3 M. Jamesii Torr. St. decumbent, rooting at the lower joints; lvs. subentire, roundish-reniform, the lower on long petioles, 5 to 7-veined ; ped. about as long as the leaf; cal. ovate, upper tooth largest; cor. tube scarcely exserted,-Shores of L. Superior, Min., Nebr. Fls. small, yellow.

4 M. luteus L. Ascending or erect; lvs. orbicular-ovate or oblong, lower long-petiolate, sublyrate, upper sessile or clasping, many-veined; ped. longer than the lvs.; cal. tube ovoid, upper tooth largest; cor tube broad, twice longer than the calyx.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1101 Fls. yellow, often spotted with rose or purple, large and very showy, † California.-Varies greatly.

5 M. Cardinalis Dougl. Erect, branched, villous; lvs. ovate, erose-deniate, narrowed and amplexicaul at base, many-veined; ped. longer than the lvs.; cab tube large, inflated; cor. lobes reflexed.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1102 St. loosely branched, 2 to 3f high. Cor. scarlet, the tuba hardly longer than the calyx, limb large and brilliant † California.

6 M. moschatus Doug. Musk Plant. Decumbent, hairy and viscid, lvs. ovate, acute, dentate, feather-veined; ped. about as long as the leaf; cal. teeth lanceolate, acuminate, unequal.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1103 Herb rooting at the joints, a foot long. Cor. tube exceeding the calyx, yellow. The plant exhales the odor of musk. † Oregon.

15. CONO'BEA, Aublet. Calyx 5-parted, equal; upper lip of the corolla 2-!obed, lower lip 3-parted ; fertile sta. 4 ; anth. approximating by pairs, cells parallel; caps, globous, ovoid, valves breaking away from the placentiferous dissepiment; seeds ∞, ovoid.-American branching herbs, with opposite lvs. Ped. axillary, solitary or in pairs, 1-flowered, 2 bracteoles near apex.

C. multifida Benth. Low, diffusely branched, puberulent; lvs. petiolate, pin-nately dissected; segments linear or cuneate, lobed or entire, obtuse; cor. lobe's entire; caps, ovoid, valves at length 2-partcd.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1104 Sandy banks of rivers, common, Ohio to La. A plant 4-6' high, With finely divided leaves, and of a grayish aspect. Leaves 1 long, in 5 or 7 segments, the petiole as long as the flowers. Corolla greonish, hardly exceeding the calyx. Capsule 1 1/2" long. Jl (Cap-raria, Mx.)

16. HERPES'TIS, Gaert, (Gr.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1105 a creeper.) Calyx 5-parted, unequal; cor. subbilabiate, upper lip emarginate or 2-lobed, lower :3-lobed; sta. 4, didynamous, parallel; caps. 2-furrowed, 2-celled, valves parallel with the dissepiment, the margins inflexed; seeds ∞, small.- Obscure weeds with opposite lvs. Ped. 1-flowered, axillary, or subracc-mous, often with 2 bracteoles near the calyx.

§ Flowers yellow, corolla 4-cleft, upper segment (lip) entire. Plant erect...........................................

No. 1

§ Flowers blue.-Corolla 4-celft, upper segment (lip) emarginate...................

Nos. 2, 3

-Corolla 5-cleft, lobes nearly equal. Leaves erenate...............

No. 4

1 H. nigrescens Benth. Tall; lvs. oblong, crenatc-serrate, cuneate at base, obtuse or acute; ped. bractless, equaling or exceeding the leaves- the posterior lobe of the calyx oblong-obtusish.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1106 Car. to Fla. and La. Wet. Plant 1 to 2!" high, often branched. Lvs. 1 to 2' long, thick, obscurely feather-veined, the up-per shorter than the (1') pedicels. Cor. yellow, rather longer (5") than the calyx (4"). Aug., Sept (Gratiola acuminata Walt.)-Blackens in drying.

2 H. rotundifolia Ph. St. mostly glabrous, creeping; lvs. orbicular-obovate, entire, glabrous, many-veined; pedicels ebracteate, 1-3-together, 2 or 3 times longer than the calyx; lower cal. seg. ovate; cor. 1/3 longer than the calyx.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1107 A prostrate mud plant, in ponds, Ill. (Mead) to La. (Hale.) Stem If in length. Leaves.6- 12" diam., about 9-veined, sessile. Peduncles thick, half as long as the leaves. Calyx 2-3" in length. Flowers blue. Aug.

3 H. amplexicaulis Ph. St floating, woolly; lvs. amplexicaul, ovate, obtuse, entire, many-veined, glabrous above; ped. solitary, shorter- than the calyx; cal. lower segm. cordate; cor. 1/3 longer than the calyx; hypogynous disk long, 10-toothed at apex.-Swamps and ditches, N. J. to La. (Hale.) A few inches in length, with leaves 6 to 8" long. Fls. neariy 5" long. Sty. dilated at the end. Aug.

4 H. Monniera Humboldt. Glabrous, fleshy, prostrate; lvs. cuneate-obovate. obscurely crenato or entire, 1 to 3-veiued; ped. as long as the lvs.; cal. subtended by 2 linear bractlets, its 3 outer segm. ovate.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1108 An obscure weed, on inundated banks, Penn. to Ga. and La. Lvs. 6 to 8" long, obscurely veined, sessile, or the lower contracted to a short petiole. Fls. few, cor. spreading 3 to 4', pale blue, on ped. 6 to 12" long. Aug. (H. cuneifolia Ph.)

17. GRATT'OLA, Hedge Hyssop. (Lat gratia, favor; alluding to its medicinal virtues.) Calyx 5-parted, subequal; cor. upper lip entire or slightly bifid, lower trifid, the palate not prominent; sta. 2, fertile, mostly with 3 sterile filaments; caps. 2-celled, 4-valved, valves inflexed at margin.-Herbs with opposite lvs. Ped. axillary, 1-flowered, usually bibracteolat3 near the calyx.

§ Flowers sessibel. Cells of anthers vertical. Plants rigid, bristly-hairy........................



§ Flowers pedunculate. Anther cells transverse. Plants smooth or viscid (a).

a Sterile filaments none, or very minute and pointed.........................



a Sterile filaments thread-like, tipped with a small head....................



1 G. Virginiana L. St. ascending, branched; lvs. lanceolate, sparingly toothed; ped. as long or longer than the leaves; cor. twice longer than the calyx; sterile fit none.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1109 U. S. and Can. Stem 4-8 high, more or less pubescent, round, declining, and branching at base. Leaves 1-2' long, and 1/3 as wide, smooth, lanceolate, sessile, dentate or nearly entire near the ends, subconnate or amplexicaul. Cor. white or pale-yellow, twice longer than the calyx or the 2 bracts. Jl

2 G. Floridana Nutt. St. erect, branched; lvs. lanceolate, few-toothed; ped. longer than the leaves; cor. 4 times longer than the calyx; sterile fil. none?-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 5 1110 Dry soils, fields, etc, Ala. and Fla. Plant 6 to 9' high, with the appearance of G-. Virginiana, but smaller lvs. and larger fls. Lvs. hardly 1' long. Ped 1' to 18" long. Bractlets scarcely as long as sepals. Cor. 7" long, tube yellow within, limb rose color.