3 A. stellatum Nutt. Lvs. radical, linear, about equaling the nearly terete scape; umbel many-flowered, erect (when in flower, nodding before); petals oblong-ovate, acute, equaling the stamens; filam. subulate, simple; ova, 3-lobed, each lobe bearing 2-teeth, or 2-crested above; caps. 3-angled, 3-celled, 6-seeded. - Mo., I11. to Can. W. A low species, in gravelly soils. Scape and lvs. 10 to 15' high. Fls. roseate. Bulb oblong-ovate, eatable.

4 A. Canadense Kalm. Scape terete; lvs. linear; umbel capitate, bulbiferous; filam. simple, dilated at base. -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 4 2034 In woods. Lvs. radical, 2/3 as long as the scape, smooth, nearly flat above. Scape 12 to 18' high, round, smooth, bearing a spathe of 2 ovate, acute bracts at top, with a head of bulbs and flowers. The bulbs are sessile, each furnished with a bract beneath, and among them are a few whitish flowers on slender pedicels. Jn.

5 A. mutabile Mx. Lvs. linear-setaceous, thin, sheathing at base, shorter than the terete scape; umbel many-flowered, erect; spathe 3-leaved, purplish; segm. ovate-lanceolate, longer than the stamens; filam. simple; ova. crested; caps. 3-lobed, 3-seeded. - Damp woods, Ga., Fla. and Ala. Common at Montgomery. Bulb small, an inch or two in the ground, clothed with a thick net-work of fibers. Scape 12 to 20' high, strict. Fls. 20 to 40, white or roseate. Perianth 2" long. Filam. purple, anth. white. Tastes strong of garlic. Mar. - May.

6 A striatum Jacq. Scape slender, 3-angled, longer than the linear, striate leaves which are sheathing at base; spathe of 2 ovate bracts; umbel few (3 to7)-flow-ered; segm. ovate-lanceolate, with midvein greenish purple, near twice longer than the stamens; filam. dilated at base; caps, downy, perfecting, 2 or 3 seeds in each cell. - Woods and prairies, I11. (Hall, Lapham), and S. States. Scape 8 to 12' high. Lvs. 1 to 3" wide. Pedicels 1 to 2 - 3' long, seldom more than 5 in number. Fls. larger than in our other wild species, spreading about 10 ", white. Mar. - May.

7 A. sativum L. Common Garlic. Bulb compound; st. leafy to the middle; lvs. linear-lanceolate; spathe 1-leaved, long-acuminate; umbel bulbiferous; stam. tricuspidate. - Gardens. The bulb is composed of several smaller ones surrounded by a common membrane, acrid and very strong-scented. St. 2f high. Fls. small, white. Used in seasoning and sometimes in medicme. Jl. ‡ Sicily.

8 A. porrura L. Leek. St. compressed, leafy; lvs. sheathing at base, channeled and keeled: umbel of fls. globous; stam. tricuspidate, a little longer than the rough-keeled sepals. - Gardens Rt. bearing a scaly, cylindrical bulb. Stem 2f high, bearing long, linear, alternate, sheatliing lvs., and at the top a large umbel, of small white fis. Jl. † Switzerland.

9 A. vineale L. Crow Garlic. St. slender, with a few leaves; cauline lvs. terete, fistulous; umbel bulbiferous; sta. exsert; fil. alternately tricuspidate, the middle point bearing the anther. -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 4 2035 Meadows, Mid. and W. States. Leaves 6 - 12' long. Scape 1 - 2f high, bearing a spathe of 2 small bracts at top, and an umbel of flowers with which bulbs are sometimes intermixed. Perianth pur-

* ple. June, July, §

10 A. schœnoprasum L. Cives. Scape somewhat leafy at base, equaling the terete, filiform, fistulous lvs.; spathe of 2 bracts, nearly us long as the capitate umbel; segm. lanceolate, acuminate, longer than the filam. which are toothless and dilated at base. - Lake shores, Can. Common in gardens, growing in tufts. Bulbs small. Scape less than If high. Umbel 1' diam. Fls. purple. Jl.

11 A. fistulosum L. Welsh Onion. Scape leafy at base, inflated in the midst; lvs. fistulous throughout, terete, about the length of the scape; umbel dense, globular, fruitful; sep. acuminate, with a green keel; stam. exserted, with simple filaments; ova. 3-lobed, green. - Gardens. Scape and lvs. forming dense tufts, 18'high. †Asia.

12 A. Cepa L. Common Onion. Scape fistulous, swelling towards the base much longer than the terete, fistulous lvs. - -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 4 2036 Gardens. Bulb compressed, or round, or oblong in figure. The scape, which appears the second year, is 3 to 4f high, straight, smooth, stout, bearing at top a large, round umbel of grecnish-white fls. Universally cultivated for the kitchen.

β, proltferum. Top Onion, Umbels bulbiferous and proliferous, i.e., producing secondary bulbs and plants at top, with few flowers or none.

10. AGAPAN'THUS, L'Herit. (Gr.Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 4 2037 love, Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 4 2038 ; a flower to be loved.) Perianth funnel-form, regular, 6-parted; stamens 6, adnate to the base of the tube, curved upwards; ovary free; style filiform, curved at the end; stigma entire; capsule 3-lobed, 3-celled, many-seeded. - Rt. tuberous. Lvs. radical, thick, linear. Scape thick, bearing an umbel with a 2-leaved involucre.

A. umbellatus L'Her. Lvs. linear; umbel many-flowered; pedicels as long as the perianth. - -A fine, showy plant for the parlor or greenhouse, easily reared in pots. Scape 2f or more high, with an umbel of numerous fls. of a rich blue, † S. Africa,

11. HYACINTHUS, L. Hyacinth. (Hyacinthus of Grecian fable, was killed by Zephyrus, and transformed into this flower.) Perianth tubular campanulate, regular, 6-cleft, segments spreading-recurved; stamens 6, adherent to the tube, free at apex; ovary free; cells of the capsule about 2-seeded. - Herbs acaulcscent, from a coated bulb. Fls. raccmed.

H. orientalis L. Perianth funnel-form, half 6-cleft, ventricous at the base. -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 4 2039 A well-known flower, long prized and cultivated. Lvs. thick, linear-lanceolate, 3 to 5' long. Scape twice as long as the leaves, thick, bearing a raceme of numerous blue flowers which are often double. The tube is enlarged at base by the roundish ovary within it. Stam. adherent a third the length of the tube, deeply included. Segments oblong, obtuse, recurved, rather shorter than the tube. Mar., Apr. † Levant. - Varies with fls. white, pink, red, etc.