7 A. Filix-fœmina Bernh. Frond bipinnate; lfts. lanceolate, acuminate; seg. oblong-lanceolate, deeply cut-pinnatifid; ultimate seg. 2 - 3-toothed; sori reniform or lunate, arranged near the veins; stipe smooth. - A delicate, finely-divided fern in moist woods. Fronds 1 - 2f high, with subopposite divisions. These are subdivided into distinct, obtuse segments, which are themselves cut into oblong, deep serratures, and lastly, the serratures are mostly with 2 - 3 teeth at the summit. Sori large, at first in linear curves, finally confluent, giving the whole frond a dark brown hue. July. (Aspidium, Swtz.)

15. ANTIGRAM'MA, Presl. Walking Fern. (Gr.Order CLX Filices Ferns Part 5 2759 like,

Order CLX Filices Ferns Part 5 2760 writing; said of the fruit dots.) Sori linear or oblong, scattered without order on the transverse veins, oblique at various angles, often in pairs and facing each other; indusium simple, linear. - Frond simple, veins reticulated in the midst, forked and free only in the margin.

1 A. rhizophylla J. Smith. Frond mostly undivided, lanceolate, stipitate, sub-crenate, cordate-auriculate at base, the apex attenuated into a long, slender aeu-mination, rooting at the point. - This singular fern grows in rocky woods, not very common. The frond is 4 - 8' long; the long, slender, linear point bending over backwards, reaches the earth, and there strikes root, giving rise to a new plant, Thus the plant may walk by yearly steps. July. (Asplenium, ed. 2. Camptosorus. Link.)

2 A. pinnatifida. Frond pinnatifid, lanceolate, abrupt at base, the apex attenuated into a long acumination and sometimes striking root; segments or lobes roundish-ovate; sori irregularly scattered, at length large and confluent, covering the lobes, and even the slender summit. Crevices of rocks, on the banks of the Schuylkill (Nuttall), Ky. and Tenn. (Curtis) rare. Fronds tufted and spreading, 4 to 8' long. (Asplenium, Nutt.)

16. SCOLOPEN'DRIUM, Smith. Hart's-tongue. (Gr.Order CLX Filices Ferns Part 5 2761 the centipede; suggested by the appearance of the under side of the leaf.) Sori linear, transverse, scattered; indusium double (arising from 2 contiguous parallel veins), occupying both sides of the sorus, along the middle, finally opening lengthwise.

S. officinarum Willd. Frond simple, ligulate, acute, entire, cordate at base. - Shady rocks, Chittenango, N. Y., (Sartwell.) Stipe rather short (3 - 3' long), chaffy, bearing the frond suberect, 8 - 15' high, 2 - 3' wide, bright green, paler beneath. Sori oblique to the midvein, 6 - 9" in length. Rhizoma large, creeping. July. - This curious fern appears to be confined to the vicinity above mentioned, where it was first detected by Pursh. It is there abundant. (Asplenium Scolopen-drium L.)

17. WOOD'SIA, Brown. Rock Polypod. (In honor of Joseph Woods, an excellent English botanist.) Sori roundish, scattered; indusium beneath the sorus, early opening above it, with a multifid or fringed margin, including the pedicellate spore cases, like a calyx. - Small, caes-pitous, ferns with pinnated fronds.

§ Hypopeltes, Torr. Indusium closed over the sorus at first, toothed when open..........

No. 1

§ Woodsia proper. Indusium concealed under the sorus, fringed with long hairs...

Nos. 2, 3

1 W. ilvensis Br. Rusty Polypod. Frond pinnate, leaflets pinnatifid, lanceolate; segments ovate-oblong, obtuse; sori near the margin, at length confluent; stipe, rachis and midveins chaffy. - Growing in tufts, on rocks and in dry woods North and South. Fronds 5 or 6' high, on brown stipes which are more or less chaffy. Foliage 3 or 4' long, 1/3 as wide, oblong-lanceolate in outline, with rust-colored chaff beneath, with opposite and alternate leaflets hardly an inch in length. The lower leaflets are pinnatifid, upper ones wavy on the margin or entire. (W. rufidula Beck.)

2 W. obtusa Torr. Frond subbipinnate, or nearly tripinnate, minutely glandular-pilous; lfts. distant; segments of the leaflets pinnatifid; ultimate segments roundish-oblong, obtuse, bidentate; sori round, one at each cleft between the lobelets, at length crowded; stipe somewhat chaffy. - About a foot high, among and on rocks, N. Y. to Ky. and Tenn. Fronds lance-oblong in outline, 3 times as long as wide. Segments of the leaflets crenato-serrate, the lower ones distinct, upper confluent. Sori orbicular, becoming nearly confluent, each at first inclosed in the silvery indusium which when open is notched into little teeth on the margin. July. (W. Perriniana, ed. 2.)

3 W. glabella R. Br. Fern smooth and glabrous, pinnate, lance-linear in outline, 2 to 5' high; lfts. distant below, subopposite, ovate, very obtuse, a few lines long, the upper with the margins only crenate, the lower deeply cleft into 3 to 7 lobelets; indusium fringed, open. - Rocks, Little Falls, N. Y. (Vasey! in herb. Curtis), Willoughby Mt., Vt and Can.

18. CISTOP'TERIS, Bernh. Bladder Fern. (Gr.Order CLX Filices Ferns Part 5 2762 a bladder, Order CLX Filices Ferns Part 5 2763 fern.) Sori roundish; indusium hood shaped, vaulted, clossed and subtending the sorus on three sides, opening on the fourth which looks towards the apex of the segment; veins forked, free.

1 C. bulbifera Bernh. Frond bipinnate, narrowly lanceolate, segments of the lfts. opposite, oblong, serrate, the lower one pinnatifid; rachis bulblferous, wingless; sori roundish, placed singly at the clefts between the lobelets. - In damp woods, frequent. Frond 12 to 18 high, remarkable for the little bulbs produced in the axils of the rachis, which, falling to the ground, take root. Foliage nar row, tapering to an acute summit. Stipe smooth. Jl. (Aspidium, Swtz.)

2 C. fragilis Bernh. Frond bipinnate, oblong-lanceolate in outline, delicate in texture; lfts. ovate-lanceolate, Begin, oblong, obtuse or acute (3 to 5') incisely lobed or pianatifid, its lobes subentire; rachis winged by the decurrrent lfts.; sori single at the base of each tooth; stipe slender, longer than frond. - A. delicate Fern on moist rocks, frequent. Fronds 6 to 12' high, dark green, its divisions rathet remote, and with the subdivisions, considerably variable in form. Sori small, about 1 at the base of each lobe, soon naked. Jn., Jl. (Aspidium tenue Swtz.)