, obtuse, dark glumes, white on the edge and green on the keel; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2251 spikes 1, 2, rarely 3, ovate, 4 to 6-flowered, the lowest squarrous-bracted, near the Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2252 , on one long, scabrous stem or pod. (6 to 8' long), 2 or 3 short (2 to 4'), and radical ped. all on the same root; perig. ovate or oblong, tapering below or pediceled, slender-beaked, rough-ish, about equaling the ovate or lance-oblong, dark glume, which is white on the edge and keel; lvs. radical, scabrous, recurved, bright green, longer than the culm. - Dry hills, Penn. to Fla. and La.

93 C. umbellata Schk. Dwarf;Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2253 spike short, erect; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2254 spikes several, each on its low, radical peduncle, ovate, subumbellate, green; perig. ovate or globous, 5 - 8, acutish at either end, rostrate, short-bidentate, pubescent, equaling the ovate-lanceolate glume; st 1/2 - 4', with very long leaves.

β. vicina Dew. 1 or 2Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2255 spikes close to the Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2256 , sessile; the other Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2257 spikes on their own stems or radical peduncles. - In small tufts on dry hills. Both varieties grow on the same root, but Schk. saw and figured only the first.

94 C. Emmonsii Dew.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2258 Spike sessile, short (3"); Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2259 spikes 2 - 3, approximate, sessile, few-flowered, very short, often one long, radical peduncle; perig. globous-triquetrous. attenuated at the base, rostrate, pubescent, at the orifice oblique, about equal to the ovate glume; culm filiform, decumbent, 6 - 10', leafy at the base, pale ash-green. - On dry fields and hills: common. (C. Noveas-Angleae, β. Carey.)

95 C. Pennsylvanica Lam.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2260 Spike erect, pedunculate, long (6 to 8"), subtriquetrous, with an obtuse glume; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2261 spikes 1 - 3, ovate, subsessile, subapproximate, few-flowered; perig. ovate-globous, tomentous, short rostrate, slightly 2-toothed, about equal to the ovate-acuminate, or oblong-acuminate, deep reddish glume; st. 4 - 12', erect, stiff, with short culm-lvs., and often with long, stiff, root-lvs. (when it is C. marginata, as in Schk., fig. 143). - Open woods and hedges, common - much resembles the preceding, but readily distinguished by its different aspect and its deep reddish-brown scales.

96 C. Novae-Angliae Schw.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2262 Spike short, slender, oblong; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2263 spikes 2 - 3, ovate, alternate, sessile, remotish, few-flowered, bracteate; perig. 3 - 6, oval-tri-quelrous, rostrate, costate, slightly pubescent, a little longer than the ovate, mucron-ate glume; st. 4 - 8', slender, subdecumbent, longer than the leaves. - Pale green. Open woods in high grounds. (0. varia β. minor Boott.)

β. collecta Dew. St. 10 - 19', very slender, erect;Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2264 spikes 2 - 4, lowe-short-pedunculate; perig. more tapering into a beak, slightly bidentate. High lands of Mass.; not abundant.

97 C. varia Muhl.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 19 2265 Spike erect, short or subelongated;