22. STREPT0 PUS, Mx. Twist-foot. (Gr.Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2055 to turn, Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2056 foot; a twisted footstalk or peduncle.) Perianth 6-parted, campanulate; segments with a nectariferous pore at the base of each; anthers longer than the filaments; stigma very short; berry roundish, 3-celled: seeds few, hilum with a very slender raphe. - Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2057 St. branched. Fls. axillary, solitary, generally with the peduncle distorted, or abruptly bent near the middle.

1 S. roseus Mx. Smooth; lvs. oblong-ovate, clasping, margin serrulate-ciliate; under surface green like the upper; pedicels short, generally distorted in the middle; segments spreading at apex; anth. short, 2-horned; stig. trifid. - Can. to Car. and Tenn. A common species, native of woods. Stem a foot or more high, round, diehotomously branching. Leaves 2 - 4' long, 1/2 as wide, ending in a slender point, smooth, but conspicuously edged with minute, rough hairs. Flowers reddish, spotted, suspended beneath the branches, one under each leaf. Jn.

2 S. amplexifolius DC. Smooth; lvs. oblong-ovate, clasping, smooth and entire on the margin, glaucous beneath; pedicels solitary, geniculate and distorted in the middle; sep. long-acuminate, reflexed; anth. sagittate, acute-pointed, entire; stig. truncate. - Can. and Mid. States. Native of woods. Stem round, dichoto-mous, 2f high. Leaves 2 to 3' long, 1/2 as wide, very smooth. Peduncles opposite the leaf, twisted and bent downwards each with a bell-form, drooping flower gibbous at base, of a pale straw-color. Fruit oblong, red, many-seeded. Jn. (S. distortus Mx. Uvularia L.)

23. PROSAR'TES, Don. (Gr.Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2058 to suspend; alluding to the pendulous flowers.) Perianth as in Uvularia; stamens 6, perigy-nous, included, with long, filiform filaments; ovary 3-celled, with 2 suspended ovules in each cell; style elongated, trifid; berry roundish oblong, 3 to 6-seeded. - Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2059 St. erect, with divergent branches, scattered, sessile, ovate, thin, pubescent lvs. and drooping, terminal, greenish-purple fls.

P. lanuginosa Don. Lvs. ovate-oblong, acuminate, cordate or rounded at the clasping base, pubescent beneath; pedicels in pairs; perianth segm. linear-lanceolate; style smooth. - Mts. N T. to Car., W. to Or. St. 12 to 18' high, 2 or 3 times forked above. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, veined. Pedicels 6 to 8" long, downy. Fls. spreading-bell-shaped, segm. near 6" long. Berry red. May.

24. UVULA'RIA, L. Bell-wort. (Lat. uvula, the palate; the flower depends like that organ.) Perianth connivent-campanulate, deciduous,' deeply 6-parted; segments linear-oblong, acute, erect, with a nectariferous cavity at the base of each; filaments very short, scarcely perigynous; anthers linear, half as long as the petals; style trifid; capsule 3-cellcd; seeds few, with a very tumid raphe. - Lvs. alternate, Fls. solitary, terminal, becoming axillary, nodding.

§ Leaves perfoliate near the base. Capsule obovid-triangular, truncate.........................


1, 2

§ Leaves sessile or half-clasping. Capsule ovoid or oval-triangular................................


3, 4

1 U. perfoliate L. Mealy Bellwort. Lvs. perfoliate, elliptical, subacute; perianth subcampanulate, tuberculate-scabrous within, segm. acute; anths. cuspidate; caps, truncate. -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2060 Can. and U. S. A handsome, smooth plant, in woods. Stem 10 - 14' high, passing through the perfoliate leaves near their bases, and dividing into 2 branches at top. Leaves 2 - 3' by 2/3 - 1', rounded at the base, acute at apex. Flower pale yellow, pendulous. Segments linear-lanceolate, 1 1/4' long, twisted, covered within with shining grains. Anthers 3/4' long. May. (U. flava Smith.)

2 U. grandiflora Smith. Lvs. perfoliate, elliptic-oblong, acute; fl. terminal, solitary, pendulous; segments acuminate, smooth within and without; anth. obtuse. -

Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2061 Can. and U. S. Larger than either of the foregoing. In woods. Stem 12 - 15 inches high, passing through the perfoliate leaves near their bases, dividing into 2 branches at top, one of which bears the large, yellow, pendulous flower.

Leaves almost acuminate, rounded at base. Anthers 3/4' long. May. - Readily distinguished by the smooth petals.

3 U. sessilifolia L. Wild Oats. Lvs. sessile, lance-oval, glaucous beneath; caps, sliped, oval-triangular. -Order CXLVIII Liliaceae Lilyworts Part 7 2062 Can. and U. S. A common species, found in woods and in grass lands. Stem smooth, slender, 6 - 10' high, dividing at the top into 2 branches, one bearing leaves only, the other, leaves and a flower. Leaves smooth and delicate, dark green above, paler beneath, 1 - 1 1/2' long. The flower is cylin-dric, near an inch long, yellowish-white, of 6, long, linear petals. May.

4 U. puberula Mx. Lvs. amplexicaul and rounded at base, oval, of the same shining green both sides, puberlent along the margins, as well as the stem; perianth segm. acute, smooth both sides; capsule sessile (no stipe), ovoid. - Mts. Va. to Car. St. 8 to 12' high. Fls. yellowish-white, larger than in U. sessilifolia.