48 S. tenuifolia Ph. St. angular, smooth, with many fastigiate branches; lvs. narrowly linear, spreading, mostly 1-veined, scabrous on the margin, the axils leafy; corymb terminal, consisting of clustered hds. : rays about 10, scarcely as long as the disk. - Meadows near the sea-coast, Mass. to La. Also Wis. (Lap-liatn.) A very slender species, distinguished from S. lanceolata by the extreme narrowness of the leaves and the thinner, more open corymb, which is often reduced to a few hds. Aug. - Oct

27. BIGELO'VIA, DC. (In honor of Dr. Jacob Bigelotc, the well-known author of " Florula Bostoniensis," etc.) Heads discoid, 3 to 4-flowered, the flowers all tubular,Suborders And Tribes Part 19 875 ; involucre cylindrical, as long as the flowers ; scales rigid, linear, closely imbricated ; receptacle pointed by a scale-like cusp; achenia obconic, hirsute; pappus bristles in one series. - Ц Glabrous, slender. Lvs. alternate, entire. Hds. fastigiately corymbous, with yellow fls. and colored scales.

B. virgata DC. Smooth in all its parts; st. virgately branched from near the base; branches corymbous-fastigiate above; lvs. narrowly linear, 1-veined, the cauline linear-spatulate ; scales glutinous. - Swamps, N. J. to Fla. and Tex. A plant resembling Solidago tenuifolia in aspect, 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' by 1 to 2[', rather firm and somewhat remote. Fls. bright yellow, the scales also yellowish. Aug. - Oct

28. ISOPAP'PUS, Torr. & Gr. (Gr. loop, equal;Suborders And Tribes Part 19 876 , pappus.) Heads radiate; ray fls. 5 to 12, ?, disk-fls. 10 to 20 Suborders And Tribes Part 19 877 ; scales of the involucre lanceolate-subulate, closely imbricated ; receptacle alveolate, achenia terete, silky-villous; pappus a single row of equal capillary bristles. - (1)Rough-hairy, branching, with alternate lvs. and loose panicles.

I. divaricauus T. & Gr. Scabrous, with thin, hispid hairs; lvs. linear-lanceolate, taper-pointed at each end, sessile, nearly entire; hds. on slender, naked pedicels ; rays about 7, longer than the invol, disk-fls. about 12; scales slender-pointed, shorter than the tawny pappus. - Dry sandy soils, Ga. (Feay) to Flu. and Tex. Plant 6' to 3f high. Hds. in a diffuse panicle, invol. 2" long, rays 3', bright yelr low. Aug. - Oct.

29. PRIONOP'SIS, Nutt. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 19 878 , a saw, Suborders And Tribes Part 19 879 , resemblance; alluding to the serrate leaf.) Heads depressed, radiate, many-flowered; rays in one series ♀, , disk fls. Suborders And Tribes Part 19 880 ; scales imbricate, squarrous ; receptacle alveolate, flat; ach. glabrous, turgid ; pappus deciduous, of rigid, scabrous, very unequal bristles, the inner row longer than the corolla. Leaves alternate. Fls. showy, yellow.

P. Chapmanii Torr. & Gr. Hairy or downy, strict, erect; lvs. erect, smooth, lance-linear, serrate, with remote setaceous teeth ; hds. few; scales cuspidate.- Ц Swamps in pine barrens, Mid. Fla. (Chapman). Jn., Jl.

30. HETEROTHE'CA, Cass. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 19 881 , diverse, Suborders And Tribes Part 19 882 , envelope.) Heads many-flowered ; rays in one series, $ , disk-flowers Suborders And Tribes Part 19 883 ; scales imbricated, appressed ; receptacle alveolate, fringed; achenia minutely canescent, of the ray without pappus (naked), of the disk with a double pappus, the outer very short, scale-like, the inner of capillary bristles. Ц Herbs hairy, corymbously branched, with alternate lvs. and yellow flowers.

H. scabra DC. St. erect, flexuous, striate; lvs. oblong-ovate, petiolate, dentate, scabrous; petioles abruptly winged as if stipulate at base; hds. large, in a loose, paniculate corymb; rays 15 to 20; pappus tawny-red, the outer white. - A showy plant, in dry soils near the coast, S. Car. to Fla. and Tex. Plant 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, diminishing upwards, where they are lance-oblong and sessile. The ray achenia are glabrous, with a minute crown, those of the disk silky. Rays of a rich yellow, expanding 9". Sept., Oct.

31. CHRYSOP'SIS, Nutt. (Gr.Suborders And Tribes Part 19 884 , gold, Suborders And Tribes Part 19 885 , appearance.) Heads many-flowered ; ray-flowers ♀ , disk-flowers Suborders And Tribes Part 19 886 ; involucre imbricate ; receptacle subalveolate, flat; pappus of the ray and disk similar, double, the exterior short, interior copious, capillary; achenium hairy, compressed. - Ц Hairy herbs, with alternate and entire leaves and yellow flowers.

§ Leaves linear, grass- like; achenia linear........

Nos. 1- 4

§ Leaves lance-oblong ; achenia obovate, compressed (a).

a Outer pappus scale-like..........................


a Outer pappus bristle- form .............

..Nos. 7,8

1 C. graminifolia Nutt. Canescent with long silky hairs; lvs. linear, erect, entire, grass-like, tapering to both ends, the upper numerous and reduced (0 subdlate bracts ; hds. corymbous; ach. silky-pubescent. - Del. to Fla.. common in the pins woods. Sts. 1 to 2f high. Branches usually 1-flowered. Hds. 5 to 6" long and wide. Pappus tawny-white. Jl - Oct. (C. argentea Nutt.)

2 C. oligantha Chap. Canescent with long silky hairs; lvs. lance-linear and linear, erect, entire, tapering to both ends; st. above, nearly naked; hds. few, large; pappus white; ach. silky-villous. - S. W. Ga. and Fla., in damp pine woods. Height 1 to 2f Hds. 1 to 6, a third larger than in No. 1. Rays spreading 14 to 17", appearing in Apr. and May.

3 C. pinifoHa Ell. Glabrous, rigid; lvs. narrowly linear, rigid, erect, crowded, the upper setaceous; hds. solitary, terminal, corymbous; ach. villous; pappus reddish-brown, the outer scale-like, whitish. - Sandy hills, middle Ga. St. 1 to 2f high. Hds. nearly as large as in No. 2. Lower lvs. 3 to 5' long. Sept., Oct.

4 C. falcata Ell. Woolly and villous; lvs. sessile, linear, very acute, subfalcate., . spreading, veins pilous on both sides; hds. small, in axillary corymbs; invol. pilous. - A low, leafy plant, in dry, sandy soils, near the sea, Mass. to N. J. St.