Scrambling shrubs with alternate, simple, exstipulate, punctate leaves; with Fls. diclinous, axillary, small, hypogynous and polygynous; with Gal. and cor. 3-merous in two or several rows, imbricated; with Slam, few or many, on very short filaments, condensed on a roundish torus. Ova. few or coherent, becoming baccate, 1 - 2-seeded in fruit. Seeds suspended; embryo minute, in solid albumen.

Genera 5, species 12, belonging to India, Japan, and the United States.

schizandra Mx. (Gr.Order IV Schizandraceae 190 to cut, Order IV Schizandraceae 191 stamens; the stamens are cleft.) Order IV Schizandraceae 192 Sepals and petals 9 - 12, similar, roundish, concave; stamens 5, anthers connate; carpels at first aggregated in a roundish head, becoming in fruit scattered on the elongating, filiform torus. - A trailing shrub with entire or repandly denticulate leaves, and small crimson flowers. S. coccinea Mx. A handsome plant in damp woods, S. Car., Ga., to La. St. 10 or 12f long. Lvs. alternate, ovate or oval, tapering at each end or somewhat cordate at base. Fls. axillary, solitary, on slender stalks, the upper ones staminate. Carp. and torus red when mature. May, Jn.