. thick, leafy, about 8' high. Hds. small, bright yellow, in crowded, paniculate corymbs. Rays 3-toothed at the apex. Sept., Oct. (Inula falcata Ph.)

5 C. Mariana Nutt. Silky-araclinoid; lvs. oblong-lanceolate, subentire, smooth when old; the upper sessile, acute, the lower spatulate and generally obtuse; corymb simple; scales acute, viscidly-pubescent; rays 15 to 20. - Sandy barrens, N. J., Md. to Fla., common. St. and lvs. clothed with scattered, long, silky, deciduous hairs. Plant about 2f high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long. Corymbs somewhat urnbeled; hds. few, large, 16 to 20-rayed, yellow, on viscid-glandular peduncles. Aug. - Oct. (Inula Mariana L.)

6 C. villosa Nutt Erect, leafy, villous-pubescent, and strigous; lvs. entire, sessile, ciliate towards the base, lower ones oblong-spatulate, upper oblong-linear or lanceolate; hds. large, solitary, and terminal, somewhat fastigiately corymbous; scales linear-subulate, strigous; rays 20 to 30. - Prairies, I11. to Or. St. 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 1 to 2' by 3 to 5", whitish and rough. Rays oblong-linear, entire, golden-yellow. Jl. - Sept. (Amellu3 Ph. Diplopappus Hook.)

7 C. gossypina Nutt. Clothed throughout with a cottony tomentum; lvs. oblong, obtuse, entire, the lower spatulate, upper sessile; hds. solitary, corymbous; scales woolly; pappus tawny, the outer bristle-form, white. - Va. to Fla., in the barrens. St. 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long. Hds. larger than in No. 5, with about 25 rays. Aug. - Oct.

8 C. trichophylla Nutt. Clothed with long, weak hairs below, nearly glabrous , above; lvs. narrowly oblong, obtuse. Otherwise as in No. 7. - N. Car. to Fla. and

La., in dry soils. Aug. - Oct.

32. CONY ZA, L. Gnat-bane. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 20 887 , a gnat; the plant was supposed to expel gnats and fleas.) Hds. discoid ; flowers all tubular, those of the margin♀ ; of the centre♂ or Suborders And Tribes Part 20 888 ; scales in several rows ; receptacle flat or convex ; achenia compressed ; pappus one row of capillary bristles. - Herbs chiefly tropical. Fls. yellow.

C. sinuata Ell. Hairy and cinerous-pubescent; lower lvs. sinuate-lobed, acute, middle repand-dentate, upper linear, entire; hds. paniculate; fls. white, all fertile ; ach. oblong, almost glabrous. - Charleston, S. C. and Savannah, Ga. (Pond), common - "appearance of an Erigeron," (Elliott.) St. a foot or more high. Lvs. narrow, 12 to 18' long. Florets very numerous (100 or more) in each head. Pappus pale cinnamon color. Apr. - Jl.

33. IN'ULA, L. Elecampane. (Ancient Lat. name.) Heads many-flowered ; involucre imbricate ; ray-flowers numerous,♀ , disk-'flowersSuborders And Tribes Part 20 889 ; receptacle naked ; pappus simple, scabrous; anthers with 2. bristles at base. - Ц Coarse European herbs, with alternate leaves and yellow flowers.

Helenium L. Lvs. amplexicaul, ovate, rugous, downy beneath; invol. scales ovate. - Herb coarse-looking, in pastures and roadsides, N. Eug. to I11. Stem 4-

6f high, farrowed, branching, and downy above. Radical lvs. very large (1 to 3f by 6 to 12'), serrate, those of the stem clasping. Hds. large, solitary, terminal. Rays linear, with 2 or 3 teeth at the end. Esteemed as a tonic and expectorant. Jl, Aug. §

34. PLUC'HEA, DC. Marsh Flea-bane. Heads many-flowered, those of the margin♀ , of the centerSuborders And Tribes Part 20 890 , but sterile ; involucre imbricated ; receptacle flat, naked; style undivided; pappus capillary, simple. - Strong-scented herbs, with alternate lvs. and corymbs of purple fls., and copious, reddish pappus.

1 P. camphorata DC. Lvs. ovate-lanceolate, somewhat pubescent, acute, sessile or short-petioled, serrate, serratures mucronate; fls. in crowded corymbs. - Ц| A fleshy, strong-scented plant, native of salt marshes, Mass. to Flor. Stem a foot, high, thick, downy, with alternate lvs. and axillary branches. Fls. light purple. Aug. (Conyza camphorata Muhl. C. Marilandica Mx.)

2 P. foetida DC. Erect, nearly glabrous, very leafy; lvs. broadly lanceolate, acute or acuminate at each end, petiolate, feather-veined, obtusely subserrate ; hds. numerous, in paniculate corymbs; scales ovate-lanceolate, acute. - A strong-scented plant, in open, hilly grounds, Western States. St. 1 - 2f high, subsimple. Lvs. 4 - 7' by 1 1/2' - 3', sprinkled with minute dots; petioles 1/2 - 1' long. Hds. numerous. Aug. - Oct. (Baccharis, L. Conyza camphorata Ph.)

3 P. bifrons DC. Pubescent, leafy; lvs. oval-oblong, acute, finely serrate, cor-date-amplexicaid, veiny ; hds. in compound, corymbous clusters. - Moist, low lands, S. Car. to Fla. and La. Sts. 1 to 3f high, strict. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, 1' wide. Fla very numerous, as in the other species, dull purple. Jl. - Sept.

35. BAC'CHARIS, L. Groundsel Tree. (From Bacchus, wine; its fragrance resembling that of wine.) Heads discoid, many-flowered, dioecious ; involucre imbricate, cylindric, or ovate, with subcoriaceous, ovate scales; sterile flowers with the stamens exserted ; receptacle naked; pappus capillary. - Shrubby plants, with alternate lvs. and white fls.

1 B halimifolia L Glabrous, ivhitish-scurfy; lvs. obovate, incisely dentate above, the highest lanceolate, panicle compound, leafy; fasciclci pedunculate, terminal, in a dense panicle. - Ct., N. Y. to Ga An elegant shrub, 6 to 12f high, growing on sea-coast and river alluvion. Every part is covered with white dust. The fertilw hds. growing upon separate plants are in large, loose, terminal panicles, and furnished with very long, slender pappus. Cor. white, 20 in each head. Sept-Merits cultivation.

2 B. angustifolia Mx. Glabrous, diffusely branched; lvs. linear, sessile, entire ; hds. small, 15 to 20-flowered, cylindrical, axillary, loosely paniculate.-S. Car, Fla., and La., in the edge of salt marshes. A fine shrub, 6 to 10f high, with slender, tough branches. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, 1 to 3" wide, acute. Hds. less than 2" long, in a diffuse, leafy panicle. Sept, Oct