7. OBOLA'RIA, L. Pennywort. (Gr,Order XCV Gentianaceae Gentianworts Part 4 1439 a small coin; from the form of the leaves.) Calyx of 2 cuneate-oblong sepals or bracts; corolla tubular-campanulate, marescent, 4-cleft, lobes entire or crenu-late; stamens inserted on the corolla at the clefts; stigma subcapitate, bifid; capsule l-celled, 2-valved; seeds ∞, very minute. - Order XCV Gentianaceae Gentianworts Part 4 1440 Lvs. opposite. F!s. axillary and terminal, sessile, with leaf-like sepals.

O. Virginica L. Penn. to Car., W. to Ky., in woods. Stem 4 - 8' high, often in clusters, subsimple or with a few opposite branches above. Leaves cuneate-obo-vate or roundish-rhomboidal, sessile and decurrent at base, fleshy, obtuse or truncate at apex, lower ones small and remote, upper crowded, glaucous-purple, sepals or bracts similar. Corolla pale purple or whitish, longer than the stamens. Capsule ovoid, obtuse, surrounded by the withered corolla. Apr., May.

8. MENYAN'THES.Tourn. Buck Bean. (Gr.Order XCV Gentianaceae Gentianworts Part 4 1441 a month, Order XCV Gentianaceae Gentianworts Part 4 1442 reputed an emmenagogue.) Calyx 5-partcd; corolla rotate or funnel-form, limb spreading, 5-lobed, villous within, without glands at the base; stamens 5; style 1; stigma bifid; capsule 1-celled. - Bitter herbs, actively medicinal. Lvs. trifoliate.

M. trifoliata L. Grows in swamps, margins of ponds, etc., N. Am. N. of latitude 38°. This fine plant arises from large, black roots descending deep into the boggy earth. Stem 8 - 12' high, round. Leaves on long, round footstalks sti-puled at base. Leaflets obovate. Peduncle long, naked, terminal, bearing a pyramidal raceme of flesh-colored flowers. Pedicels thick, bracteate at base. Sepals obtuse, about a third as long as the corolla. Petals acute, about as long as the stamens, remarkably and beautifully distinguished by the soft, fringo-like hairs at the base and in the throat of the tube. May.

9. LIMNAN'THEMUM, Gmel. Floating Heart. (Gr.Order XCV Gentianaceae Gentianworts Part 4 1443 a lake or pool, Order XCV Gentianaceae Gentianworts Part 4 1444 a flower; from its aquatic abode.) Calyx 5-parted; corolla 5-parted, rotate, segm. furnished with a glandular scale at base, often bristly; stamens 5; style short or none; stigma 2-lobed; capsule many-seeded, 1-cellcd, opening by decay. - Order XCV Gentianaceae Gentianworts Part 4 1445 Curious aquatics, generally in stagnant water. Petioles long, bearing the flowers in an umbellate cyme below the roundish leaf, and oblong or cylindric tubers capable of producing new plants. (Villarsia Vent.)

1 L. lacunosum Griseb. Lvs. small (1 to 2' diam.), orbicular, cordate, entire smooth above, pitted and rugous beneath; cor. segm. twice as long as calyx, broad-obovale, smooth, gland at base, subsessile, hairy, caps, ovoid, little longer than the calyx; seeds not muricate, shining. - In shallow waters, Me., Mass., N. Y. to Car. Petioles 1 to 3f long. Leaf 1 to 2' diam., lobes diverging and somewhat angled, upper surface green, lower purplish. Umbel half an inch below the blade, sub, mersed pendulous, the fls. one by one rising above the water as they expand. Cor. 7 to 8" broad, white, tube and glands yellow. Jl. (V. cordata E1l V. lacunosa Vent.)

2 L. trachyspermum Gray. Lvs. reniform, oval or orbicular, somewhat peliate, coriaceous, obscurely crenate, smooth above, spongy and pitted beneath; cor.

segm. oblong, thrice as long as calyx, gland at base hairy, stipitate; caps, ovoid, twice longer than the calyx; sty. very short; seeds lens-shaped, shining, border muricate with sharp tubercles. - Ponds, S. States, Savannah (Feay), N. Orleans (Hale). Petioles 2 to 8f long, according to the depth of the water. Lvs. 2 1/2 to 4' by 3 to 5', purplish, variegated beneath. Fls. white, with yellow center, 10" broad. Seeds straw-color. Jn. (Menyanthes tracliyspermum Mx.)