3 S. oleraceus L. Lvs. sagittate-amplexicaul, runcinate-pinnatiftd, subspinulous, dentate; ped. downy; invol. at length smooth; ach. many-striate.-A sordid looking plant, in waste ground, among rubbish, etc. Plant of a glaucous hue. St. angular, hollow, fragile, 2 to 3f in height. Lvs. apparently clasping, with large, retreating lobes at base, wavy and serrated in a runcinate manner, the teeth ending in weak spines. Invol. dilated at base, with yellow corollas. Sept. § Eur.


115. CHAPTA'LIA, Vent. (Dedicated by Ventenat to the celebrated French chemist M. Chaptal.) Heads radiate; involucre campanulate; scales in few series, linear, acute; receptacle naked; ray flowersSuborders And Tribes Part 44 963 , ligulate, disk-flowers Suborders And Tribes Part 44 964 but sterile, bilabiate, lips equal, outer 3-, inner 2-parted; achenia glabrous; pappus capillary.- Suborders And Tribes Part 44 965 Acauleseent herbs. Lvs. all radical. Hd. solitary, cyanic.

C. tomentosa Vent. Lvs. oblong-ovate or lance-oval, on a short petiole, re-trorsely denticulate, clothed with a dense, white tomentum beneath; scape loosely tomentous; hd. nodding until in flower, thence erect on the slender, simple scape.-Moist pine barrens, N. Car. to Fla. and La. An interesting plant, alone representing the suborder Labiatseflorae. Lvs 2 to 4' long, 6 to 15" wide, often subsessile, the upper surface at first arachnoid, at length smooth. Scapo 6 to 12' high. Bays about 20, rose-red or white. Disk florets pale yellow. Mar., Apr.