1 S. sylvatica L. St. herbaceous or shrubby at base; lvs. oval-lanceolate, cuneate at the subsessile base, obtuse at apex, serrulate; spike solitary, simple, with large, cup-sliaped glands among the yellowish flowers. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1636 . Sandy soils, Va. to Fla. and La. St. mostly simple, 18' to 3f high. Lvs. 2 to 3 to 4' long, thick, smooth. Spike 2 to 3' long. May, Jn.

2 S. ligustrina Mx. Shrubby, branching; lvs. lanceolate, tapering to both ends, very entire, petiolate; staminate fls. short-pedicelled, 1 to each bract, with 2 glands. - In Ga. and Car., margins of streams. Plant 6 to 12f high. - Description compiled from Michaux, Pursh and Nuttall. We have not seen the plant.

3 S. sebifera L. Tallow Tree. Arborescent, with very smooth branches, lvs. long-petioled, rhomboidal, acuminate, entire; sterile fls. very small, many from each involucre; fruit stalked, large (6" diam.) for the genus. - Seacoast, S. Car., Ga. to La. Tree 20 to 40f high. Lvs. as broad as long (2 to 4'), conspicuously pointed. Petioles of equal length. § China.

3. TRA'GIA, Plum. (From Tragus, an early German botanist.) Flowers 8; corolla none;Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1637 calyx 3-parted; stamens 2 or 3, distinct;

Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1638 calyx 5 to 6 to 8-parted, persistent; style 3-cleft, stigmas 3; fruit 3-lobed, 3-celled, separating into 3 bivalve, 1-seeded nutlets. - Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1639 Herbs (or tropical shrubs), often climbing. Lvs. mostly alternate, pubescent, stipulate. Fls. small, racemed.

* Stem twining. Leaves cordate, sharply serrate............................

No. 1

* Stem erect. - Leaves subcordate at base, acutely serrate............................

No. 2

- Leaves cuneate or obtuse at base, obtusely serrate or entire........

Nos, 3,4

1 T. macrocarpa Willd. Reclining, much branched, its slender summits twining, sparsely hirsute; lvs. long-petiolate, cordate-ovate, acuminate, sharply serrate; rac. much elongated; fr. large. - Hedges, copses, Ky. (Michaux) to La. (Hale). Sts. 2 to 4f long. Lvs. largo (1 to 3' long), exactly heart-shaped. Fr. nearly half an inch diam. (T. cordata Mx.)

2 T. urticeefolia Mx. Erect, hirsute, sparingly branched; lvs. ovate-lanceolate, unequally and sharply serrate, subcordate or truncate at base, on short petioles; rac. axillary, elongated; fr. very hairy; sds. globular, very smooth, hollow. - 8. States, common. Plant 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, half to a fourth as wide Fruit 3" diam. May - Aug. (T. angustifolia Nutt)

3 T. urens L. Erect, branched, viilous-pubescent; lvs. obovate-oblong, varying to lance-linear, cuneate at base, subsessile, coarsely few-toothed above, or entire; ran. axillary, bracted, few or many-flowered; fr. downy. - Dry grounds, Va. to Fla. and Ala. A homely weed, 10 to 15' high, half shrubby, soft downy, and not (as Linnasus supposed) stinging. Branches mostly simple. Lvs. 1' or more long. Fr. downy, about 4" diam.

β. linearis. Lvs. elongated, linear nearly or quite entire. - Ga. to Fla. Seeds usually hollow as in all the varieties. (T. linearifolia Ell.)

4 T. betonicaefolia Nutt. Much branched from a decumbent base, hairy; lvs. oval, obtuse at both ends, coarsely crenate-dentate, short-petioled; stip. oval, conspicuous; fls. mostly solitary, opposite to the leaves, pedunculate. - Near N. Orleans (Hale). Plant If high. Lvs. 1' or more long.

4. ACAL'YPHA, L. Three-seeded Mercury. (Gr.Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1640 the nettle.) Flowers 8; corolla 0; Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1641 very small; in short spikes; calyx 4-

parted: stamens 8 to 12, filaments very short, united at base, with halved anthers;Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1642 calyx 3-parted; styles 3, elongated, 2 or 3-cleft or fringed; fruit separating into 3 bivalve, 1-seeded nutlets, rarely simple. - Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1643 Herbs (or tropical shrubs) resembling nettles. Lvs. alternate, petiolate. Fls. axillary, the fertile in short clusters at the base of the little staminatr spikes, surrounded by a large cut-toothed bract.

3. A. Virginica L. Hairy or downy, branched; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, obscurely serrate; involucrate bracts broadly ovate, deeply cut-toothed, veiny; sterile spikes slender, peduncled, usually exceeding the involucre; seeds oval, ash-colored, smoothish. - Dry fields, Can. and U. S. A rough weed, 10 to 20 high, often de-cumbateat base. Lvs. 12 to 30" long, varying from ovate to lanceolate or lance-linear, obtusely pointed, the petioles about as long. The little green spikes 4 to 10"; fertile clusters in the same axils, sometimes alone. Jn. - Aug. (Also A. gracilens Gr.)

β. monococca (Engelm.) Very slender, with lance-linear, subentire lvs. and a simple, 1-celled, 1-seeded fruit. - W. Ill.

2 A. Caroliniana Walt. Minutely downy, branched; lvs. ovale, cordate, closely and strongly serrate, acute; sterile spikes short, fertile fls., also spicate, terminal; invol. bracts deeply palmate with linear segments; sds. roundish ovoid, light ash-colored, roughened with hard, black points. - Ind. to N. J., Ga. and La. Plant slender, 1 to 2f high, nearly smooth. Lvs. 1 to 2' by 9 to 16", on slender petioles. Seeds larger (1") than in No. 1.

5. CNIDOS'COLUS, Pohl. Spurge Nettle. (Gr.Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1644 a nettle, Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1645 a prickle.) Flowers 8 , showy; calyx colored, convolute, coralline; corolla 0; hypogynous glands 5, Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1646 stamens 10, united at base, alternately short; Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1647 calyx 5-partcd; styles 3, each 2 or more-deft; capsule 3-carpeled, 3-scedcd. - Herbs often beset with stings.

C stimulosa Gray. Hispid, with bristly stings; lvs. palmately 3 to 5-lobed, cordate at base, ciliate, lobes acute or acuminate, with few mueronate teeth, lateral lobes 2-parted; fls. terminal at length opposite the leaves, cymous; 8ep. white, oval, spreading; styles many-cleft at top; caps, hispid. -Order CXII Euphorbiaceae Spurgeworts Part 4 1648 A low herb, in sandy •soils, throughout the South, painfully common. It varies much in the width of its leaf sogments. Stings white, often half an inch long. Mar. - Jl. (Jatropha stimulosa Mx.)