3 G. sphaerocarpa Ell. Glabrous, ascending, branched; lvs. lanceolate-ovate, attenuate 1o the base, sparingly toothed ; ped. scarcely longer than the calyx.-Low grounds, Western States to Ga. Plant a few inches high, differing from the last chiefly in the short peduncles, round capsules, broader leaves, etc. Flowers whitish, 5-6" long. Jn. (G. Caroliniensis Le Conte.)

4 G. aurea Muhl. Smooth; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, subentire, clasping; ped. as long as, or longer than the leaves; cor. yellow ; sterile fil. 2, short.-A small, perennial herb, 6 to 8' high, in muddy places, Mass. to Fla. St. declining and rooting at the base, quadrangular, simple or branching. Lvs. sessile, a little clasping, smooth, punctate, acute or nearly so, often with a few teeth near the end. Fls. golden yellow, axillary, alternate, on slender stalks. Fil. 4, adhering to the corolla, 2 of them minute, sterile. Aug.

5 G. viscosa Schwein. Viscid-pubescent, ascending; lvs. lance-ovate or oblong, clasping, acute, 3-veined, acutely serrate; ped. longer than the leaves; bractlets (2) and sepals (5) twice shorter than the (white) corolla tube, twice longer than capsule.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1111 Wet places, N. Car., Ky., to Fla. and La St. simple, obtusely angled, 9 to 12' long. Lvs. 6 to 9 long, teeth slender. Ped. 1'. Cor. white, tube yellow within. (G. Drummondii Benth.)

β. Drummondh. Sepals and bractlets subulate, thrice longer than the capsule. -La. (Hale.)

6 G. ramosa Walt. Glabrous or viscid-puberulent; st. ascending from a prostrate base, terete; lvs. linear-acute, with few teeth near the summit; bractlets minute or none; sepals linear; sterile fil. filiform.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1112 Muddy shores, S. Car. to Fla. Sts. simple or branched from the creeping base. Lvs. 6 to 9' long, 1 to 2" wide, with 2 or 4 teeth. Ped. nearly equaling the leaves. Cor. white, yellow within. May-Jl. (G. quadridentata Mx.)

7 G. pilosa Mx. Erect, hispid; lvs. ovate, few-toothed, clasping, rugous; cor-tube scarcely longer than the calyx.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1113 Car. to Fla. and La., in wet places. Plant If high, rough with stiff, white hairs. Lvs. 6 to 8" long, 3 to 5" broad, irregularly 3-veined. Fls. sessile, shorter than the leaves, white. Jl.-Sept.

8 G. subulata Baldw. Erect, hispid; lvs. linear or lance linear, margins revo-lute, entire; cor. tube slender, thrice longer than the calyx.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1114 Damp sandy places, Ga. (Feay, Pond), Fla. (Mettauer, Chapman, etc.) Plant generally much branched, 5 to 8' high. Lvs. 5 to 8" long, rigid, distant, or often densely imbricated. Cor. tube 4' long, persistent and recurved after flowering. Sept., Oct.

18. ILYSAN'THES, Raff. (Gr.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1115 mud, Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1116 flower.) Calyx 5parted ; cor. upper lip short, erect, bifid, lower lip larger, spreading, trifid; sta. 2 fertile; 2 sterile fil. forked, one of the divisions glandular, obtuse, the other acute, or rarely with half an anther; caps, orate or oblong, about equaling the calyx.-With opposite lvs., and axillary, 1-flowered ped., resembling Gratiola in habit. (Lindernia, L.)

1 I. gratioloides Benth. Glabrous, ascending, much branched; lvs. ovate or oblong, obtusish, subdentate, lower attenuated to a petiole; cor. erect, twice longer than the calyx, on bractless peduncles; sterile fil. bearing the glabrous, acute lobe below the middle.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1117 Can. and U. S. in wet places. A low, inconspicuous plant, 3-6 or 8' high. Leaves 5-8" long, sometimes mostly sessile, commonly the lower distinctly petiolate. Corolla bluish-white, much exserted, 5" long. Jl., Aug.-(L. dilatata and attenuata Muhl.)

2 I. refracta Benth. Slender, smooth, erect; mostly subradical, oval-oblong and spatulate, cauline few, small and remote, lance-linear; ped. filiform, subterminal, few, deflected after flowering; cor. tube 4 times longer than the linear sepals.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1118 Damp pine-woods, N. Car. to Ga. (Mettauer, near Macon). St. 6 to 10' high, sparingly branched. Lower lvs. 7 to 9" long, cauline 1 to 5". Fls. 5" long, light blue. Jn.

3 I. grandiflora Benth. Smooth, creeping, diffuse; lvs. thick, orbicular, entire, subclasping, veinless; ped. very hairy; sterile fil. 2; partly exserted, lobe-bearing in the middle, thickened at the end.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1119 Ga. (between Savannah and Augusta, Nutt.) in sandy swamps. Lvs. 3 to 4" diam. Pod. 1' long, cor. 6", violet blue.

19. MICRAN'THEMUM, Rich. (Gr.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1120 small, Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1121 flower; such is its character.) Calyx 4-toothcd or cleft; corolla upper lip shorter, entire, lower trifid ; stamens 2 fertile, a glandular scale at the base of each, sterile filament none; style short, apex clavate or spatulate, entire ; capsule 2-valved.- Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 6 1122 Slender, glabrous, creeping, with opposite lvs. and minute flowers.

§ Calyx deeply cleft, segments longer than the uncqual corolla lips....................



§ Calyx merely toothed, segments shorter than the very unqual corolla lips...............



1 M orbiculatum Mx. Lvs. orbicular or roundiah-obovate, obscurely 3-veined, entire, contracted to a very short petiole; fls. solitary, axillary, much shorter than the leaves and on pedicels shorter than the calyx.-N. Car. to Fla. and La., common, in mud or shallow water. Sts. diffuse, fiiform. Lvs. often crowded, 2 to 4" long, 2 to 3" wide. Fls. globular, less than 1" long, white. All summer. (M. emarginatum Ell.)

2 M. micrantha. Lvs. roundish, ovate, crowded, sessile, obscurely 3-veined; fls. sessile, axillary, very minute.-Inundated banks of rivers, Delaware to the Ogee-chee, probably not common. Plant a few inches long, branched. Fls. white, the middle segm. of the lower lip largest and spreading. Sept., Oct. (Herpestis mierantha Ell. Hemianthus micranthemoides Nutt.)