12. MUSCA'RI, Tourn. Grape Hyacinth. Perianth tube ventricous, ovoid or campanulate, throat constricted, limb of 0 very short, obtuse, spreading segments, sometimes with a crown. Otherwise as in Hyacinthus.

1 M. racemosum L. Fls. fragrant, roundish-ovoid, nodding; lvs. linear, channeled, arcuate-recurved, liaceid. - Gardens. Scape terete, 4 to 6' high, shorter than the leaves. Fls. about 2" long, fragrant. Tube deep blue, limb white, much smaller, † Eur. - Varies to white. (Botryanthus K.)

β. plumatilis. Rac. changed (by cult.) to a diffuse, feathery, sterile panicle.

2 M. botryoides L. Fls. inodorous, subglobous, nodding; lvs. linear-lan ceolate, narrowed below, channeled, erect. - Flowers nearly a month later than the other, † Eur. - Varies with fls. azure, pale, White, roseate. (Botryanthus K.)

3 M. moschatum Willd. Fls. fragrant (musk-like), ovoid, subinflated, throat constricted just below the short, spreading, 6-lobed hmb, and hearing a small 6-lobed crown; tube persistent, bluish green or greenish violet, the limb yellowish; lvs. fleshy, linear; rac. dense - Gardens, † Asia.

13. ASPHOD'ELUS, L. Asphodel. (Gr. a, privative,Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2040 to surpass; a flower not surpassed in beauty.) Perianth 6-parted, spreading; stamens 6, declinate and upcurved, their bases dilated into as many valves covering the free ovary; capsule globular, 3-eelled, cells 2-seeded. - Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2041 Rt. fasciculate. Lvs. radical, subulate. St. scape-like, erect.

1 A. luteus L. Yellow Asphodel. St. simple, leafy; lvs. 3-cornered. - A plant of easy culture and rapid increase. St. 3f high, thickly invested with 3-cor-nered, hollow leaves. Fls. yellow, in a long spike, reaching from the top almost to the base of the stem. Jn. † Sicily.

2 A. ramosus L. White Asphodel. St. naked, branched; ped. alternate, longer than bract; lvs. ensiform, carinate, smooth. - Gardens. Not so tall as the preceding, but with larger, white fls. Jn. † S. Eur.

14. HEMEROCAL'LIS, L. Day Lily. (Gr.Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2042 a day, Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2043 beauty.) Perianth funnel-shaped, regular, deciduous; limb 6-parted, veined, spreading; stamens 6, inserted in the throat, curved upwards; ovary free; style slender, curved like the stamens and longer, stigma entire; capsule with 3 few-seeded cells. - Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2044 Root fasciculate. St. leafy, erect. Lvs. linear, striate, keeled. Fls. large, xanthic, solitary or racemed.

1 H. fulva L. Lvs. linear-lanceolate, carinate; pet. obtuse, wavy; veins of sep. branched. - Naturalized in some parts of this country. A well-known, showy, border flower. Leaves very numerous, mostly radical, an inch wide and a foot or more long. Scape round, thick, naked, smooth, branching, 3f high. Flowers very large, liliaceous, of a tawny red. Style striate. July, † Levant.

2 H. flava L. Lvs, broad-linear, carinate; segments flat, acute; veins of the sepals undivided. - A foot high. Flowers a bright yellow, much smaller than those of H. fulva. Scape branching. Jl. † Siberia.

15. FUN'KIA, Spreng. White Day Lily. (For Henry Funk, a German cryptogamist.) Perianth funnel-shaped, deciduous; stamens 6, hypogynous, and with the style declinate-curved; capsule 3-celled, elongated, 3-angled; seeds many, 2-rowed, winged at end. -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2045 Root fasciculate. Lvs. all radical, ovate or oblong, petiolate. Scape racemed above. Fls. large, cyanic.

1 F. ovata Spr. Lvs. broad-ovate, subcordate, acuminate; rac. many-flowered; fls. funnel-form, soon nodding; bracts ovate, acuminate, twice longer than the pedicel - Gardens. Lvs. large, very smooth, veined, on long petioles. Scape If high. Fls. white. Jn, † Japan. (Hemeroeallis Japonica Thunb.) - -Varies with violet-colored flowers.

2 F. subcordata Spr. Lvs. ovate-cordate, acuminate; rac. few-flowered; fls, nodding, with a very long tube; bracts much longer than the pedicel. - Gardens. Fls. white, very fragrant, † Japan.

3 F. albo-marginata Hook. Lvs. ovate-lanceolate, elegantly margined with white; rac. short, with remote, declinate fls.; bracts ovate, all equal, twice longer than the pedicels. - Gardens, rare. Fls. lilac, variegated with white and purple lines. † Japan.

16. POLYGONA'TUM, Tourn. True Solomon's Seal. (Gr.Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2046 many, Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2047 knee; from the many-jointed rhizome.) Perianth tubular, limb short, 6-lobed, erect; stamens 6, inserted near and above the middle of the tube, included; ovary free, 3-celled, cells 2 to 6-ovuled; style slender, included; berry globular, 3 to 6-seeded. - Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2048 Rhizome horizontal, thick. St. erect or curving, leafy above. Fls. axillary, pendent, greenish white.

P. nuiltiflorum Desf. St. recurved, smooth; lvs. distichous, lanceolate, amplexi-caul, smooth above; peduncles axillary, 1 to 4-flowered. -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 5 2049 In woods, free States and Can. Stem 1 to 3f high, most recurved in the tallest plants. Leaves more or less clasping at base, or only sessile in the smallest plants. 2 1/2 to 6' by 1 to 2 1/2', veined, smooth and glossy above, paler and generally pubescent beneath. Peduncles filiform, branching, scarcely a fifth as long as the leaves. Flowers 5 - 8" long, pendulous, greenish, sub-cylindric. Berries dark blue or blackish when ripe. Apr. - Jn.

a. Lvs. very amplexicaul, smooth both sides, distinctly veined; peduncles elongated, the lower 4-flowered; fil. puberulent. - In rich damp soils. This var. is common to Europe 1 and America! (P. angustifolium Ph. P. biflorum Ell.)