Herbs aquatic, small, with opposite, simple, entire leaves. Flowers axillary, solitary, very minute, polygamous, achlamydeous, with 2 colored bracts. Stamen 1, rarely 2; filament slender; anthers 1-celled, 2-valved, reniform. Ovary 4-celled, 4-lobed; ovules solitary. Styles 2; stigmas simple points. Fruit 1-celled, 4-seeded, indehiscent Seeds peltate, albuminous.

Genua 1, species 6, growing in stagnant waters, both of Europe and America.

CALLIT'RICHE, L. (Gr.Order CXXIV Callitrichaceae Starwort 1827 beautiful, Order CXXIV Callitrichaceae Starwort 1828Order CXXIV Callitrichaceae Starwort 1829 hair; alluding to the slender stems.) Character the same as that of the order. - Order CXXIV Callitrichaceae Starwort 1830

1 C. verna L. Floating; lvs. obovate-spatulate, 3-nerved, the lower more narrow or linear; fls. subsessile; bracts 2, longer than the ovary; fr. obtusely margined, obcordate. - A little aquatic, common in pools and ditches. Sts. numerous, slender, consisting of 2 tubes, 8 to 12 to 20' long, according to the depth of the water. Lvs. 4 to 6" long, with the tapering base, 1/2 to 2" wide, the floating broadest. The fls. solitary, rarely 2 in the axil, the outer a stamen only. Bracts white. Stamen posterior, yellow, styles 2, filiform, anterior. Caps. 1/2" long, suboval. Apr. - Jl (C. intermedia Willd. C. heterophylla Ph. C. aquatica Bw.)

2 C. autumnalis L. Floating; lvs. all linear, 1-nerved, or the highest linear-spatulate; fls. subsessile; bracts shorter than the ovary or none; fr. oval, acutely margined. - In similar situations with the first, S. States, less common. Sts. 1 to 2f long. Lvs. 5 to 7" long, often bifid, a few of the highest 3-veined. May - Sept (C. linearis Ph.)

3 C. terrestris Raf. Sts, short, diffuse, prostrate; lvs. very small, oblong, all similar, fls. sessile, 2-bracted; fruit broader than long, deeply obcordate, 2-winged on the margins. - A much smaller species, on the muddy borders of ponds, covering the surface. Sts. 1 to 2' long. Lvs. 1 to 2" long. Fr, 1/4" long, Jn. - Aug. (C. brevifolia Ph. C. platycarpa Kutz.)