Leaves opposite (small) on the prostrate stem. Fls. purplish............................

No. 1


Leaves alternate on the ascending stem. Fls. yellow or white............................

Nos. 2, 3, 4


Leaves rosulate at the base of the mostly leafless scape. (a)

a Calyx entirely free from the ovary (inferior).........................

Nos. 5, 6, 7

a Calyx adherent to the base of the ovary (half superior)..........................

Nos. 8, 9, 10

1 S. oppositifolia L. Lvs. opposite, rather crowded, obovate, carinate, ciliate, obtuse, punctate, persistent; fls. solitary; cal. free from the ova.; pet. large, obovate, 5-veined, longer than the stam. - In the same locality as the next species.

. Sts. purplish, very branching, diffuse. Lvs. bluish-green, 1 to 2" long. Fls.

light purple, largo and showy. May, Jn.?

2 S. aizoides L. Caespitous, leafy; lvs. linear-oblong, more or less ciliate, thick, flat, mostly persistent; flowering sts. annual; fls. paniculate, sometimes solitary; sep. ovate, slightly coherent with the ova; pet. oblong, longer than the sep.; stig. depressed; caps rather thick, as long as the styles. - In the clefts of rocks, at Willoughby Lake, Vt. (500 feet above the water), N. to the Arc. Sea. Barren stems short, with densely crowded lvs.; flowering stems ascending, 2 to 4' long, with scattered lvs. Lvs. 4 to 6" long, about 2" wide. Pedicels bracteate, Fls. yellow, dotted.

3 S. rivularis L. St. weak, ascending, 3 to 5-flowered; radical lvs. petiolate, reniform, crenately lobed, cauline, lanceolate, subentire; cal. lobes broad-ovate, nearly as long as the ovate petals, but much shorter than the short-beaked capsule. - White Mts. N. H. (Oakes), N. to Arc. Am. A very small species, with white, bracteate fls. Sts. about 2' high, annual, with alternate lvs.

4 S. tricuspidata Retz. St. thick, erect; lower lvs. crowded, oblong, 3-cuspidate; fls. few, large, somewhat corymbed; sep. thick, ovate, shorter than the oblongobuvate, yellow, dotted pel.; caps. ovate, tipped with the diverging styles. - Lake shores, Can. and northward.

5 S. leucanthemifolia Mx. Viscid-pubescent; Ivs. radical, spatulate, cut-dentate, tapering to a petiole; scape diffusely paniculate, with capillary pedicels; calyx free, reflexed; pet. unequal. - Mts. of Car. and Ga. Scapes 1 to 2f high. bearing numerous small fls. Lvs. cut into several largo teeth. Petals white or pink, the three larger spotted with yellow. Jn. - Sept.

6 S. crosa Ph. Viscid-pubescent; lvs. radical, thin, oblong-lanceolate, acute, with erose teeth; panicle oblong, loose, with leafy bracts and divaricate branches; cal. free, with reflexed, obtuse sepals as long as the equal, obtuse petals. - Mts. Penn. to Car. Scape 12 to 18' high. Fls. scattered, on slender pedicels. Petals small, white, yellow at base. Jn., Jl.

7 S. Careyana Gray. Lvs. radical, long-petlolid, thin, glabrous, round-ovate, coarsely crenate-dentate, base truncate or subcordate; scape slender, diffusely cymous-paniculate; pedicels filiform; petals lance-oblong, sessile, twice longer than the recurved sepals; carpels distinct, turgid, free. - Mts. N. Car., on wet, shady rocks. A low herb with small, white flowers.

0 S. aizoon Jacq. Lvs. mostly radical, rosulate, spatulate, obtuse, bordered with while cartilaginous teeth and a marginal row of impressed dots; fls. corymbous paniculate; cal. (and ped. glandular viscid) tube hemispherical, as long as the 5-toothed limb; pet. obovate; sty. divergent, longer than tho calyx. - Southern shores of Lake Superior, to Nova Scotia and northward, on shady, moist rocks. Sts. 5 to 10' high. Fls. white. Jl.

9 S. Virginiensis Mx. Early Saxifrage. Lvs. mostly radical, spatulate-obovate, crenately toothed, pubescent, shorter than the broad petiole; scape nearly leafless, paniculately branched above; fls. many, cymous; cal. adherent to the base of the ovary; pet. white, oblong, much exceeding the calyx. - An early and interesting plant, on rocks and dry hills, Can. and U. S. Scape 4 to 12' high, pubescent, annual. Lvs. rather fleshy, 9 to 13" by 6 to 12". Fls. in rather dense clusters, white, or tinged with purple, in early spring. Fig. 310.

10 S. Pennsylvanica L. Lvs. radical, oblong-lanceolate, rather acute, tapering at base, denticulate; scape nearly leafless; branches alternate, with close cymes forming a diffuse panicle, fls. pedicellate; pet. greenish, linear-lanceolate, but little longer than the cal. - Larger than the foregoing, common in wet meadows, Me. to Ohio. Lvs. fleshy, pale green, 5 to 8' by 1 to 2', on a broad petiole. Scape 2 to 3f high, gross, hollow, hairy and viscid, branched into a large, oblong panicle of yellowish green fls. of no beauty. May.

5. ASTIL'BE, Don. (Gr. a, privativeSaxifragaceae Saxifrages Part 2 772 brightness; the leaves are not shining.) Polygamous; calyx adherent to the base of the ovary, obconic, with 4 or 5 erect segments; petals 4 or 5, spatulate; stamens 8 or 10, exserted; ovary 2-cellcd; carpels of the fruit separating and dehiscing lengthwise inside; seeds 1 to 4 in each cell, covered with a loose, membranous testa.- Saxifragaceae Saxifrages Part 2 773 Coarse and weed-like plants. Lvs. compound, 2 or 3-ternate. Fls. small, yellowish-white, in spicate rac. forming a compound panicle.

A. decandra Don. St. tall, angular; lfts. subcordate, incisely lobed, mucronate-serrato; sterile fls. mostly apetalous; sta. 10. - Mts. of S. W. Va., E. Tenn, N. Car. to Ga. Abundant in its localities. St. 4 to 6f high, with very large panicles. Its resemblance to Spirea Aruncus is very striking, but its irregularly cleft lfts. and its twice larger (2" long), 2-carpeled fr. are positive marks of difference. Jn. - Aug.

6. BOYKIN'IA, Nutt. (Dedicated to Dr. Boykin, of Georgia, a pioneer botanist.) Calyx turbinate adherent, 5-cleft; petals 5, deciduous; stamens 5; ovary 2-cellcd, 2-beaked; capsule invested with the permanent, urceolate calyx tube, dehiscent between the beaks.-Saxifragaceae Saxifrages Part 2 774 Lvs, alternate, petiolate, palmate. Fls. cymous, white.

B. aconitifolia Nutt. St. viscid-glandular; lvs. smoothish, deeply 5 to 7-lobed (like those of Aconitum); cyme fastigiate, the fls. secund. - Mts. S. W. Va. and N. Car. (Curtis). St. 1 to 2t'high. Fls. small, numerous. Jl.