6. SENTE'RA, Reich. Calyx of 5 lanceolate, acute sepals; corolla subrotate, 5-parted, acute, glabrous; crown segm. 5, erect, flattishh, re-tuse, adnate to the base of the sessile anthers; pollinia ovoid, fixed by the apex, pendulous; stigma bifid; follicles 2, smooth; seeds comous. -Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 4 1461 Slender, twining, with linear, fleshy lvs., few-flowered umbels. (Lyonia, Ell. nee Nutt.)

S. maritima Decn. In salt marshes, S. Car. to Fla., twining around (ho rushes, etc. Whole plant very smooth. Lvs. opposite, sessile, channeled, 1' long. Umbels between the leaves, 7 to 10-flowered. Sep. ciliolate, erect. Petals acute, greenish, twice longer than the white crown. Follicles very slender. Jn. - Oct (S. maritima Ell.)

7. ENSLE'NIA, Nutt. (In memory of Mr. Aloysius Enslen, who collected many plants in the Southern States.) Calyx small, 5-parted.; cor. 5-parted, segments erect; corona 5-leaved, leaflets membranaceous, free, truncate, each terminated by 2 filiform, flexuous lobes; pollinia oblong, obtuse at base and apex, pendulous; stig. 5-angled, conical; follicles cylindraceous, smooth. -Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 4 1462 A twining herb, with opposite, cordate-ovate, acuminate lvs. Ped. racemous-umbellate, many-flowered. Fls. white.

E. albida Nutt. - W. and S. States, common. Sts. slender, with an alternate, pubescent line. Lvs. thin, glabrous, with rounded, auriculate lobes at base, 2 to 3' long and wide, ending in a slender point, margins entire. Ped. axillary, as long as the petioles. Fls. ochroleucous, sweet-scented, 2" long. Jl, Aug.

8. GONOL'OBUS, Mx. (Gr.Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 4 1463 angle, Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 4 1464 pod; the fruit of some species is angular.) Calyx 5-parted, spreading; corolla subrotate, 5-parted, convolute in bud; crown a small, fleshy, undulatc-lobed ring, attached to the throat of the corolla; anthers opening transversely beneath the stigma; pollinia 5 pairs, horizontal; follicles turgid, seeds comous. - Order XCVII Asclepiadaceae Asclepiads Part 4 1465 More or less shrubby, twining or prostrate. Lvs. cordate, hairy, opposite. Umbels extra-axillary.

1 Gr. microphallus Mx. St tomentous-pubescent and with soft, scattered hairs; lvs. broad, ovate or oval, cordate, acuminate, pubescent beneath, at length glabrous above; ped. shorter than the petioles, 2 to 5-flowered, with linear bracts at summit; petals linear or linear-oblong obtuse, (6" long), smooth above, minutely puberulent beneath; follicles costate-angled. - Thickets along streams. Penn. to Ky. and Ga. Vine trailing or climbing 3 to 5f. Lvs. thin, 3 to 6' by 2 to 4', the lobes at base rounded and often nearly or quite closed, with a short acumina-tion at apex. Fls. dark purple. Petals 5 to 1" by 1". Jn., Jl. (G. dis-color, B. M.)

β. Levis. Plant nearly smooth, cor. segm. smooth both sides. - South. (G. levis Mx.) 2 G. hirsutus Mx. St. hirsute-pubescent; lvs. broad-ovate, acuminate, cordate, minutely pubescent both sides; ped. shorter than the petioles, few-flowered, with setaceous bractlets at top; petals (3" long) oblong, obtuse or acute, minutely pu-berulent outside; follicles muricate. - Woods, Can. to Fla. and Ala Lvs. as in the last, from which this species technically differs only in its broader (dark purple) petals and prickly fruit. Lvs. seldom exceeding 4' by 3'. Petals about 3" by 1 1/2". May - Aug.

3 G. prostratus Ell. Branched at base, hirsute-pubescent; branches herbaceous, prostrate; lvs. small, broadly ovate-reniform, acute, sinus broad, auricles rounded, inflexed; umbeh sessile, 3 to 5-flowered; sep. lanceolate, hairy; cor. segm. ovate, obtuse, (1" long), very hirsute inside; crown 5-lobed, very short. - E. Ga. in sands (Feay). Sts. 6 to 12' long. Lvs. 1' or less long, nearly as wide, the upper somewhat acuminate. Els. dark purple, 3" broad. (Chthlamia pubiflora Decn.)

9. HOYA, R. Br. Wax Plant. (Named for Thomas Hoy, an English florist.) Calyx small, 5-sepaled; corolla rotate, flat, valvate in bud; staminate crown of 5 depressed, spreading segments; anthers membranous at tip; pollinia fixed by the base, oblong, connivent; follicles smooth, seeds comous. - Shrubs twining, with fleshy lvs. and fls. in extra-axillary umbels.

H. carnosa R. Br. Branchlets puberulent; lvs. thick, glabrous, oval-. oblong, short-pointed; ped. shorter than pubescent pedicels; cor. fleshy, papillous inside, segm. triangular, reflexcd at the apex; corona segm. oval, acute, edges revolute. - Garden and greenhouse. Fls. pink-colored, in dense umbels, very-fine. † E. Ind.

10. STAPE'LIA, L. (Named for Bodceus a Stapel, a physician of Amsterdam.) Calyx 5-parted; corolla rotate, 5-cleft, fleshy; crown double, the exterior of leaves entire or parted, the interior of horn-like segments; pollinia erect, 5 pairs, turgid; follicles smooth, erect; seeds comous. - Plants of S. Africa, fleshy, branching, leafless; branches angular, angles toothed, bearing large, fleshy, dark red, rugous flowers, of a most disgusting odor. Some arc cultivated in our greenhouses, as A. hirsuta, A. bufonia, etc.