3 V. parviflorum. Mx. Lvs. mostly radical, oval and lance-oval, glabrous, scarcely plicate, contracted at base into winged petioles; stem scape-like, terete, bracted- panicle elongated, very loose, with filiform branches: fls. dingy green, on filiform pedicels, segm. lance-spatulate, unguiculate, the claws bearing the stamens, which are scarcely half as long. - Blue Ridge, Va. (Miss Carpenter) to the Mts. of

Ga. Lvs. sltorter and broader than in No. 2. St. 2 to 5f high. Fls. very open, 5" diam., sometimes all sterile. Jl. (Melanthium monoicum Walt.) 4 V. angustifolium Ph. Grass-leaved Veratrum. Lvs. narrowly linear, flat, very long, lowest obtuse, upper ones diminishing to subulate bracts; fls. in a slender panicle of racemes, those of the terminal raceme (except a few of the highest) perfect and fertile, those of the lateral racemes mostly sterile; segments narrowly lanceolate, subulate, acuminate. - A very slender, grass-like species, in woods, W. States to the Mts. of Car. Stem. 3f high, with greenish-white flowers. Leaves 1 - 2f by 2 - 3", half-clasping. Panicle 1 1/2f long, pedicels shorter than the flowers, each with a very minute bract June, July. (Stenanthium, Gray.)

4. AMIAN'THIUM, Gray. Fly-poison. (Gr.Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2073 pure, immaculate; Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2074 ; alluding to the white flowers.) Flowers Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2075 ; perianth segments scarcely united at base, petaloid, spreading, sessile and without glands; stam. 6, hypogynons, as long as the segments; anthers reniform; ovaries 3, more or less united; caps. 3-lobed, 3-partible; carpels follicular, 1 - 4-seedcd; testa of the seeds loose, at length fleshy. - Herbs with scapiform stems, grass-like leaves, and a raceme of numerous, white, long-pediceled fls., turning green with age.

1 A. muscaetoxicum Gray. St. bulbous; lvs. flat, lower broad-linear, obtuse, upper reduced to bracts; rac. simple; segments oblong, obtuse, shorter than the stamens; pedicels filiform; carpels distinct above; sty. divergent; seeds ovoid, red. - Shady swamps, N. J., Penn. and Southern States. Stem 1 - 2f high. Leaves mostly radical, about If long. Raceme 2 to 4', rarely longer, dense-flowered, pedicels 6 - 9" long. Perianth and stamens white, the latter rather the longest. Carpels united only at base, the summits horn-like and diverging. Seeds rather large, scarlet-red when ripe. Apr. - Jn. (Helonias erythrosperma Mx.)

2 A. angustifolium Gray. St. slender, scarcely bulbous; lvs. narrowly linear, tapering to a long, acute point; rac. simple; sep. oval, acutish, scarcely longer than the stamens; sty. filiform, contiguous; seeds linear. - Damp pine woods, Car. to (Bainbridge, Ga., and) Fla. St. 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 9 to 18' long, 2 to 3" wide, somewhat keeled. Rac 3 to 5' long, 1' diam. Ped. ascending. Anth. yellow, twice smaller than in No. 1. Plant of a deep green. Apr. - Jn.

5. SCHaeNOCAU'LON, Gray. (Gr.Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2076 a rush, Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2077 caulis.) Perianth herbaceous, of 6 linear-oblong, suberect, persistent sepals; stamens 6, hypogynous, much exserted, with large, reniform, 1-celled anthers; ovaries 3, slightly conjoined; stigmas 3. - Herb bulbous, acaulescent, glabrous, with the lvs. all radical, very long and narrow, sedge-like, and a very slender scape. Fls. in a slender spike.

S. gracile Gray. Sandy soils, Ga. and Fla. Scape3 2 to 3f high, lvs. half as long. Spike 2 to 4', with pale green fls. Fr. yet unknown. Apr., May.

6. XEROPHYL'LUM, Mx. (Gr.Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2078 dry, Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2079 leaf.) Flowers Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2080 ; leaflets of the perianth oval, spreading, petaloid, sessile, and without glands; stamens 6, filaments dilated and contiguous at base; ovary subglobous; styles 3, linear, revolute; capsule subglobous, 3-lobed, 3-celled, cells 2-seeded. - Herbs with numerous dry, setaceous leaves, the lower longer, rosulately reclined, the upper gradually reduced. Rac, simple, with white, showy fls.

X. asphodeloides Nutt. Sandy plains, N. J. to Car. St. 3 to 5f high, very leafy. Radical lvs. If long, very narrow, crowded and csespitous. Fls. in a long, dense, showy raceme. Segm. spreading 5", obtuse. Pedicels 1" or more long, bractless at base, but with 2 bractlets above the base. Jn.

7. HELO'NIAS, L. (Gr.Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2081 a marsh; where some species grow.) Flowers Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2082 ; perianth 6-parted, spreading, petaloid, the segments sessile, persistent, without glands; stamens 6, hypogynous, at length longer than the perianth, anthers short, oval; styles 3, distinct; capsule 3-celled, 3-horned; cells loculicidal, many-seeded. - Lvs. mostly radical, narrow, often gramineous, sheathing at base. Fls. in a terminal, simple raceme.

H. bullata L. N. J., Penn. to Va, Scape 10 to 18' high, rather thick and fleshy, hollow, nearly naked. Lvs. lance-spatulate, about as long as the scape, 1 to 1 1/2 wide. Rac. short. Pedicels as long as the flowers, colored. Fls. purple, segm. obtuse, with blue anthers. May. (H. latifolia Ph.)

8. CHAMaeLIR'IUM, Willd. (Or.Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2083 on the ground, Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2084 a lily.) Flowers dioecious; perianth 6-sepaled, spreading, persistent; sepals narrow; filaments 6, perigynous, filiform, longer than the sepals (short in the Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 2 2085 ); ovary free, with 3 distinct styles; capsule oblong, loculicidal; seeds many, linear-oblong, winged at each end. - Rt. tuberous, premorse. St. leafy, strict, slender. Lvs. lanceolate, the radical oblanceolate and obovate-obtuse. Rac. spike-like, nodding, dense-flowered, yellowish-white.