. fragilis. Cauline lvs. serrulate or entire, short; hds. much scattered on the branches. (A. fragilis Willd.)

32 A. miser Ait. T. & G. Starved Aster. St. racemous-paniculate, hairy or pubescent; lvs. sessile, lanceolate, sharply serrate in the middle; invol. imbricated with lance-linear, acutish scales; rays short. - A very variable species, common in old fields, hedges, U. S. and Can. In height it varies from 6 to 30', and in luxuriance proportionately to the moisture or fertility of the soil. The st. is very branching or nearly simple, bearing a large, compound, racemous panicle, or a few simple racemes. Lvs. narrow-lanceolate, or broad-lanceolate, always serrate, 1 to 5' in length. Hds. usually numerous, small, with small, white or purplish rays. Aug. - Oct. (A. miser, divergens, diffusus and pendulus Ait.)

. diffusus. Branches spreading, diffuse; lvs. elliptic-lanceolate, more or less narrowly so, midvein hairy beneath; hds. often sessile, forming short, crowded spikes, or long, virgate ones, y. HIRSUTTCAULIS. St. hirsute; lvs. long and narrow, midvein hirsute; hds, racemous or spicate, upper ones in short, dense branches; scales linear. (A. hirsuticaulis Lindl.)

33 A. multiflorus L. Grayish, pubescent; st. diffusely branched; lvs. linear, entire, sessile, obtuse-mucronate, margins subciliate; hds. small; invol. imbricate, squarrous, linear or spatulate, with oblong, obtuse, ciliate scales. - A very bushy Aster, If, with very numerous, small lis. crowded on the racemous branches, - each with about 12 white rays spreading 5 to 6". Lvs. 1 to 2' long, obtuse, very narrow, diminishing upwards to the scales. Rocks and dry fields, U. S. Variable. Sept.

34 A. grandiflorus L. Rough with stiff hairs; st. rigid, branched, branches somewhat corymbed and 1 - flowered; lvs. linear-spatulato or linear-oblong, small, obtuse, rigid, subclasping; hds. very large; invol squarrous, of numerous, obtuse, reflexed scales, the outer leafy. - Dry, rocky places, Va. to Ga. About 2f high. Lvs. below 1 to 2' long, diminishing upwards. Rays showy, spreading 18 to 20", blue-purple. Sept. - Nov.

35 A. Carolinianus Walt. Rough-pubescent, divaricately branched; lvs. lance-ovate or oblong, acute, entire, clasping, the base abruptly produced into small, auriculate lobes; hds. very large, scattered; scales imbricate, with squarrous, spreading, green tips. - A showy Aster, very tall, but slender, 6 to 13f high, in damp thickets, S. Car. to Fla. Lvs. 1 to 3' long, 3 to 9" wide. Rays rose-purple, numerous, spreading 15". Sept., Oct.

36 A. oblongifolius Nutt. St. rigid, diffusely branched, hairy; branches spreading, with loose and irregular branchlets; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, acute, mu-cronate, partly clasping, entire, rough-edged, or the branches and branchlets gradually passing into the leafy, lanceolate, subequal, spreading scales. - Prairies, etc, W. States. Plant 1 to 2f high, often glandular-viscid. Cauline lvs. 12 to 20" by 3 to 5"; those of the branches 6" by 2", of the branchlets 3" by 1/2", indistinguishable from the scales. Rays purple. Pappus brownish. Sept., Oct. (A oblongifolius and A. graveolens Nutt.)

37 A. Elliottii Torr. & Gr. Glabrous, stout; st. angular; lvs. ample, lanceolate, subclasping (not auricled), serrate, with remote, small, appressed teeth; hds. middle size, corymbous-paniculate; ped. naked; scales somewhat equal, Unear-at-imuate, with spreading or recurved greenish tips. - River-swamps, N. Car. to Ga. A very stout Aster, 2 to 4f high. Lower lvs. 6' to 8' long, narrowed to a winged petiole. Rays narrow, bright purple. Pappus tawny-white. Oct., Nov.

38 A. virgatus Ell. Glabrous; st. and branches virgate, strict, racemed; lvs. linear-lanceolate, entire, half-clasping, margins ciliolate-serrulate, the upper reduced, becoming subulate, erect, numerous on the branches and peduncles; scales lance-acuminate, tho outer loose-spreading, graduating into the bracts; ach. glabrous. - Ga. to La. Sts. 2 to 3f high. Lvs. below, 6 to 3' by 3 to 6", firm and shining. Sept., Oct. - Probably passes into the next.

39 A Novi Belgii L. New York Aster. St. terete, stout, often glaucous, the branches pubescent in lines ; lvs. subclasping, lanceolate and lance-linear, taper-pointed or very acute, coriaceous, rough-edged, the lower subserrate; hds. large, racemed or subcorymbed; scales about 3 rows, subequal, acute, erect, shorter than the disk; ach. pubescent. - N. Eng. to Va. (Pursh), more common westward to Wis. and Iowa. Comprehends many smooth and elegant varieties. which we vainly try to separate. St. 2 to 4f high. Lower lvs. 3 to 5' long. Bays blue, expanding 9 to 12". Aug. - Oct; (A. laxifolius Nees. A. aestivus Ait.)

. Laetiflorus. Slender; branches divergent; lvs. rigid, long and narrow, scabrous; rac. loose, the ped. nearly leafless. - Ohio, Wis. Beautiful, with long, pale purple rays. (A. salicifolius Willd.) y. praealtus. Strict, with erect branches, bearing the leafy clusters near the summit; lvs. very narrow, elongated, cilio-serrulate on the margin. - N. H.

to Wis. Height 3 to 4f. Hds. somewhat smaller. (A. prsealtus Poir.)

40 A. longifolius Lam. Glabrous; st. very branching, branches spreading, many-flowered; lvs. subamplexicaul, linear-lanceolate, entire (the lowest rarely subserrate), very smooth; scale3 lanceolate, nearly equaling the disk, the outer loosely squarrous-spreading; ach. smooth - Fields and thickets, Mass., N. Y., to Car. St. 3f high. Lv3. pale below, shining above, smooth both sides, the lower ones 4 to 6' long. Hds. numerous, showy, with 25 to 30, light-blue rays. Ach. twice longer than in the last. Oct., Nov. - Some specimens are niinutely pubescent at the tops of the branches. Others have the outer scales quite leaf-like. (A. hevigatus Ph. A. laxus Willd. A. olodes T. & G.)

41 A. graminifolius Ph. Subpubescent; st. slender, branches filiform, erect; lower lvs. very numerous, narrow-linear; ped. slender, 1 -flowered ; scales linear-subulate, loose, in one or two rowa equal, finally reflexed. - N. H. (Eddy.) High cliffs, Willoughby Lake, Vt.; also on an island in Wait's Eiver, Bradford, Vt., 1860. Branches simple, leafy, naked at the end, 1-flowered, somewhat corymb-ous. Bays 15 to 25, much longer than the disk, purple or rose-colored. Jn., Jl. -Rare and interesting, very different in aspect from any of the foregoing.