(2389.) L. spadicea, DC, var. parviflora, Meyer, Linnaea, XXII., 399.

L. melanocarpa, var.▀, Hook., Fl. II., 188. L. spadicea, Macoun, Cat. No. 1879.

This form is abundant in favourable places from the Atlantic to the

Pacific, but is always found in cool situations. Cumberland Islands, Arctic coast. (Parry.) Newfoundland. (Cormack.) Nain, coast of Labrador. (R.Bell.) Upper Gaspereau, Queen's Co., N.B. (Wetmore.) Salt Lake, Anticosti. (Macoun.) Mount Albert, GaspÚ, Q. (Macoun. Porter.) Thunder River, Q. (St.Cyr.) Lake Mistassini, N.E.T. (J.M. Macoun.) Common along the north shore of Lake Superior and westward to Rainy Lake, and the Lake of the Woods; abundant in the Rocky Mountains, from Canmore west to Hector; common along small streams in the mountainous parts of Vancouverlsland. (Macoun.) Goose Creek Mountains, 5,800 feet alt., Cariboo, B.C. (Bowman.) Port Etches, Alaska. (Barclay.) Sitka, Ounalashka. and Kotzebue Sound. (Rothr. Alask.) Fort Wrangel, Alaska. (Meehan.) North West America, from the Columbia to Kotzebue Sound. (Hooker, Fl.) Greenland. (Lange.)

Var. melanocarpa, E. Meyer.

L. parviflora, var. melanocarpa, Gray, Man. Ed. V., 536. Juncus melanocarpus, Michx., Fl. I., 190; Pursh, Fl. I., 238.

This form is easily distinguished from the preceding by its dark brown capsules, and the more contracted habit of the inflorescence. Labrador. (Br. Morrison.) St. John, N.B. (Millman.) Shore of Lake Superior, at the Pic, and along Current River, Thunder Bay. (Macoun.) Oba Lake, Ont.; Hayes River, and west coast of Hudson Bay. (B. Bell.) On the higher Rocky Mountains, in the Bow River Pass, and northward to the Peace River Pass, lat. 56°, and west to Fort McLeod, lat. 55°, B.C. (Macoun.) Camp Akamina, 49th parallel, South Kootanie Pass, and western summit of the North Kootanie Pass, Rocky Mountains; Klootch-oot-a Lake, B.C.; Lake Lindeman, lat. 60°, and hills north of Finlayson Lake, lat. 61° 40". (Dawson.) Kotzebue Sound-(Beechy.) Throughout the wooded country to the prairies of the Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, FL) Greenland. (Lange.)

Var. subcongesta, Watson, Bot. Calif. II., 202.

Not uncommon in the mountains near lat. 49°. Western summit of North Kootanie Pass, and in the South Kootanie Pass, Rocky Mountains. (Dawson.) A form between this and var. parviflora has been gathered at Golden City, in the Columbia Valley. The capsules and sepals are very light colored, and approach the west coast form of the above variety. (Macoun.)

(2390.) L. divaricata, Watson, Proced. Am. Acad. XIV., 302.

Abundant in deep shade along the mountain brooks at Goldstream, Vancouver Island, and probably common, though overlooked. (Macoun.)

Vicinity of Vancouver city, B.C. (Prof. Fowler.) This species seems to have very light-colored capsules and sepals, and has a very different cyme from var. parviflora, which is well described by the name.

(2391.) L - pilosa, Willd.; Hook., Fl. II., 188.

Not uncommon in rich, and sandy woods throughout Ontario, but more sparingly distributed eastward. Newfoundland. (Reeks.) Truro, and Windsor, N.S. (Macoun.) Common in old fields, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Gomin-woods, near Quebec. (St. Cyr.) Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Thicket a mile west of Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Vicinity of Hamilton, Ont. (Buchan.) Thickets at Kingston and London, Ont. (Millman.) Sandy woodland near London, Ont. (Burgess.) Open woods at Sudbury Junction, and at North Bay, Lake Nipissing; not uncommon in woods at Belleville and numerous places in the adjoining counties; woods at Nipigon, Lake Superior, and on top of a clay bank twenty-five miles up the Kaministiqua River, (Macoun.) Canada to the Saskatchewan. (Hooker, Fl.)

(2392.) L. campestris, Desv., var. ᾳ. vulgaris, Hook., Fl. II., 188.

