6 P. dilatata Lindl. St. slender; lvs. lance-linear and linear, acute; spike many-flowered, virgate; bracts lance-linear, about as long as the flowers; upper sepal ovate, obtuse, the lateral narrower and spreading; lip linear, entire, obtuse, dilated and rhomboid at base, about equaling the petals, and a little shorter than the obtuse, incurved spur, which is longer than the ovary. - Swamps, N. States (rare) and Can. More slender and delicate than the last, 10' to 2f high. Lvs. often narrow and grass-like 6 to 10' long. Fls. 10 to 50, pure white, varying to greenish. Spur about 4" long. Jl. (O. dilatata Ph.)

7 P. bracteata Torr. St. leafy; lvs. oblong, obtuse, upper ones acute; spike lax; bracts 2 to 3 time3 as long as the flowers; sep. connivent, ovate; petals linear, erect; lip linear-cuneate, truncate, 3-toothed at the end, the middle tooth small or obsolete; spur short, inflated, obtuse. - A small, green-flowered orchis, in shades. St. 6 to 9' high. Lvs. about 3, 18 to 30" by 6 to 12", upper bracts as short as the flower. Spikes 2 to 3' long. Fls. yellowish-green. Lip as long as the ovary, 3 times as long as the sack-like spur. Can. to Va., W. to Ill. Jl., Aug. (Peri-stylus Lindl.)

8 P. flava Gray. St. leafy, lower lvs. oblong, acute, upper lanceolate, acuminate; spike rather dense, cylindric; bracts longer than the fls.; lip oblong, obtuse, with a tooth each side at base; palate with one tuberculate tooth; spur filiform, rather shorter than the sessile ovary. - In alluvial soils, North and South. St. flexuous, 12 to 18' high. Lvs. about 3, with long sheaths, 3 to 6 or 7' by 3/4 to 2', tapering to an acute summit. Fls. in a long, thin spike. Sep. short, ovate, green. Petals yellowish, drying brownish. Upper bracts about as long as the flowers, lower one 2 or 3 times as long. The tubercle of the lip is a remarkable character. Jn. (O. flava L. O. herbiole and fuscescens Ph. O. bidentata Ell.)

9 P. cristata Lindl. Crested Orchis. Slender, lower lvs. lance-linear, very acute, the sepal gradually reduced, linear, acuminate; spike oblong, densely ∞-flowered; sep. and pet. roundish (1 to 2" long), the latter crenate; lip oblong, pinnately fimbriate, nearly as long as the spur which is half as long as the slender-beaked ovary. - Swamps, N. J. to Ga. and La. A delicate, yellow Orchis, 18' to 2f high. Lvs. 6 to 10' long. Fls. quite small, the sep. and pet. scarcely more than 1" long, spur 2 to 3". Jn., Jl.

10 P. ciliaris Lindl. Yellow Fringed Orchis. Lower lvs. lanceolate; spike oblong, dense, with numerous large fls.; bracts shorter than the ovary; lip. oblong-lanceolate, deeply fringe-ciliate, twice longer than the linear, notched petals; spur longer than the slender-beaked ovary. - Delicately beautiful, with bright orange-colored fls., in swamps, Can. and U. S., not common. St. about 2f high. Lvs-sheathing at base; lower ones 3 to 5'long, rapidly diminishing upwards. Sep. roundish, obtuse, concave. Petals linear, very small, incised at the summit; the lip narrow, lanceolate, conspicuously fringed, 4" long. Spur 1' in length. Jl., Aug.

11 P. Blephariglottis Lindl. White Fringed Orchis. Lower lvs. lanceolate, channeled; spike oblong, dense; bracts linear, acuminate, shorter than the white flowers; petals spatulate, dentate at apex; lip lanceolate, ciliate, as long as the upper sepal, spur much longer than the long-beaked ovary - In swamps, N. Y. to Car., resembing the last species, but distinguished, at least, by the color of its fls. which are of a pure white. St. 1 to 2f high. Flowers fewer than in the last. Sepals roundish-oblong, lateral reflexed. Lip fringed in the middle, 2"long. Jn., Jl

12 P. lacera Gray. Ragged ORCHIS. Lower lvs. oblong, obtuse, upper ones narrow, acuminate; bracts longer than the flowers; sep. retuse; pet. emarginate; lip 3-parted, segments cuneate, capillaceous-multifid; spur filiform, clavate, as long as the ovary. - Swamps and meadows, Can. to Car. Stem 1 - 2f high, smooth, slender. Leaves few, 3 - 6' by 1/2 to]', mostly acute. Flower numerous, in a long, loose spike, of a greenish-white, not showy. Sepals ovate. Petals oblong-linear, entire, lip reflexed, very deeply laciniate. Readily distingiushed from the following by its more slender habit, greenish flowers, and the entire (not fringed) petals. July.

13 P. leucophaea N. White-flowered Prairie Orchis. St. leafy; lvs. lanceolate, tapering to a narrow, obtuse point, channeled; bracts shorter than the ovaries; rac. oblong. sep. roundish-oblong, acutish; lateral petals obovote, denticulate; lip 3-parted, flabelliform, segments deeply fimbriate; spur subulate-clavate, curved, twice as long as the ovary. - Wet prairies, W. States. Stem 1 - 3f high. Leaves 2 - 6' long. Raceme about 12-flowered. Sepals and spur yellowish, petals white. Ovary curved, 1' long.

14 P. Psycodes Gray. Purple Fringed Orchis. Lower lvs. lanceolate, diminishing upwards; lip3 -parted, scarcely longer than the petals, the segments cuneiform, ciliate-fimbriate; lateral pet ovate, erose-crenulate or slightly fringed, spur filiform, elavate, longer than the ovary, common in meadows, Can. to Ga., W. to Wis. Stem 1 1/2 - 2 1/2f high, smooth, slender. Leaves 3 - 6' long. Flowers showy, numerous, in a terminal, cylindric spike, light purple. Lip somewhat longer than the petals, its 3 spreading segments very veiny and sparingly bristle-cleft. Spur an inch in length. Jl. (O. fimbriata Ph. Bw. O. incisa &, fissa Muhl)

15 P. Bigelovii. Large Fringed Orchis. Lower lvs. oblong, oval, obtuse, upper ones very narrow; bracts shorter than the ovary; rac. oblong; lip dependent, twice as long as the petals, 3-parted, the segments fan-shaped and fimbriate, the middle one largest, with connivent fimbriae; lateral pet. fimbriate; spur ascending, clavate, longer than the ovary. - A superb plant, considered the most beautiful of the genus, in wet meadows, Can. to Penn. Stem 2 - 3f high, thick, hollow, with several sheathing bracts at base. Leaves 2 or 3 principal ones, 4 - 7' by 1 - 2', upper ones linear, an inch or two long. Flowers purple, in a terminal raceme, 3 - 6' long. Middle segm. of the lip nearly semicircular, twice as long as the lateral ones. June. (P. fimbriata Lindl. O. grandiflora Bw.)