C. luteum Gray. Blazing Star. Low grounds, Can. and U. S. St. 12 to 30' high, furrowed. Radical lvs. 3 to 5' by 6 to 12", in a sort of whorl. Fls. small, very numerous, in long, terminal, spicate racemes, which are more slender on the barren plants. Ovarie3 as long as the linear petals, subtriangular. Caps 3-fur-rowed, oblong, tapering to the base, opening at the top. The fertile plants are taller, more erect, but with fewer flowers. Apr. - Jn. (Helonias dioica Ph.)

9. TOFIELD'IA, Hudson. (To Mr. Tofield, a Scotch gentleman, residing near Doneaster.) FlowersOrder CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 3 2086 , calyculate, with 3 remotish, united bracts; lfts. of the perianth petaloid, spreading, sessile, and without bracts; sta. 6; anth. roundish-cordate, introrse; ovaries 3, united; styles distinct, short; ova. 3-lobed, 3-partible; capsule ∞-seeded. - Lvs. equitant, subradical. Scape not bulbous. Fls. spicate or race-mous.

§ Pedicels clustered in 3s. Stems scabrous-glandular...............................

Nos. 1, 2

§ Pedicels separate. Stem glabrous...........................................................

No. 3

1. T. glutinosa Nutt. St. leafy below, glandular-scabrous, simple; lvs. a fourth the length of the stem, linear-ensiform, glabrous, obtuse; rac. oblong, few-flowered, dose, composed of 3-flowered, alternate fascicles; caps, longer than the perianth. - Woods, Ohio to Wise, N. to Arc. Am. Stem slender, scape-like. 1 - l 1/2f, dot. ted with dark-colored glands. Leaves 3 - 6' by 3 - 6", carinate. Spicate raceme 1 - 1 1/2' long, 9 - 18-flowered. Involucre truncate, 3-toothed, a little below the periautlu Petals and sepals oblanceolate, less than 2" long, carpels 4".

2. T. pubens Dryand. St. leafy at base, rough-puberulent; lvs. nearly half flu length of the stem, linear-ensiform, strongly striate, acute, glabrous; rac. linear elongated, composed of many remotish, alternate fascicles; pedicels 2 to 3 together, as long as the flowers; fls. 3-bracted at base; capsule scarcely exceeding the perianth. - Pine barrens, Del. to Ma. St. 2 to 3f high, slender. Lvs. more than twice longer than in No. 1. Rac. 6 to 8' long, 30 to 40-flowered. Fls. small, greenish-white. Jl. - Sept.

3 T. glabra Nutt. St. leafy below, glabrous; lvs. nearly as in No. 2; rac. elongated, dense, with the pedicels separate (not clustered), scarcely longer than their bracts; carpels distinct to near the base; stig. sessile. - Car. to Ark., in wet grounds. St. 1 to 3f high. Rac. 2 to 5' long, 20 to 30-flowered. Seeds linear-oblong, not caudate.

10. PLEE'A, L. C. Rich. (Gr.Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 3 2087 the Pleiades; its flowers.)

Perianth colored, persistent, 6-sepaled, stellately spreading; stamens 9 to 12, hypogynous, longer than the sepals; anthers introrse; styles 3; capsule 3-partible, ∞-seeded. -Order CXLIX Melanthaceae Melanths Part 3 2088 Herb glabrous, with a slender, rushlike stem, dry, rush-like lvs., and a raceme of 6 to 9 yellow fls.

P. tenuifolia Rich. Bogs, N. Car, (Curtis), S. Car. (Michx.) St. 1 to 2f high, from red, fibrous roots. Lvs. perennial-green, very narrow, sheathing at base, nearly If long. Caps, brown.