22 A. sericeus Vent. Sts. slender, clustered, glabrous below, silky pubescent, branched above; lvs. clothed on both sides with a dense, appressed, silky-canes-cent tomentum, lance-oblong, entire, acute and mueronate, sessile; lids, large, mostly solitary, terminal on the short, leafy branchlets; scales lanceolate, silky-canescent like the lvs., spreading at tip; ach. smooth. - A singularly elegant Aster, with shining, silvery foliage, prairies and river banks, Wise, and Iowa to Miss. St. 1 to 2f high. Lower lvs. 2 to 3' by 9 to 16", the upper much smaller. Rays deep violet-blue. Pappus fulvous. Aug. - Oct.† (A. argenteus Mx.)

23 A. concolor L. St. subsimp!e, erect, pubescent; lvs lance-oblong, entire, mueronate, grayish, with a minute, silky pubescence both sides, upper ones cuspidate-acuminate; rac. terminal, virgate, simple or somewhat compound, elongated; scales lanceolate, silky, acute, appressed; ach. villous. - Pine barrens, N. J. to Fla. A slender and virgate plant, 1 to 3f high, sometimes branched below. Rt. often tuberous. Lvs. 11/2' by 1/2', reduced in size upwards. Hds. in a long rac, with purple rays and a rust-colored pappus. Aug. - Nov. - Resembles a Liatris.

24 A. turbinellus Lindl. Smooth or slightly scabrous; branches and branchlets very slender; lvs. lanceolate, tapering to each end, acute, slightly clasping, entire ; invol. clavate-turbinate, acute at base, as long as the disk fls. (6"); scales imbricated in many rows, linear, obtuse, with short green tips. - Woods and river bottoms, I11. (Mead.), Mo., etc., to La Sts. 2f high, somewhat corymbous. Lower lvs. 3 to 5' by 3/4 to 1 1/2', the others gradually reduced upwards to the scales. Hds. middle size, with blue rays and brownish pappus. Sept.

25 A. dumosus L. Smooth or puberulent; branches racemous-panicled, lvs. numerous, smooth, linear, sessile, entire or the lowest subserrate, those of the branches very short; invol obtuse at base, closely imbricate; scales obtuse.- About 2f high, in dry shades and borders of woods, U. S. St. much branched, very leafy, the lower lvs. 2 to 3' long, the upper smaller and becoming very minute. Hds. small, with about 24 purplish-white rays. Quito variable in respect to the extent of its branching inflorescence, the acutenessand size of its lvs., the obtusc-nessof it3 scales, etc. Rt. lvs. 1 to 3' long, st. and branch lvs. 2 to 12'long. Sept.

. coridifolius is a starved, attenuate form, very slender every way.

26 A. carneua L. Smooth; st. dividing into many straight, paniculate, leafy branches; lvs. uniform, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, entire, the lower ones tapering to a sessile base, the upper amplexicaul; scales rather acute, close, much shorter than the disk. - Moist fields, E. and W. St. 2 - 3f., often purple. Lvs. 5' to 5'. Hds. many, middle size. Rays 20 - 30, purple to rose-colored. Sept.- Oct.

26.1/2 A. mutabilis Willd. St. smooth, paniculale-branclied from base, dense-flowered ; lvs. linear-lanceolate, serrulate, thickish, all clasping, upper lance-oblong, entire; hds. medium; scales loose, lanceolate, much shorter than the disk; rays pale. Wet soils. I11. 2 - 3f. Varies, with lvs. serrate, hds. few, etc.

27 A. ericoides L. Smoothish: branches virgate, branchlets secund, 1-headed; lvs. spatulate, and linear, and subulate: hds. small; sc. as long as the disk, wilh subulate, mucronate, spreading tips. - Rocky fields. Stem 1 - 3f. high.

28 A. racemosus Ell. Bough-pubescent, with many erect branches; lvs. linear and linear-subulate, very acute, margins very scabrous; hds. spicate-racemed and crowded on the upper part of the branches; scales very acute, as long as the disk, somewhat spreading, rays very short. - S. Car. to Fla. on the islands and coast. St. 2 to 3f high. The very small heads (2" long) are almost rayless. Sept., Oct

29 A. simplex Willd. Glabrous; st. corymbous-paniculate above; lvs. lanceolate, acuminate, entire, the margins scabrous, lower ones sarrate; scales loosely imbricated, linear-subulate. - Another variable species in low grounds, U. S. and Can. St 1 to 5f high, somewhat corymbous. Lvs. 2 to 4' by 5 to 10", very smooth both sides, tapering to a slender point; those of the branches and branchlets proportionately smaller. Hds. rather few, middle size (4 to 5" long), on the short branchlets. Sept Sometimes low with smaller hds., again tall with larger.

. divergeus. Branches diffuse, loosely racemous, pubescent in lines; 4 - 6f. 291/2 A. aubasper Lindl. ? Pubescent above, racemous branched, branches short, dense-flowered; lvs. lanceolate, acuminate, attenuate to a short petiole, rough, appressed-serrate, the upper reduced, entire, sessile; invol. closely imbricated ; rays purple. - Dry, poor soils, I11., scarce, (Mr. J. Wolf.) 2 - 3f. high, strict. Lvs. 6' - 6". Differs from Lindley's in its broader leaves. Sept.

30 A. tenuifolius L. St. smooth, erect, paniculale-branching, with 1-flowered branchlets; lvs. linear and linear-lanceolate, tapering at each end, long-acuminate, entire, with roughish margins, the lower ones often serrate in the middle; invol. scales very slender, erect acute, slightly longer than the disk. - Grows in moist fields. E. and W. 2 - 6f. Lvs. 5' - 1'. Rays 20 - 30, long, pale purple. Sept.

. bellidiflorus. Lvs. scabrous, subclasping; scales rather loose Western. y. distichus. Lvs. and strict branches in 2 rows. Lvs. serrulate. I11. (Mr.J.Wolf.)

31 A. Tradescanti L. Smooth or smoothish; branches virgate, paniculate; lvs. lance-linear, the lower remotely serrate, sessile; invol. closely imbricate; scales linear-filiform, scarcely equaling the disk. - A fine species, with numerous lvs., growing in fields, Mass. to La. St. rigid, brownish, 2 to 3f high, terete, with numerous small lids, densely racemed and somewhat 1-sided on the erect-spreading, slender branches. Lower st. lvs. 4' long, gradually reduced in size upwards. Rays pale purple. Aug. - Oct.