E. Nyctelaea L. Ascending, branching, with few, scattered hairs; lvs. petiolate, upper ones alternate, segments 9 to 11, linear-oblong, nearly distinct, sparingly dentate; ped. 1-flowered, opposite the leaves, about as long as the sepals; cal. seg. triangular-acuminate, broad at base, longer than the tube of the corolla.-Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1347 Woods and river banks, Md. to Iowa and Ala, Stem 4-10' long. Leaves 1-2' long. Calyx at length remarkably large for the size of the plant, nearly an inch in diam. Corolla lobes obtuse, emarginate, with purple spot3 at base inside. May-Jl

4. PHACE'LIA, L. (Gr.Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1348 a bundle or fascicle ; alluding to the fasciculate racemes.) Calyx 5-parted, not appendaged; corolla tubular campanulate, caducous, 5-lobed, lobes entire, imbricate in bud, tube within furnished with 5 margined grooves; stamens 5, mostly ex-serted ; ovary 1-celled, hispid ; style bifid; capsule ovoid, 2-valved, valves bearing the placentae, in the middle; seeds 4 to 10.-Herbs hispid, with alternate lvs. and loose or dense, one-sided racemes.

* Racemes forked or corymbed......Nos. 1,4.

** Racemes simple.......Nos. 2, 3.

1 P. bipinnatifida Mx. Hairy, suberect; lvs. incisely pinnatifid, long-peliolate, lateral segm. 2 to 4, incisely lobed and toothed, terminal trifid; rac. elongated, forked subpaniculate ; cor. lobes entire, twice longer than the calyx, shorter than (sometimes as long as) the stamens.Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1349 or Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1350 Woods and hill sides, Penn. to Ind.

(Plummer), Mo. and N. Car. Plant sometimes nearly smooth, 1 to 2f high, bearing several leafless racemes at top. Lvs. 3 to 6' long, including the petiole. Cor. 6" broad, blue, the grooves bordered with narrow, pubescent margins. May, Jn,

2 P. hirsuta Nutt ? Erect, branching, sparingly hirsute; lvs. pinnatifld, 5 to 7-lobed, the lower petiolate, almost pinnate, upper sessile, lobes oblong, acutish, those of the radical lvs. rounded; rac. simple, terminal, 9 to 15-flowered, pedicels twice longer than the linear-oblong bristly-ciliate sepals.-A more delicate species, on Stone Mt. Ga. and Ark. Sts. smoothish, 6 to 12' high, sparingly leafy. Cor. 7" broad, violet blue, 10-spotted around the yellowish throat. Grooves obscurely bordered. Stam, not longer than cor. May, .Jn.

3 P. parviflora Ph. Sts. weak, smoothish, procumbent, subsimple; lvs. all petiolate, the lowest elongated, with roundish, remote, stalked leaflets, the upper with distant oblong-lanceolate, entire, acute segm.; rac. simple, loose, terminal, 6 to 12-flowered; pedicels at length twice longer than the oblong-spatulate, smoothish sepals; fls. small.-Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1351 Shaded banks, Penn. to Ga, Plant diffuse, ascending, 6 to 10' long. Lvs. with their petioles 1 to 3' long, lobes distant, small. Fls. pale blue, 4 ' wide. Apr., May.

4 P. congesta Hook. Downy-canescent; lvs. pinnate, lfts. alternate, very unequal, some sessile, others petioled, all incisely lobed, the terminal confluent; rac. corymbous; sep. lance-linear; cor. campanulate, twice longer than the calyx; stam. exserted.-Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1352 Herb a foot high, in gardens, with numerous bright blue fls. † Texas.

5. EUTO'CA, E. Br. Calyx 5-partcd; cor. deciduous, 5-lobed, imbricate in bud ; nectary-grooves 0 ; filam. exserted, with minute scales at base ; style half 2-cleft; ovary hairy above, half-2-cellc-d, 4-∞-seeded. -Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1353 Lvs. hairy, pinnately lobed or entire.

1 E. viscida Benth. Glandular-pilous, viscid, branched, suberect; lvs. petiolate, ovate, coarsely, and unequally dentate or lobed; racemes scorpoid, at length elongated; sep. linear, a third as long as the tubular-campanulate, deep blue corolla; seeds ∞.-Gardens. If high. Fls. near 1' long, † California.

