8 E. mercurialina Mx. Sts. slender, weak, simply trichotomous; lvs. opposite or ternately whorled, nearly sessile, oval, entire; ped. terminal, solitary, bearing a single involucre. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 2 1625 Near Knoxville, Tenn. Jl, Aug., (Michaux). - A very obscure and long-lost species. We gathered a single specimen 10 miles S. of Tallahassee, Fla., in 1857, differing from the description of Miehaux only in its lower lvs. being scattered. It is about 9' high, smooth. Lvs. 1' long, entire, obtuse, villous-ciliate on their lower margins and very short petioles. Invol. lobes minutely edged with white.

9 E. paniculata Ell. Erect from a decumbent base, slender, striate-angled, thinly pubescent; lvs. oval or elliptical, subrepand, revolule on the margins, glaucous beneath, short-petioled, the eauline alternate, ample, the floral small and bract-like, opposite: inflorescence irregularly forked, or paniculate; invol small (l" diam.), glands slightly expanded, greenish white. - Ga. and Fla. Sts. 8 to 18' high. Lvs. about 18" by 10". Invol thrice smaller than in No. 10, of which it is considered a variety by Dr. Engelmann.

10 E. corollata L. Flowering Spurge. Erect; eauline and floral lvs. oblong, narrow, obtuse; glands of the invol. obovale, petaloid; umbel 5-rayed, rays 2 or 3 times di- or trichotomous. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 2 1626 In dry fields, etc., Can. and U. S. Stem slender, erect, 1 - 2f high, generally simple and smooth. Leaves 1 - 2' long, often quite linear, very entire, scattered on the stem, verticillate and opposite in the umbel

. The umbel is generally quite regularly subdivided. Corolla-like involucre large, White, showy. July, Aug. - The central head is 2 or 3 weeks earliest.

β. angustifolia. Lvs. oblong-linear; umbel often becoming irregular or more or less paniculate. - Chiefly Southward

11 E. Curtisii Engelm. Smooth, very slender, branched from the base; division then cymously branched; lvs. all similar, opposite, narrowly linear, lather acute; invol. broadly obconic, the glands (inner segments) narrowly bordered with it white membrane. - A very slender species, allied to E. corollaia, about 10' high. Lvs. 5 to 10" lon" less than 1" wide. The narrow white border of invol conspicuous. Ga. (Feay, Pond,) to N. Car. (Curtis,)

12 E. gracilis Ell. Very smooth and slender, st 2 or 3-forked below, the branches then repeatedly forked; lvs. all similar, oblong and oblong-linear, obtuse, entire, subpetiolate, mostly opposite; invol. on long peduncles, dark purple with oval glands; fr. strongly 3-lobed, smooth, seeds smoothish dall. - Sandy pine barrens, S. Car. to Fla, Plant 6 to 10' high, wholly purple when young. Lvs. 8 to 12" long, very variable in width, Mar., Apr.

β. rotundifolia. Lvs. roundish or quite orbicular, entire, edged with purple. - With the other, 6' high. A singular variety.

13 E. helioscopia L. Sun Spurge. Erect; floral lvs. obovate, cauline wedge-form, sharply serrate, smooth; umbel 5-rayed, then 3-rayed and forked; fruit smooth and even; sds. reticulated. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 2 1627 A milky weed in cultivated grounds, N. H. to Niagara, S. to Car., remarkable for the symmetry of its vegetation. Stem smooth, erect, 8 - -16' high. Leaves scattered, 2/3 - 1 1/2' long, § as broad at the rounded or retuse apex, tapering to the base. Umbels subtended by a large involucre of 5 obovate leaves. Each of the 5 rays is pilous with scattered hairs and subdivided into an umbellet of 3 rays with a 3-leaved involucel, and these finally into 2 or more pedicellate fascicles. June, July. § Eur.

14 E. Arkansana Engelm. & Gr. Slender; floral lvs. roundish-ovate, subcor-date, obtuse, cauline oblong-spatulate or obovate, all serrulate and glabrous; umbel once or twice trichotomous, then simply forked; glands entire, subsessile; fruit Warty, seeds reticulated. - Lexington, K.v. (Short, in Gray's Manual) to Ark. and La. (E. tetrapora Engelm., found in W. La, (Hale), differs from this in having '2-horned glands of the involucre and seed3 nearly smooth and even. The foliage is almost indentical (fide spec, labeled by Dr. Engelmann).)

15 E. obtusata Ph. Warted Spurge. Lvs, all sessile, obtuse, finely serrulate, tapering to the base, sparsely hairy beneath, the cauline oblanceolate, floral roundish cordate, clasping, mucronatc; umbel 3 to 5-rayed, rays 2 or 3 times forked: fr. muricate, with wart-like points; styles 2-cleft; sds. compressed, smooth and even. - Waste grounds, Can. to Va. and W. States. A smooth, erect plant, If high. Lvs. l' or more long, the floral much shorter. Invol. subsessile, with small, hairy lobes, and large, oval glands. Sds. brown when ripe. - Closely resembles E. platyphylla L.

16 E. Darlingtdnii Gray. Lvs. entire, oblong-lanceolate and oblanceolate, acute, narrowed to the base, subsessile, pilous beneath, the floral ovate; umbel 5 to 8-rayed, rays once or twice divided; segm. of the invol. colored, entire, subreniform; fr. slightly warty; sds. smooth. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 2 1628 Moist woods, Penn. to N. Car. (Curtis). St. 2 to 3f high, smooth, rarely branched below the umbel. Lvs. 3 to 4' by 1', entire or slightly serrulate above, those of the stem alternate, of the branches opposite, and nearly as broad as long. Floral invol purplish brown within. Caps, at length nearly smooth. May, Jn. (E. memoralis Darl., nee Kit.)

17 E. Ipecacuanhas L. Ipecac Spurge. Procumbent or suberect, smooth, with numerous, diffuse, forking stems; lvs. opposite, obovate and oblanceolate, entire, obtuse, subsessile; ped. elongated, axillary, 1-flowered; seeds white, dotted, flattened. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 2 1629 Sandy sod, near the coast, Conn. (Robbins) to Ga. Rt. perennial, very long. St. rather thick and succulent, 3 to 8' long. Lva 1 1/2 to 2' by 3 to 6", varying from obovate to linear. Hds. solitary. Ped. as long as the leaves. Jn.