Trees or shrubs with naked buds, entire, alternate lvs. destitute of stipules. Fls.

usually green or brown, axillary, hypogynous, valvate in aestivation. Sepals 3; petals 6, in two circles, sometimes coherent. Stamens ∞, with an enlarged connectile, short filament, and large torus. Ova. several or ∞, separate or coherent, fleshy or not, in fruit Embryo minute in the end of ruminated albumen.

Genera 20, species 300, chiefly natives within the tropics of both hemispheres. Four species are found within the limits of the United Sta:es, all of the following genus. The Anonads are generally aromatic in all their parts. Their pulpy fruit, as the custard apples, are sweet and esculent.

ASIM1NA Adans. Papaw. Fig. 113. Sepals 3, petals 6, the outer row larger than the inner; stamens densely packed in a spherical mass; pistils several, distinct, ripening but few, which become large, oblong, pulpy fruits with many flat seeds. - Shrubs or small trees, with brownish, axillary, solitary flowers.

* Flowers appearing before the leaves..................................

Nos. 1, 2.

* Flowers appearing with the leaves.................................

Nos. 3, 4.

1 A. triloba Dunal. Lvs. obovate-oblong, acuminate; pet. dark purple, exterior orbicular, 3 or 4 times as long as the sep. - A small and beautiful tree, 15 - 20f high, on banks of streams, Mid., Southern and Western States. Branches and lvs. nearly glabrous, the latter 8 - 12' by 3 - 4', very smooth and entire, tapering to very short petioles. Fls. 1' broad, precocious. Fr. about 1' thick and 3' long, ovoid-oblong, about 8-seeded, yellowish, fragrant, eatable, ripe in October. Fls. in March, Apr. (Uvaria, Torr. and Gr. Anona, L.).

2 A. parviflora Dunal. Lvs. obovate-oval, acuminate; pet. greenish-purple, the outer oval, hardly twice the length of the sep. - Woods near the coast, from Car. to Fla. and La. Shrub 2 - 3f high, smaller every way than No. 1. Lvs. about half as large, glabrous, obtuse-pointed, tapering to the base. Fls. less than half as large, opening while the branches are naked. Fr. roundish, about 1' long. May-

3 A. grandiflora DunaL Lvs. obovate-oblong, obtuse, grayish-tomentous both sides; outer pet. very large, yellowish white. - Pine woods, Ga., and Fla Shrub 2 - 3f high, its young branches also tomentous. Peduncle and calyx woolly, of about equal length. Outer petals about 2' in length, oval or obovate, obtuse, 6 - 8 times longer than the oblong, brownish, inner petals. Apr.

4 A. pygmeea Dunal. Dwarf Papaw. Lvs. coriaceous, evergreen, linear lanceolate or linear-oblanceolale, or lin.-oblong or spatulate, etc., glabrous; pet reddish-brown, obovate-oblong. - Shrub 6 - 12' high, sandy plains, Ga.. and Fla. Lvs. very variable in form, 3 - 6' long, usually very narrow, often obovate or elliptical. Pet. about 1' in length. Carp. ripening about 3, 1' long in fruit erect. Apr.