Herbs or low shrubs with simple, entire, opposite (at least the lower) leaves, with fls. perfect, regular, hypogynous, in one-sided racemes, very fugacious. Sep. 5, unequal, persistent. Petals 5 (sometimes 3 or wanting) convolute in aestivation. Sta. mostly ∞. Caps. 1-celled, 3 - 5-valved, with as many parietal placentae Seeds albuminous Embryo curved or spiral (Illust in Fig. 404.) Genera 7, species 1S5, most abundant in S. Europe and N. Africa.


¶ Petals 3, linear-lanceolate, small..........................................



¶ Petals 5, - large and showy, or wanting.................................



- minute. Delicate shrubs.................................



1. LECHEA, L. Pinweed. (In memory of John Leche, a Swedish botanist.) Sepals, 5, the 2 outer minute; petals 3, lanceolate, small; stamens 3 to 12; stigmas 3, scarcely distinct; capsule 3-celled, 3-valved; placentas nearly as broad as the valves, roundish, each 1 - 2-seeded. -Order XVII Cistaceae Rock Roses 311 Often shrubby at base, with numerous very small brownish purple flowers.

1 L. major Mx. Hairy; lvs. elliptical, mucronulate; fls. minute, about as long as the pedicels. - In dry woods, U. S. and Can. St. 1 - 2f high, rigid, brittle hairy, purple, somewhat corymbously branched. Lvs. of the stem about 4" long, alternate, opposite, or even verticillate on the prostrate branches, crowded. Fls. brownish-purple, inconspicuous among the numerous bracts. Caps. roundish, about the size of a small pin-head. Variable. Jl., Aug.

2 L. minor Lam. Smoothish; lvs. linear, very acute; fls. small, on pedicel which are mostly twice longer. - Grows in dry, sandy grounds, U. S. and Can. Sts. 8 - 16' high, slender, red, paniculately branched, often decumbent at base. Stem lvs. 6 - 10 ' by 1", alternate, revolute at the margin, those of the divergent, filiform branches gradually minute. Fls. twice as large as in L. major. Petals brownish-purple, cohering at apex. Caps. the size of a large pin-head. Jn. - Sept

3 L. thymifolia Ph. Shrubby, hoary with oppressed hairs; lvs. linear and linear-oblanceolate, rather acute, often verticillate; fls. small, on pedicels still shorter.- Seacoasts, Mass to N. J. Sts. about 1f high, many from the same caudex, rigid and very bushy. Lvs. 6 - 10" long, erect, crowded. Fls. in terminal, dense cymules, on very short pedicels. Petals brown. Caps. globous. Jl. - Sept.

2. HELIANTHEMUM, L. Rock Rose. (Gr. ήλіός, the sun, avθός, flower.) Sepals 5, the 2 outer, smaller, the 3 inner convolute; petals 5, or rarely 3, convolute contrary to the sepals, sometimes abortive; stamens ∞; stigmas 3, scarcely distinct; capsule triangular, 3-valved, opening at top; seeds angular. - Fls. yellow often of 2 kinds, the later being smaller and apetalous.

1 H. Canadense Mx. Frost Plant. Hoary pubescent; petaliferous fls. solitary, pedicellate, terminal, apetakms ones axillary, small, clustered, subsessile; cal. acute; lvs. revolute on the margin, lanceolate, acute. - In dry fields and woods, Can. to Flor. St. 8 - 12' high, at length shrubby at base. Lvs. 8 - 12" long, 1/4 as wide, entire, subsessile. Primary fls. with large bright yellow petals. The axillary fls. later, very small, with very small petals, or apetalous. Sta. declinate. Caps. smooth, shining, those of the apetalous fls. not larger than a pin's head. Sds. few, brown. May - Sept.

β. obtusa. Hoary tomentous; lvs. oblong, obtuse; fls. (all petaliferous?) smaller (7" broad), several, terminal. - Middle Flor. St. 3 - 6' high. Lvs. about 9" by 2'. Apr. It may prove distinct.

2 H. corymbosum Mx. Canescently tomentous; fls. in crowded, fastigiate cymes, the primary ones on elongated, filiform pedicels, and with petals twice longer than the calyx; sep. villous canescent, obtuse; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, margins revolute. - Sterile sands, N. J., to Fla. Plant somewhat shrubby, very tomentous when young, at length diffusely branched, about 1f high. Primary fls. 7 or 8" diam.; secondary ones apetalous, subsessile. Jn. - Aug. (Heteromeris cymosa Spach.)

3 H. Carolinianum Mx. Villous, simple, erect; fls. all large, petaliferous and subterminal; sepals acuminate; lvs. oblong-oval, edges denticulate, not revolute. - Dry woods, S. Car. to Fla. and La., common. St. rarely branched from the base, brownish, 8 - 12' high. Lvs. distinctly petioled, 1 - 2 1/2' long, 1/3 as wide, obtuse or acute, black-dotted beneath. Fls. 1 to 4, more than I' broad, the pedicels supra-axillary. Apr., May.

3. HUDSONIA, L. (In honor of William Hudson, author of Flora Anglica.) Sepals 3, united at base, subtended by 2 minute ones outside; petals 5; stamens 9 - 30; style filiform, straight; capsule, 1-celled, 3-valved, many-seeded. - Low shrubs with very numerous branches, and minute, exstipulate leaves.

1 H. tomentdsa Nutt. Hoary-tomentous; lvs. ovale, appressed-imbricate. acute; fls. subsessile; sep. obtuse. - Shores of the ocean and lakes, Me. to N. J. and Wis.

Plant consisting of numerous slender, ascending stems from the same root, and a multitude of tufted branches, all covered with whitish down. Lvs. less than 1" in length, closely oppressed to the stem. Fls. about 2" broad, yellow, numerous. May.

2 H. ericoides L. Hoary-pubescent; lvs. subulate, a little spreading; pedicels ex-serted, as long as the calyx; sep. acutish. - A very delicate shrub. L. Champlain, Vt, Conway Pond, N. H. to Va., along the coasts. St. 1/2 f high, erect, with numerous, short, compound, procumbent branches. Lvs. not more than 1' long. Fls. yellow, about 3" broad. Caps. oblong, pubescent. May.

3 H. montana Nutt. Minutely pubescent; lvs. filiform-subulate; pedicels longer than the flowers; sep. acuminate, the outer ones longer, subulate. - High Mts. of N. Car. Sts. decumbent, 3 - 5' high. Lvs. partly imbricated, 2" long. Fls. about 5" broad, the pedicels when in fruit 1' long. Caps. about 3-seeded.