* Flowers capitate, involucreate, small, blue. Sepals hairy...................................


* Flowers separate. - Sepals bristly cilliate, capsules some what hairy................

Nos. 2,3

- Sepals glabrous. - Flowers purple. Maritime......................

Nos. 4, 5

- Flowers white, rarely yellow...................

Nos. 6-8

1 I. tamnifolia L. St. terete, hirsute; lvs. hirsute ovate, cordate, acuminate; ped. as long as the leaves; fls. (small, blue) in involucrate heads, bracts unequal, lanceolate or linear, acute; sep. very hairy, linear-subulate.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1382 Middle Ga. to La. Vine trailing and climbing, clothed all over with tawny hairs. Lvs. large, on long petioles. Ped. 2 to 3' long. Fls. crowded, 9" long, blue.

2 I. commutata R. & S. St. slightly pubescent; lvs. cordate, entire or 3-lobed, smoothish, hairy at the insertion of the long petiole, auricles obtuse below, middle lobe dilated at base or ovate; ped. about equaling the petioles, 2 to 5-flowered; sepals lanceolate, acuminate, ciliate-hirsute, 4 times shorter than the corolla; caps, hairy.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1383 In dry fields, S. Car. to La. Sts. twining and climbing. Petioles 1 to 2' long. Fls. usually 3 on each peduncle, purple, varying to pink, bell-shaped, 18" long. Jl.-Oct. (I. trichocarpa Ell.)

3 I. lacunosa L. Minutely pubescent; st. twining; lvs. cordate, acuminate, an-gular-lobed or entire, on long petioles; ped. 1 to 3-flowered, half as long as the petioles; sep. bristly ciliate, oblong-lanceolate, acute, half as long as the corolla; caps, pilous.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1384 Penn., Md. to Fla., La. and Ill. A small, prostrate species, 2 to 6f long, in dry fields and hills. Lvs. 2' by 1 1/2', deeply cordate, often deeply 3-lobed, petioles 1 to 3' long. Fls. about 1' long, white with a purplish rim. Aug., Sept. (0. mieranthus Riddell.)

4 I Pes-caprae Sw. St. prostrate, slightly scabrous; lvs. roundish, emarginate or 2-lobed, rather thick, petiolate, strongly veined; ped. 1 to 5 (generally 3)-flowered, as long as the petioles; sep. ovate-lanceolate; cor. ample, with a short tube.- Coast and Isl. of Ga. Lvs. 2 to 3' long and wide, as long as the petioles and poduncles. Pedicels bracted, 1 to 2' long. Cor. near 3' long, purple. Jn.- Sept

5 I. sagittata Desf. Glabrous; lvs. cordate-sagittate, veiny, gradually acute and mucronate, auricles acute or rounded, petioles elongated; ped. as long as the petiole, but much shorter than the solitary, ample flower; sep. ovate, obtuse, short.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1385 Borders of salt marshes, S. Car., Ga. to La. St. long and twining. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, the sides nearly straight. Ped. very thick. Cor. 3' long, the border spreading 2'. or more, purple. Jn.-Aug.

6 I. sinuata Ort. St. hirsute; lvs. glabrous, or the veins beneath hirsute, pal-mately 7-cleft, the segm. pinnalifid, with obtuse teeth; ped. 1 to 2-flowercd, as long as the petioles; sepals lance-ovate, nearly as long as the tube of the campanulas corolla.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1386 Ga., Fla., in calcareous soils (Michaux). Lvs. varying to sinuate-lobed. A twining vine. Fls. white, 1' long. (I. dissecta Ph.)

7 I. ciliolata Pers. St. smooth; lvs. cordate, acuminate, smooth, the margin sparingly ciliate, petioles elongated; ped. 1-flowered, 2-bracted above, as long as the petioles; sep. broadly ovate, obtuse or mucronulate; cor. tubular, companulate. -Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1387 N. Car. and Tenn. Vino twining and climbing, with lvs. elegantly heart-shaped, and largo yellow corollas. Sep. large 1 to 9" long. (I. ciliosa Ph.)

8 I. panduratus Meyer. Wild Potato. (Fig. 321.) Max-of-the-earth. St. twining; lvs. broad-cordate or pauduriform; ped. 1 to 5-flowered, longer than the petioles; cal. smooth, ovate, 3 to 4 times shorter than the ample corolla.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1388 In sandy fields, N. Y. to Ill. and Ga. Sts. several from the same root, 4 to 8f long, slender, smooth. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, and about the same width, acute or obtuse, with rounded lobes at the base, sometimes lobed and hollowed on the sides and becoming riddle-shaped. Ped. bearing several largo flowers. Cor. near 3' long, white, with a purple center. Jl, Aug.

5. CONVOL'VULUS, L. Bind-weed. (Lat. convolvere, to entwine; from the habit of most of the species.) Sepals 5, corolla campanulate; style 1; stigmas 2, linear-cylindrical, often revolute; ovary 2-celled, 4-ovuled; capsule 2-celled, 4-seeded, or by abortion fewer.-Herbs or shrubby plants, twining or erect. None native.

1 C. arvensis L. Striate, angular, generally prostrate; lvs. sagittate, somewhat auriculate; ped. mostly 1-flowered, bibracteate near the apex; sep. roundish-ovate; caps, smooth.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1389 Fields and pastures, Maine to Car., not common. Stems several feet long, climbing or prostrate, a little hairy. Leaves 1-2' long, the lower ones obtuse. Flowers small, white, often with a tinge of red. The small, acute bracts are near the middle of the peduncle. Jn.

2 C. tricolor L. St. ascending, villose; lvs. lance-obovale, subspatulate, sessile, ciliate at base; ped. 1-flowered, bracteate, longer than the leaves; sep. ovate-lanceolate, acute; cor. tricolored; caps, villous.-Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1390 St. weak, 1 to 3f long. Cor. yellowish in the center, white in the middle zone, and of a fine sky blue on the outer part of the border. Jl. † Eur.

6. CALYNYC'TION speciosa, native of W. Ind., rarely seen in cultivation, may possibly be found wild in Fla.

7. CALYSTE'GIA, Br. (Gr.Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1391 calyx, Order XCIII Convolvulaceae Bindweeds Part 2 1392 a covering; allude ing to the conspicuous calycine bracts.) Calyx 5-parted, included in

2 large, foliaceous bracts; cor. campanulate, 5-plicate; sta. subequal, shorter than the limb ; ova. half bilocular, 4-ovuled ; sty. simple; stig., 2, obtuse ; caps. 1-celled, 4-seeded.-Herbs twining or prostrate. Ped. 1-flowered, solitary.