18 E. heterophylla Mx. (Engelm.) St. thick, green, glabrous, much branched, tall; lvs. ovate, or sinuate-toothed, or panduriform, the highest often lance-linear, all on slender petioles and scattered; invol. all clustered and terminal, each with 6 ovate lobes; fr. large, smooth, seeds ovoid, tubercled. - -W. Ill. to Iowa (Cou-sens), S. to Ga. (Pond). Plant of singular aspect, 1 to 3f high. Lvs. 18" to 2' long, on stalks half as long, usually narrowed fa the middle to a fiddle-shape, the upper stained deep red on the edges, etc, more or less. Invol. reddish, with a sessile gland. Jn., Jl. (E. cyathiflora Jacq.)

19 E. dentata Mx. St. low, slender, hairy, brachiately branched; lvs. opposite, petiolate, ovals-lanceolate, obtuse, coarsely dentate, paler and hairy beneath; invol. subsessile, in a terminal cluster, each with 5 ovate, laciniate lobes; fr. minutely velvety; seeds globular, tubereled. - In shady places, Penn. to Iowa and La. Plant 6 to 12' high; lvs. 1 to 2', mostly lanceolate, but varying to linear. Invol. with one or more stalked gland3. Seeds grayish. Jn. - Aug.

20 E. hypericifolia L. St. smooth, branching, nearly erect, branches divaricate spreading; lvs. oval-oblong, very oblique, serrate all around; corymbs terminal; seeds rugous, black. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 3 1630 A slender and branching plant, found in dry and rich soils, U. S. and Can. Stem 10 - 20' high, dually purple, very smooth, the branches often pubescent. Leaves tripli-veined, marked with oblong dots and blotches, ciliate, 6 - 12" long, and 1/4 as wide, oblique, on very short petioles. Corymbs of small, white heads, terminal and axillary. July, Aug.

,21 E. glyptosperma Engelm. Decumbent at base, much branched, slender, glabrous; lvs. oblong, oblique, obtuse, serrulate towards the end; stipules cleft and fringed; invol. subsessile, appendages crenulate, white; sds. angular, sculptured, amber color. - Madison, Wis. (Lapham), and southwestward. A delicate species. Lvs. 6" by 2", and smaller, strongly arcuate. Stipules whitish, cleft into hair-like processes.

22 E. maculata L. Procumbent; branches spreading; lvs. serrate, oblong, hairy; fls. in crowded, axillary clusters; seeds brownish, 4-angled, wrinkled. -

Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 3 1631 Plant spreading flat upon the ground, in sandy fields, Can. and U. S. Stem 6 - 12' in length, much branched, hairy. Leaves opposite, 3 - 6" long and 1/2 as wide, oblong, obtuse, serrulate, smooth above, often spotted with dark purple, the margin ciliate, pale and hairy beneath, on short stalks. Heads of flowers small, crowded near the summit, involucre minute, white. Jl. - Sept. This and Nos. 23 and 24 are too closely allied.

23 E. humistrata Engelm. Procumbent, roughly and minutely villous, diffuse; lvs. obliquely elliptical, obtuse at both ends, denticulate near the apex, sparsely hairy beneath; ped. crowded in lateral clusters, shorter than the very short petioles; invol. slit on the back, appendages subentire; sds. ovate, 4-angled, minutely roughened (not wrinkled), ash-colored. - Banks of the Mississippi, St. Louis (Engelman) and southwestward. Lvs. 4 to 7" by 2 to 4", sometimes nearly smooth, sometimes spotted above. Fr. puberulent, acutely angled. Seed 2/5" long.

24 E. prostrata Ait. Prostrate, very diffuse, villous-pulverulent; lvs. roundish-oval, very obtuse at both ends, minutely serrulate towards the apex, villous beneath; ped. clustered, longer than the very short petioles; invol. appendages obtuse, entire; fr. woolly; sds. 4-angled, transversely rugous. - River banks, S. W. States (Hale). Spreading in largo patches, with rather dense foliage, clothed all over with a fine dusty wool. Lvs. of two sizes, the cauline 3 to 5" by 2 to 3", the ramial scarce half as large. Seeds light brown.

25 E. polygonifolia L. Knot-grass Spurge. Procumbent; lvs. entire, lanceolate and oblong, obtuse at base; invol. subsessile, in the axils of the branches, solitary; seeds large (1" long) smooth, ovoid. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 3 1632 Sea shores, R. I. to Fla. A very smooth, succulent, prostrate plant, with milky juice. Stems 6 - 10' long, dicho-tomous, procumbent. Leaves oblong and linear-lanceolate, rarely cordate at base, 3 - 5" by 1", petioles about l". Stipules subulate and simple. Heads small, in the forks of the purple stem. June, July.

26 E. cordifolia Ell. Prostrate, spreading, glabrous; lvs. obliquely cordate at the base, oval, obtuse, entire, distinctly petiolate; stipules laciniate; ped. nearly as long as the leaves, loosely clustered, subtermiual; invol. appendages oval, white, conspicuous; fr, angular; seed obtuse-angled, smooth. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 3 1633 In cultivated lands, Car.

to Fla. and La. Spreading in largo patches, with alternate branches and open foliage. Lvs. 3 to 5" rarely 6", slightly variegated. Sds. brownish white.

27 E. serpens H. B. K. (Engelman). Prostrate, spreading, glabrous; lvs. very small, roundish-oval, obtuse at both ends, entire; ped. much longer than the petioles, solitary or several in the axil; invol appendages scarcely any; sds. smooth, obtusely angled. - Banks of the Miss., St. Loui3 (Engelm.) to N. Orleans (Hale).

Our most delicate species. Lvs. 1 to 2 1/2" long and less, elegantly variegated. Seeds minute, light brown. (E. herniarioides Nutt)

2. STILLIN'GIA, Gard. (Named for Dr. Benjamin Stilling fleet) Flowers 8 , in a terminal, dense spike, apetalous;Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 3 1634 calyx cup-form, lobed and crenulate; stamens 2, filaments exserted, with short, 2-lobed anthers; Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 3 1635 calyx 3-lobed; style trifid, with 3 diverging, simple stigmas; capsule 3-lobed, 3-celled, 3-seeded. - Plants smooth, erect, with alternate lvs. Fertile fls. at the base of the sterile spike.