17 A. paupercula Mx. St. virgate, erect, glabrous; lvs. linear and linear-oblong, margins narrowly revolute, both sides glabrous, tapering into a short petiole; ped. 1 or 2 at tap of the stem, umbel puberulent, few (6 to 10)-flowered; fls. large; petals oblong, half as long as the pedicels; hoods ovate, dilated above, horns short included. - N. J. to Ga. and La., in wet woods. St. 3 to 4f high, very smooth. Lvs. green on both sides, rough on the edges, mostly very narrow. Petals purple, 4" long. Crown stipitate, yellow. Jl, Aug. (A. lanceolata Walt.)

18 A. cinera Walt. Erect, virgate, smooth; lvs. opposite, narrowly linear or fili-form, acute, edges revolute; ped. alternate at summit of the naked stem, very few (3 to 6)-flowered, bracteolate; petals ovate-oblong, thrice shorter than the pedicels; hoods shorter than the stamens, including the horns. - Damp barrens, S. Car. to Fla. Sts. very slender, 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 1 to 3' long. Petals 2 to 3' long, of an ashy and glaucous purple. Jn., Jl

19 A. curassavica L. Half-shrubby and branched at base, puberulent; st terete; lvs. linear-lanceolate and lanceolate, acuminate, petiolate; umbels solitary, lateral, shorter than the lvs. with few large flowers; petals ovate, acute, reflexed half as long as pedicels; hoods ovate, longer than the recurved horns. - Gardens Tall and elegant. Fls. scarlet, varying to white, † W. Ind.

3. ACERA'TES, Ell. (Gr. a, privative,Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1453 horn; the crown being destitute of this process.) Calyx 5-parted; corolla 5-parted, reflexed; crown segments 5, erect, adnate to the anthers and destitute of either horns or scales; pollinia 5 pairs, suspended by a thread-like beak; otherwise as in Asclepias. - Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1454 Lvs. opposite or alternate. Umbels lateral.

1 A. viridiflora Ell. Branched at base, stout, ascending, pubescent-hoary; lvs. opposite, oval, obtuse, mucronate, petiolate, thick, varying to oblong-ovate or even lanceolate, with close veinlets combined at edge into a marginal vein; umbels nearly sessile, small, dense-flowered; petals ovate, reflexed, nearly as long as the pedicels; crown segm. oblong, erect, adnate to the anthers. - In gravelly soils, Can. to Ga. and Ark. Sts. about 2f high. Lvs. exceedingly variable, 2 to 4 to 6' long, wide in all proportions. Fls. small, green, inelegant, in 2 to 5 umbels. Ped. 1 to 3" long. Jl. (Asclepias lanceolata Ives.) - Prof. Pond sends specimens from W. Ga. with the leaves all nearly orbicular ! (A. obovata Ell ?)

2 A. monocephala Lapham. Low, stout, hairy; lvs. lanceolate, subsessile; umbel solitary, terminal on the naked summit of the stem, with numerous greenish flowers; crown sessile, the obtuse concave hoods erect-spreading, as long as the antheridium. - Prairies, Wise. (Mr. A. H. Watson). Plant near If high. (Asclepias lanuginosa Nutt. ?)

3 A. lougifolia Ell. Scabrous-puberulent; st. ascending, simple; lvs. alternate, numerous, linear and lance-linear, subsessile, acute; umbels half as long as the leaves, numerous, many-flowered, pubescent, axillary, pedunculate; crown-hoods stipitate, shorter than the antheridium. - Mich, to la., and Miss., in meadows and prairies. Stem stout, 2 - 3f high. Leaves 3 - 5' (including the 1 - 3' petiole) by 3 - 5". Flowers very numerous in each umbel, green, peduncle and pedicels about 1' long. July, Aug.

4. ANAN'THERIX, Nutt. (Gr. a privative,Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1455 a beard; of similar import with Acerates.) Calyx short, 5-parted; corolla 5-parted, petals broadly ovate, imbricated, rcilexcd-spreading; crown of 5 hollow, closed, horn-like, segments incurved, free from the anthers, double-margined and furnished with a crest-like scale along the interior surface; pollinia 5 pairs, suspended by a thread-like beak. Otherwise as in Asclepias. - Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1456 Herbs erect, with oblong, narrow, opposite lvs. and terminal paniculate umbels. Petals leaf-like, green.

1 A. connivens Feay. St. half-shrubby, firm, terete, strict, puberulent; lvs. oval or rather oblong, erect, subsessile, acute or obtuse; ped. 1 to 4, somewhat panicled along the nakedish summit, 7 to 12-flowered; petals oval, with a short cusp; crown segm. thrice longer than the anthers, incurved from a spreading base or arcuate, connivent over the anlhers. - E. Ga. in pine barrens, (Feay, Pond). ' Sts. about 2f high. Lvs. 18 to 80" long, 4 to 9" wide. Petals 5" long. Jn. (A. viridis Nutt. Asclepias connivens Baldw.)

2 A. paniculatus Nutt. St. stout, angular, contorted, assurgent, hirsute; lvs. narrowly oblong, obtuse, mucronate, on short petioles, pubescent; ped. 3 to 5, paniculate at the leafy summit, 5 to 9-flowered; petals ovate, erect-spreading-, crown segm. spreading, not longer than the anthers, 3 times shorter than the leaflike petals. - Ga (Feay, Pond) to Ark. Sts. 12 to 18' high, very leafy. Lvs. 2 to 3' long. Petals 6 to 8" long. (Acerates paniculata Decaisne. Asclepias viridis Walt.)

5. PODOSTIG'MA, Ell. (Gr.Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1457Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1458 foot, Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1459 stigma; from the character.) Corolla segments 5, erect, oblong, much exceeding the calyx; crown pedicellate, segments 5, without horns, short, concave, split on the inner side, apex reflexed; pollihia suspended by the attenuated apex, compressed; stigma depressed, 5-angIed; follicles 2, long, slender, smooth. - Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 3 1460 St. low, simple. Lvs. opposite. Umbels extra-axillary, few-flowered.

P. pubescens Ell. In Wet or moist grounds, S. Car., Ga., Fla. (Macon, Prof Loomis), Tallahassee (Mettauer) and Apalachicola! Plant of singular appearance, 8 to 14' high, slender, pubescent. Lvs. linear oblong, rarely linear-ovate, ob-tusish, sessile, erect, 1 to 18" long. Umbels 3 to 5, alternate, 3 to 6-flowered, rather shorter than the leaves. Fls. cylindric bell-shaped, yellowish green, 4" long, erect, the crown conspicuously pediceled. May, Jn.