2 E. Franklinii Br. Pubescent, simple, erect; root-lvs. crowded, caulinoalternate, all pinnatifid, lobes 5-7 ; rac. short, spike-like, cor. blue, spreading-campan-ulate, a third longer than the calyx; seeds .∞-Gardens. Fls. numerous. California.

6. COSMAN'THUS, Nolte. Miami Mist. (Gr.Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1354 elegance, Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1355 a flower.) Calyx 5-parted ; cor. broadly campanulate, caducous,

5-cleft, tube without appendages; sta. 5, about equaling the (fringed) corolla; nectary minute ; ova. hairy except at base, 1-celled; sty. bifid; caps. 2-valved, valves septiferous in the middle; seeds 4, rugulous.-Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1356

Delicate herbs, with alternate lvs. Rac. long, bractless. Fls. small, white or pale blue.

1 C. Purshii. Nearly glabrous; lower lvs. petiolate, pinnatifid, segments few, entire, ovate, terminal one largest, upper lvs. sessile, pectinately pinnatifid, with 5 to 7 oblong, acute, lobes; rac. terminal, simple, 9 to 15-flowered; pedicels longer than the lance-linear sepals.-Fields and river bottoms, Penn. to Ga., W. to la. and Ky. Plant 8-12' high, with slender brandies. Radical leaves with obtuse lobes, mostly shorter than the petiole. Cor. delicately fringed, light blue, 5 to 6" broad, spreading. Mar, Jn. (C. fimbriatus Nolte. Phacelia fimbriata Ph. not Mx. P. Purshii Buckley.)

2. C. fimbriatus Mx. Much branched from the base, pubescent; sts. slender, assurgent; lower lvs. petiolate, pinnate, with roundish segments, upper sessile, cleft into 5 to 7 oblong, obtuse lobes; rac. terminal, simple, 5 to 12-flowered; pedicels about as long as the oblong-spatulate, obtuse sepals.-Mts. Va., Tenn. (Miss Dana), to Ga, Sts. 4 to 8' long. Fls. white, delicately fringed, 4 to 5" diam. May.

6. HYDRO'LEA, L. (Gr.Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1357 water, Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1358 oil; "a viscid (oily) water plant.") Calyx 5-sepaled, persistent; corolla rotate-campanulate, 5-lobed ; stamens 5, adherent to the corolla tube; styles 2, stigmas capitate-depressed ; capsule 2-celled, 2-valved, the large, fungous placentae axial, borne on each surface of the free, false dissepiment, seeds many.-Herbs with alternate, undivided lvs., and axillary or terminal cymes of blue fls.

1 H. corymbosa Macbride. Unarmed, sparingly hirsute above; lvs. sessile, lance-ovate; branchlets corymbed, each bearing a terminal flower; sep. lanceolate, acute, hispid ; cor. thrice longer than the calyx; caps, roundish-ovoid, glabrous.

-Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1359 . Ponds in pine barrens, Ga. and S. Oar. (Bachman). Sts. 1 to 2f high. Lvs, 1' to 18" long, with downy veins and margins. Fls. showy, nearly bell-shaped, 1' broad. " azure with yellowish veins and 5 white spots near the base," (Elliott.) Jn.-Aug.

2 H. quadrivalva Walt. Spiny, more or less hispid; lvs. lanceolate, petiolate, very acute at both ends, entire; cymes 4 to 6-flowered, axillary, upper sessile, lower pedunculate ; sepals ovate, acuminate, a little shorter than the coroila.-Order XCI Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophylls Continued 1360 In stagnant waters, S. Car., Ga. to La. St. 2f high. Spines straight, slender, axillary, 3 to 5" long. Lvs. 2 to 3' long. Cor. azure blue, 5 to 6" broad. Caps, as large as a pea, with numerous minute seeds. Jl.-Sept.

3 H. ovata Nutt. With ovate-acuminate lvs. and terminal clusters is found in W. La. and Ark., probably not native within our limits. Rarely seen in gardens.