Juncus campestris, Willd.; Pursh, Fl. I., 238. Rather common in dry meadows, or open woods. . Newfoundland. (Cormack.) New Harbor, Newfoundland. (Rev. A. Waghorne.) Halifax, N.S. (Sommers.) Magdalen Islands, N.S. (J. Richardson.) Truro, Yarmouth, and Kingston, N.S. (Macoun.) Dry fields; common, N.B. (Fowler, Cat.) Island of Orleans, Q. (St. Cyr.) South side of GaspÚ Basin, Q. (J. Bell.) Vicinity of Ottawa. (Fletcher, Fl. Ott.) Thicket a mile west of Prescott, Ont. (Billings.) Dry woods and meadows at Belleville, and Shannonville, Hastings Co., Ont. (Macoun.) Sandy woodland, London, Ont. (Burgess.) Thickets at Kingston ,and London, Ont. (Millman.) This variety has dense brown heads and is quite distinct in color from the next, which has pale heads of fruit and flowers.

Var.▀. pallescens, Hook., Fl. II., 188.

Quite common in meadows at Belleville, Ont. (Macoun.) Lake Winnipeg to the Saskatchewan, and from the Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.) Greenland. (Lange.)

Var. γ. comosa, Hook., Fl. II., 188.

Flowers in a dense solitary brown head. Bear Lake. (Hooker, Fl.) The forms of this and the following species require careful examination and comparison with European species, and indeed the whole genus is much in need of a complete revision.

(2393.) L. comosa, E. Meyer. Linnsea. XXII., 413.

Like the preceding species this is subject to many varieties, and being seldom collected its range can scarcely be made out. Not uncommon in old fields and by roadsides at Victoria, and near the summit of Mount Arrowsmith, alt. 5,200 feet, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Nootka Sound, and Port Mulgrave; from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. (Hooker, Fl.)

Var. macrantha, Watson, Bot. Calif. II., 203.

As we understand this variety, its sepals are long with a dark brown centre, the end and sides being scarious and white. Abundant at Victoria, Cedar Hill, Nanaimo, and Chase River, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Coast of Vancouver Island. (Cowley.)

Var. subsessilis, Watson, Bot. Calif. II., 203.

Much like the preceding, but the heads few or solitary, and almost sessile, approaching the next but easily distinguished by the scarious, brownish bracts. Abundant under oaks at Cedar Hill, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.)

Var. congesta, Watson, Bot, Calif. II., 203.

L. campestris, var. congesta, Meyer, (as regards America.)

Very abundant everywhere along the coast of Vancouver Island, but particularly at Nanaimo; Fort McLeod, B.C., lat. 55°. (Macoun.) Around Vancouver city, B.C. (Prof. Fowler.)

(2394.) L. spicata, Desv.; Hook., Fl. II., 188.

High mountains and far northward. Ungava Bay, Labrador. (Barn-ston.) Ford's Harbor, coast of Labrador; Stupart's Bay, Cape Prince of Wales, and Nottingham Island, off Cape Wolstenholme, Hudson Strait. (R. Bell.) Fort George, James Bay. (J. M. Macoun.) Kotzebuo Sound. (Beechy.) Labrador, and Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.) On the summits of the higher Rocky Mountains, at Castle Mt. and Kicking Horse Lake, Bow River valley. (Macoun.) Island of St, Lawrence, and Kotzebue Sound. (Rothr. Alask.) Greenland. (Hooker, Arct. Pl.) A large form found growing in abundance on Mount Arrrowsmith, Vancouver Island, at an altitude of 5,200 feet, is referred to this species by Dr. Britton, of Columbia College. Many specimens are almost a foot high, and have a spike from an inch to an inch and a half long. The lowest spikelet is rather remote, and usually has a bract longer than the whole spike. Scales very long and ciliate. (Macoun.)

(2395.) L. hyperborea, R. Br., var. . major, Hook., Fl. II., 188.

Apparently confined to the northern coasts and islands. Cumberland

Islands, Arctic coast. (Parry.) Nottingham Island, off Cape Wol-stenholme, Hudson Strait. (R. Bell.) Between Fort Churchill and Repulse Bay, and thence to Cape Lady Pelly. (Dr. Rae.) Point Barrow, Arctic sea. (John Murdoch.) Arctic sea-coasts and islands. (Hooker, Fl.)

Var.▀. minor, Hook., Fl. II., 189.

Most elevated of the Rocky Mountains. (Hooker, Fl.) Lange, in the Botany of Greenland, refers this variety to L. arctica, Blytt. The whole genus seems in great confusion and needs complete revision.

(2396.) L. arcuata, Hook., Fl. II., 189.

On high mountains and northward. Cumberland Islands, Arctic coast. (Parry.) Ungava Bay, Labrador. (Barnston.) Nachvak, coast of Labrador; Cape.Chudleigh, and Nottingham Island, off Cape Wol-stenholme, Hudson Strait. (R. Bell.) Kotzebue Sound. (Beechy.) Lancaster Sound, and Port Kennedy. (Dr. Walker.) Greenland. (Lange.)