(2231.) C. pulchellus, E. Br. Hook., Fl. II., 202.

Cymbidium pulchellum, Pursh, Fl. II., 592. Limodorum tuberosum, Michx., Fl. II., 159.

Peat bogs, not common. Newfoundland. (Miss Brenton.) New Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Halifax, Pictou and

Mahone Bay, N.S.; Cape Breton. (Sommers, Cat.) Abundant in a. peat bog at North Sydney Mine, Cape Breton. (Macoun & Burgess.) Smith's bog, Guysboro Co., N.S. (Faribault.) Magdalen Islands. (McKay.) Peat bogs, Richibucto, Kouchibouguac, and Day's mills, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) St. Henri, Lévis Co., Q. (St. Cyr.) Common at Quebec, in Gomin's woods. (Thomas.) Abundant in bogs near the Indian village, Riviére Rouge, Q. (D'Urban.) Savanne, near Montreal, 1821. ( Dr. Holmes.) Bogs; abundant in the vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Bay, west of Prescott Junction, Ont. (Billings.) Big swamp, Murray, Northumberland Co.; border of a lake near Marmora village, and in a swamp, Huntingdon, North Hastings; also shore of Lake Huron, at Chicken Bay, Ont. (Macoun.) Westminster Ponds and mossy bogs, London, Ont. (Burgess. Millman.)