36 S. Muhlenbergii Torr. & Gr. St furrowed, glabrous ; lvs. smooth both sides, strongly and sharply serrate, the radical ovate, petiolate, cauline, ellipticaManceo late, acuminate at each end; rac. secund, short, remote, axillary, spreading; pedicels pubescent; hds. 15 - 20-flowered; scale3 linear, obtuse. - In damp woods, and thickets, N. H. to Penn. Stem 2 - 3f high, generally simple, bearing a long, open panicle. Leaves large, notched with very acute or acuminate teeth, feather-Veined. Heads middle size, with 6 - 8 rather large rays, Aug. - Oct. (S. ar-guta Muhl.)

C7 S- patula Muhl. St. smooth, angular-striato; lvs. elliptic, acute, serrate, very scabrous above, smooth beneath, lower ones oblong-spatulato; rac. paniculate, loosely spreading; pedicels pubescent; Ms. about 12 to 13-flowered; scales much imbricated, oblong, very obtuse. - In wet places, Can., N. and W. States, not common. St. 2 to 4f high, virgate, often purple, strongly angled, with leafy branches at the top. St. lvs. 1 to 2' long, 1/3 as wide, radical ones 2 or 3 times larger. Rao. short, on the ends of the spreading branches. Sept

38 S. elliptica Ait. 'Erect, glabrous throughout, leafy; lvs. elliptical, acute at each end, obscurely serrate, Upp3r ones sessile, entire; rac. short, recurved, in a dense pyramidal panicle; hds. middle size; rays 5 to 8, very short, disk-fls. 6 or 7 ; scales linear-oblong, obtuse. - Salt marshes, R. Isl. (Olney), near N. Y. (T. A. G.), to Ga. St. 3 to 5f high, bearing a close, somewhat leafy pyramidal panicle. Lvs. 2 to 4' by 1/2 to 11/4', rough-edged, the serratures appressed and rather remote. Rays oblong, rather large, pale yellow. Oct

. Elliotth. Pan. more widely spreading. - South. (S. Elliottii T. & G.)

39 S. arguta Ait St, strict, smooth; lvs. smooth, acutely and unequally serrate, with diverging teeth, cauline, elliptical, sessile, highest entire and small, radical oblong-ovate, attenuate at base into winged petioles; rac. secuud, dense, in a spreading, corymbous panicle ; hds. middle size; rays about 10, disk-fls. 9 or 10; ach. smooth.- In meadows and woods, U. S. (from lat. 38°), N. to the Arc. circle. A smooth, shining plant 3f high, with a large, dense, corymbous panicle. Rac, recurved, a finger's length, the compound pedicels roughish, bracted. Aug., Sept

. juxcea. Lvs.. lanceolate, subserrate, upper entire; st. brownish, striate; rays twice as long as the invol.; pan. less dense. - Open fields. (S. juucea Ait. S. ciliaris Muhl.)

40 S. neglecta Torr. & Gr. St. smooth, striate; lvs, smooth, acute, serrate, with divergent teeth, cauline linear-lanceolate, subentire highest linear, sessile, lowest lanceolate (large), tapering to a long petiole; rac. secund, erect, at length recurved, in an abrupt or oblique panicle; hds. middle size; rays 6 to 10, disk-fls. 7 to 12; ach. smooth. - Swamps Hanover. N. H. (Ricard, etc.) to Ind. and southward, St 3 to 4f high, terete. Rt. lvs. 6 to 12' long, feather-veined ; upper obscurely 3-veiaed. Aug., Sept. - A handsome Solidago, best known by its- peculiar panicle.

41 S. Ohiensis Riddell. Glabrous throughout; lower lvs. lanceolate, obtuse, entire or serrulate above, tapering to long petioles, upper oblong-lanceolate, abruptly acute, sessile, entire; hds. numerous, 15 - 20-flowered, raiher large, in a dense, fastigiate corymb. - Meadows and prairies, western N. Y. to Ind. A perfectly smooth Solidago, 2 - 3f high. Stem simple, reddish, leafy. Leaves of a firm texture, the radical 6 - 8' by 1 - 11/2' on petioles of equal length, middle caul-ine, about 2' by 5". Heads about 6-rayed. Sept., Oct.

42 S. Riddellii Frank. Stout and nearly glabrous, corymbously branched; radical lvs. very long, lance-linear, long-pointed entire, on long, margined, carinate petioles, cauline lvs. clasping at base, arcuate, carinate, narrow, acute, entire; branches leafy; hds. 20 - 24-flowered, densely clustered in a compound, fastigiate corymb. - Wet prairies Ohio, Wis. to Mo. A well marked species, 15 - 30' high. Radical leaves 12 - 18' long, almost grass-like, cauline 3 - 6' by 1/2', with a strong midvein, and generally much recurved. Rays small, 6 - 9. Sept. (S. Mexicans . Hook.)

43 S. corymbosa Ell. Stout, glabrous; with the corymbous branches hirsute; lvs. sessile, oblong-lanceolate, thick, rigid, smooth, the lower and radical subden-tate, upper entire, rough-ciliate; hds. large, in loose racemes, the outer secund, forming a fastigiate corymb; scales pubescent, oblong, obtuse; rays about 10, disk-fls. about 20 ; ach. glabrous. - Middle Ga. Plant 4 to 6f high, differing from S. rigida in its smooth stem and leaves, smaller hds., etc. Sept., Oct

44 S. Houghtonii Torr. & Gr. Like S. Ohiensis, but smaller, with a few very large hds., - found in Northern Mich, in the State Survey. Aug.

45 S. rigida L. Stout, rough-hairy; lvs. rigid, ovate-oblong, rough with minute hairs, the upper very entire, the lower serrate; branches corymbous-paniculate, with close, short racemes, the lower somewhat secund; hds. very large; scales obtuse; rays large, 7 to 10, disk-fls. 25 or more; ach. glabrous. - A rough plant in dry fields and rocky woods, Ct. to Mo. and Tex. Abundant in western prairies. St. 3 to 5f high, round, striate, with rigid lvs., of which the radical ones are sometimes near a foot long. Hds. 4 to 5" long and wide. Rays about 3' by 1", deep-yellow. Aug., Sept.

46 S. spithamefea Curt Villous; lvs. lance-oval or oblong; thin, smoothish, sharply serrate, margin ciliate; hds. middle size, corymbous; scales lanceolate, acute; rays 6 to 8, disk-fls, 15 to 20; ach. pubescent. - High Mts. of N. Car. (Curtis). A low plant, growing in tufts, with hairy stems, branches and corymbs, and inconspicuous rays. Aug., Sept.

47 S. lanceolata Ait. St. angular, hairy, much branched; lvs. linear-lanceolate, entire, 3-veined, rough-margined, slightly hispid on the veins beneath; corymbs terminal, fastigiate ; rays minute, about 17, disk-fls. 10. - In woods and meadows, Can. and U. S. St. 2 to 4f high, with numerous, very long and narrow lvs. which are distinctly 3-veined and acutely pointed, smaller ones often fascicled in the axils. Fls. in terminal, crowded, corymbed clusters. Invol. ovate. The whole plant is fragrant. Sept